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Summer is SO CLOSE and I am feeling the hot days spirit! Today I’m showing you how to create this extreme Summer glam with bright colorful lips! Wanna see how to do it? Bust out the brushes, and let’s go!
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Caption: Hello guys it's me nikki hello summer is . here at least i think it is siri when . does summer starts summer begins june . 21st 2018 well some are almost started . that is i feel like i'm too high in . frame hold on let me just oh oh that was . way too much summer is right around the . corner and i am in the mood for a summer . transformation it is time to bust the . sweat out and look glistening on the . beach or if you're a vampire like me you . say in house and don't go to beaches . because you're to skip that your glam is . gonna melt away this one's for you today . i want to bring the heat and really . serve you some glam and it all started . because of this let me grab it it all . started because of this right here i got . the fenty beauty i'm kilowatt foil . highlighter in this duo right here this . one right here now imagine charlize . theron on a beach with a beautiful . sunset the sun is glistening her face . she looks down at the sand and boom this . is on her lid this cone right here is a . do your perfume add in a shadow this is . what all the gorgeous gals wear when . they want to look sexy on the beach and . they're like oh my god me i don't wear a . stitch of makeup powder me so without . any further ado let's get this summer . transformation started if you thought . this video was all about showing you how . to wear a light coverage layer of . foundation to the summer days this is . not the video i'm so sorry my dear but . you're a navigation st. you took the . wrong address i do however have a . separate video from i believe a year ago . on where i really go in and show you how . to make a long lasting full coverage . base for summer so definitely go check . it out you can click it on the screen . right now and that is mostly the . technique that i'll be following said . day now i definitely want to prime . because we live in the golden age of . primers and first of all of course . always tatcha sill canvas this is now i . also have this . you see this i know you're like what but . then you're like oh my gosh this right . here is my iconic london it is coffee . water mist original and it says prep set . glow so i want to spray this on my face . as a prep and after to give me that. intense glow my glowy. nao-san for foundation and my favorite . at the moment and especially for summer . is by maybelline this is the 24 hour . super stay oh and if you're asking . yourself nicki where did your nails go . it came over and made them flow away . from this planet . conceal the time . it is key to set your face with powder . i'm setting my under eyes using the fit . me loose powder by maybelline this is . the best for the under eyes in my . opinion and the rest of my face i'm . setting with the translucent laura . mercier powder all right first things. first you are playing yourself if you're . not priming your lids put on all that . hard work in for nothing prime baby . going into the nudie patooty palette by . laura lee los angeles and taking the. color streaking and using a morphe m 532 . brush i'm just buffing this into the . crease to create dimension there isn't . really a technique that you want to . follow just get it on there but i . definitely suggest getting it all the . way up here to give you that structure . and warmth now you know i cannot live . with um lynette edges so i'm going in . with undressed and fading them away and . doing so on a mac two to one brush so . the look i'm going for today is i want . it to look as if my eyelid is glossy and . wet now we all know glossy and wet . products on the eyes don't last for up. to 10 seconds the crease i want to have . the look of a glassy eye but not the you . know the non-existing longevity so now . it's time to go in with that fenty . beauty kilowatt foil highlighter the . brown portion is called sand castle and . this is going on to the lid blending . into the crease that's right shimmer in . the crease. oh my heavens do i love this color it is . insane now it's starting to get that . sexy do your perfume add sheen but we're . not quite there yet i want to take it to . the extreme so this is where this little . shadow comes in from bobby brown . this is called a lux eyeshadow in the . color moonstone this applied with a damp. finger to the center of the lid going . all the way up to the brow we'll give . you that wet sheen and yes we're going . from lash line all the way to the top so . here it is and then on you know what . we're taking it even further i'm taking . one of these stila magnificent metals in . the color diamond dust and go crazy baby . boom wetness with the longevity now i . want to highlight my inner corner using . stark from the annuity patootie palette . and to give the lower lash and a little. bit of lovin and going back in with . streaking for lashes today i'm going in . with goddess by lily lashes . all right so those are the eyes . completed and just let's take a second . it looks what i know i'm freaking out . about a shimmery eyeshadow like i'm a . lunatic but i'm living for this the face . is looking a little neglected so let's . give it some love . first i'm gonna be bronzing and i'm just . gonna hit the cheekbones first so the . classic bronze like you always would . along the forehead or shall i say eight . head before the haters do beat you to it . and i'm also taking my bronzer a little . bit and going over the bridge of my nose . you always see when it's summer you . spend some time with the sun you always . have warmth around your nose and on top . of your nose so doing that today . now i'ma pick up some blush this is an . orange ii toned blush this is called . modern mandarin by mac as this he'll be . gone for like a red-orange lip this will . tie in perfectly with it just a little . bit cuz you don't wanna you know go all . the way but still go all the way and i'm . also putting this on the nose - it's a . first here get that color oh my god . she's back oh i'm at it fake freckles it . is. oh my god i am loving a freckled fantasy . i know this is not everyone's cup of tea . and that's fine have you heard that a . lot of people are getting freckle . tattoos actual tattoos on their faces of . freckles for highlighting i want to look . like a glowy mess so first gonna . highlight the tops of my cheekbones all . the important parts and then i have a . little special trick now if you want to . intensify that all-over glisten i also . have the new hourglass veil translucent. powder this has a glow to it so if you . were looking to buy this to mattify or . set your face i wouldn't really . recommend it because it has a sheen and . it intensifies pores are like any. texture so just in the smart spots is . where you want to apply this so let's . say you want to look a little bit more . glowy on the forehead you could apply . just a tiny bit right there and it'll . add that glisten and that sheen but . nothing to highlight ii also right here . also right here so everywhere where you . want a little bit of you know doing this . going on but nothing too intense is . where you apply the hourglass filled . powder see how that makes you so . luminous i love it a lip i would suggest. what this is what will look so sexy with . this and very you know like the cool . girls tube nowadays is a darker outer. edge with a lip liner and then fill it . in with a neuter gloss but because i . want this to scream summer i'm gonna go . for a bright color today and that color . being quite the standout from mac . i know what it is summer and i do think . of glosses when i think of summer so . it's time to add a little bit of . funkiness this is the urban decay hi-fi . shine lip gloss in the color gold mine . oh my god and to finish everything some . setting spray and i'm gonna go with the . iconic and that guys concludes this . summer makeup transformation i feel like . a cutesy summer goddess . if you end up recreating it please tag . me on instagram or tweet it to me at . twitter that all is i think tutorials so . thank you so much for watching as always . if you enjoyed watching this video . please don't forget to give it a thumbs . up and subscribe to my channel and my . global babies i will see you on the next . one bye guys . .

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