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Good morning guys and welcome to brooks day 3 i'm feeling very very sleepy this morning because we went to bed i'm really quite late last night i am going to do my thing holders and i'm talking quietly by the way james watching the walking dead in this is like oh they look just like the walking dead my triple i just watching literally 10 minutes of this attic through our offered walking dead good show and so bad these days that yes we're just having a really nice and it's all lazy saturday morning wears number 2 kilometers straight number three number three last night was so much fun there i'm not sure how much got filmed for the blog i'm not sure how i'm gonna start reading it see and i can't really am think how much i'll be able to pretend how drunk it will be it's a mirror i love these little mirrors because they're just so handy and i decided to just make this one just a really good black icy blue and matt it's like map touch but then the tiny bar shines really lovely in the light this little mirror really and he's just talking like a small handbag and then i need to find a three on here i'm just absolutely loving this advent calendar gym is the bomb diggity and 300 exciting is the juvenile going to those christmas shopping today so that will be really nice afternoon dark chocolate leif that looks yummy i cant some of that right now they do you feel the tiny bit over and just like their anita later really tempted to eat leftover term c for breakfast how good does that look also i could share like but we put edible glitter on it for the setup letta it doesn't really kept in the fridge but it's in there and it's also like the fridge jim felt his is your day 3 not have a good day for you they want they want didn't realize that the instruction so i had all of this not doing the instructions on the inside of the door it's cold thank you so much sweet a free now this is one of my favorite things ever snuggling in bed myself state little cute she just came and got up on the bed so i'm just starting to edit yesterday's blog mass why do i films so much both got an hour-and-a-half the footage trying to cut down to a flop for you guys it's little bit late now i've had a shower and clean i wasn't hungry when the girls late adding i didn't eat but now i'm starving because it's like 11am now and i'm just making two fried eggs and then over here and i've got tk20 this mark and i love it oh much for having my tea in it for the first time and then i put some toasted some butter on this and i always like to tell my ex over because i always forget the yolk won't be cooked and i'm not a fan of a really really bunnies nope everyone around me here you can go back and that is my finished breakfast i'm having a little bit of last night face hermosooo on my christmas plate and feel so festive might be a little bit to our politics today but i'm going with that so i've decided to cozy up in bed and edit today hand of god a little editing partner should be so adorable this morning aren't you it's very sleepy girls might always take the outfielders mitt well the dancing so i'm not sure the editing bed was a great idea with this one because it's just too crazy and it's making me want to have a nap she's just loosely guys is one piano not even dressed yet it's taken me three hours to edit and make my thumb now and upload it's actually slutload in today's blog this video i just have so much petitions and it takes me so long to even physically walk through it all and then start cutting it down and decide what i want in so yeah i need to learn to not overwhelm to improvements otherwise i'm never going to do my day because it's been hard it might literally half my day editing and that i guess your makeup so i put your little i'm loving this trifling by the way it is if you're a blogger you're interested and the brand is manfrotto it's just like tiny little i'm trying but you can kind of just plunk it easy screw your camera onto it two seconds and plug up which is so good for me because i like to film a little time lapse of you guys doing my makeup or cooking and things like that right i need 30 more moisturizer maybe a bit i always wanted and drinking the night before that i need extra moisturizer sticks on mom especially around my eyes i never want to look dry so i get in the foundation and as you guys have been looking for unique beyond perfecting one but i went away i was using the color alabaster is that here worth it nope i don't know about of acid basically i got some other colors to try because i'm a bit tablet not my face in crazy town but my body is so i'm just going to try out this one might work this is the color cream we're going to try this cool this cracker color to get my chest out compare color i feel like this could be good okay i'm going to use green web and get some make one that meeting meeting will go to the gpu square market on the kingsroad is going to requests you want 2,000 christmas shopping and so we will need to walk master of bond [music] [music] [music] [applause] i my makeup done i want to look a little bit festive shape some christmas shopping so put on a red lip and yeah just really simple i makeup also because i really got my day and i'm gonna spend ages of makeup so i'm dressed and ready to go and then jim's he said to me i don't bother very well and he feels quite flurry and wants me to make your length i'm coming down to head to do that right now glass if we have any don't know if we do to look in the medicine cupboard mmm mmm tit full he doesn't like the lemon one very much not gonna be happy about this i city could just take the pills i'm sure we have someone that pills that specifically wanted and then hot liquid he set i feel like it's gonna be dr. time we actually gather house paper at least we have a nice move like that going to make this very quickly and we have a fire could be anyone it is male promise didn't do the circle and we arrived at the market we feel asleep kristin si don't we do you felt your limits actually i don't have an opener have a good battery flew up a really 18 i'm going to go to the gym that i was cold and make the gym or if it's free two-day hangovers it's so festive here was amazing this trees or not a whole lot of love and wine honey whatever hot dog on everything over there who sounds very good and that's the saatchi gallery from the bottom i feel like me and the other my special when you apply the market nothing you are you will have everyone's coming up a million people get this is james new coat you look so nice like it's lovely present from from oliver sweeney all over sweetie true probably this is one of the best and have a look at these cookies i found my favorite tool ever cheese you will get you yeah last christmas i haven't seen that one before we had this one last time and we had the path laid away the dishes before taking heavy losses that you some of my money and i got teased me she does i was the energy to do with the fact that you have one of the cheesecake already watching a movie from the clothing would never have enough change this doggie point mikey ships getting some chili chicken i can't decide if i want someone on i am hungry but i don't know if this is released on it was small one chicken doesn't so good is slicing not amazing we don't need any powerpoint yes i did end up very small to check in and we're also making i'm going home to you that nice