Festival Outfit Styling for COACHELLA 2018! (Beauty Trippin)

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Beauty Trippin is BACK and this week, we’re at Show Me Your Mumu for a Coachella fashion makeover (gotta look good for Beyonce, y’all).
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It’s festival season once again and you know what that means… CLEVVERCHELLA 2018!!
Mumu’s boho-inspired style was MADE for Coachella – and their professional stylists have tons of outfit ideas & tips for anyone who wants to rock the desert chic look and make this year's fashion trends their own! (If you’re Joslyn, that may or may not mean pink gel shoes and even a brand new HAT to torture Lily with…)
Stay tuned – because the Coachella madness only continues from here! Subscribe to follow along as we make our way to the dez!!!
Special thanks to SHOW ME YOUR MUMU!!
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Caption: But no one would let me wear the hat . this year no one is dulling my shine i . think you've been on a beauty trip and . since you did aqua cycling. here's the clue okay this makes no sense . it's all emojis its cow emoji cow emoji . music no palm tree succulent i'm sorry . cactus and then of course you would say . succulent character sunshine cow cow cow . cow cow cow cow cow cow cow palm tree. yeah coachella coachella coming up that . is in a week so you guys might be in the . future or in the past . cow cow sunshine maybe weird maybe we . are doing something so much then thing . is not a moment yes yes sir and i can. just wear a lot of muumuu it has the . brain takes a lot to impress really it's. like what megan rinks is where i just . found that email by the way so cute idea . my new email address oh i keep emailing . me you do but like wait so if we're just. going to move mail is there you think . you're gonna dress this for coachella we . did lunch we got style last year's event . i actually don't own a single muumuu . thing shall oh no no my god terry's . gonna be my boo cherry get excited we're . all gonna be moodle's atto so cute i i . won't hold it against them but i'm not . happy. jocelyn i really want . [music]. hello taylor so nice to see you again to . be he oh my gosh we're so excited to . have you so we just launched our show me . removal collection yes just in time for . coachella so today we're gonna fit each . of you in our favorite looks and have . you ready for festival by the time you . walk out the door three in sets so let's . get started you ready no there's too . many options there's so many options i . don't want to play stylist for you . because i have this and i feel like you . need it okay . it's so cute but grab everything i'll . take one of it all and they have felt i . feel like that would be good for . cinching the wait next you've got a tiny . light so there's so many choices i . already love lulu last year at coachella . i wore what some might describe not . myself as a train conductor oh yeah . drinking it was the cutest thing i've . ever seen a two-piece . show me your muumuu huh but no one would . let me wear the hat this year . no one is dulling my shine i like the . fanny pack mom i've been wanting a fanny . pack and i just didn't know what kind i . think this might be very your style . that's cute makes me look more energy . than i actually have i mean you're. pretty edgy like from outside . appearances yeah yeah no no you're very . soft on the inside i have wanted to do . ovie's for so long movies but i'm . nervous but they don't they never look . as good as they did when i was in middle . school it's all in your mind i feel like . we could probably get away with the . beatles i know if you like this off oh . i'm definitely hope what was the one i. bought from hmm that's kiss. iron maiden oh which is like the most . clear like lily you don't listen to iron . man but this is the perfect compromise . because it's harley davidson so it's not . a band you don't . like know anything about it and my mom's. husband has one oh that's a closer . connection. my family didn't want jobs when these. look like you oh these are amazing you . don't try them on i will . i feel like joseline probably already . owns these jelly you guys butterflies. are back in a major way i would pick . this up but guess what i already have it . oh bell-bottom jeans whoo-hoo so there's . one thing i literally add the second you . walked in i thought you were gonna say. the red and white i was like don't you . have that that's is this you're so cute . i have this in a floral print what i . really like the one and i like try it on . oh you know i love erin i know