to look because my brother always loves that when i get the money from your stool are basically just really really makes money and as you can see that the honeycomb in the jaw that you want honey and then we're going to the question about this is probably in the corner taking another white completed with like four horsemen all this whole thing i thought when you can tell that horse poo sting oh my goodness look at the white company window jim john greyson yeah must be mostly i didn't actually know he was and look how fast the sloane square looks i'm going to see bit or we're gonna have to hold our breath this whole spirit is unbearable grass pretty lie is bad news now that is that's me on a trolley car to whatever s very first orange grove never heard of this wonderful sniff my god my god like this i'm having so much fun christmas shopping hello do you feel really tired as you don't have to get more sleep last night and i'm going to people and a plate and the major already discussed that this afternoon when we get home we're going to try to stay out too long something and when we get home we're going to watch tv and snuggle and nap and stuff but was now come home next all the lights are amazing around here for these ones out there party mix because i want to go to clinic and get something for my sister we are in harmony gold congress trying to counter oh it's literally right in front of me and basically you guys know how much i lost my clinic sonic rush it's amazing it basically is a real skin stranger get instant results and just makes your school like clear and clean and glowing and so i really want to get myself there by the way i told i'm going to label this video's my family during courtship because otherwise they're gonna know some of the things i'm getting them and none of you guys to weekly items that we don't meet my sister shelley her like visitors side the start of my christmas shopping for my family and i will do that and other things about that and i just want to have like a little day i thought we want to look at reviews ideas and want to get your friends and family as well so yeah i hope they happen i have never sold out on it as superduper popular there's like a transformer gifts that maybe [music] trying to yeah i've got one i loved by my obsessive mind i wanted i say that we talking about yeah yeah yeah i'm a youtube for the ice sorry this is my blog you say hi if you wanted ok there's loads of different gifts at this one so cool maybe this is why should get my sister so 79 pounds which is usually how much just the brush is on its own but here you get a free travel case we should be so useful and extra skin care i think that's really good valley and a really gorgeous gift as well also the lady just told me this is limited edition so i think that makes it even cooler i might will forget my sister the blasts i've been loving and very likely other number one is which is the blush the iphone wearing guys i think i use the inner video i never left the names of my blushes i'm pretty sure it's really think won this one from part forget up my sister all such watercolors i think actually for my sister i think i'm going to have pink top oh my god when i first imagined this is literally all the ball this is really gonna take them at ya really cute ok i'm telling yous good ten years oh my good man give me i need [music] i'm going to get myself to this you will not do you saying his name is coming persons coming a little bite in front of me but maybe if you're lucky you might get wanted two biggest fantasy when hearts now how come for their stuff for you is it comfortable and not some contribution know we are inherited looking for the toy section and we need gifts for the babies in the family this is too cool it looks exhausted client i'm home and i feel very ready for a nap so i'm just going to show you guys some of the things i've got in case i didn't show you think that shows your most the stuff as i was like going around shopping but i'll just show all here together and then i'm going to go outside and make tea and snuggle and safer so i ended up getting the green suites on except for my sister and with it comes the green and blue travel case because i thought that coloring was and very nice for her and thought my sister would like that so has the key limited-edition brushing it with the little sweeties on it and i actually really want this for myself as well i might have to get one him because my brothers plane and then you get the phone facial sonic soap which framing sonics a facial show god i can't speak clearly really tired foaming sonic facial soap and which i use my brush so awkward positions that because then it's going to love it and then you get clarifying lotion three and also dramatically different moisturizing gel so that is really really really good and also got to the blush that you guys saw and then and this came free so i think it's just a gift they had on this is just a gift i got because i purchased two items on the counter then i got my dad a white company orange grove candor oscar this amazing honey this is orange flavored set honey a home for harry we've got him this amazing absolutely amazing dragon and he basically how he's going to stand inside and then he can basically be right track and i guess yeah i think this was supposed to be really fun and then i checked the gym shows that harry i chose easy gift i love shopping for little girls so much i know that i would have loved this when i was younger cinderella outfit and just so cute this is like what the questions i can side and i got picked up some cheese my mom obviously i'm going to do more christmas shopping as well i'm not just getting my moms and cheese i'm just kind of starting slowly today pleasure got loads headed for isaac i ended up getting isaac three books because i don't have told you guys this before but he loves reading and my sister always says that she thinks he takes off me so much because i'm really bad at whatever really silly 1 i'm really bad at running she said he's literally got my run and also he's a real bookworm which i am t so i think it's really cute he takes after me i bought him three books i got him the tom fletcher the christmas soros and because i know tom and love him and i want to support him back in his book but also i think the cover is just gorgeous and i i looked inside and thought that would be quite suitable for isaac is reading abilities he's pokemon crazy so i got him a pokemon creative coloring but he also sent me well tasha sent me his christmas list and he really wanted the guinness world records book so i got him that as well and i think that that is everything you do that i got today it is much later now guys i haven't blocked for ages i'm sorry i've just been chillin on the sofa and mighty fall asleep for quite a while and i'm going to end this location because i'm so sleepy i think if i don't end it i'm going to sleep well my vlog so it's not even that late for a pm or something but and we've just been watching those tv shows hanging out the doggie but we made the christmas tree i've got my penguin pjs on child so much check them out therefore make soft the students talk but i'm going to end the kid thank you so much for watching and fuel flows from reading those your comments and when yesterday's fucking mess and it looks like you'll really enjoyed it yeah and a seat worry
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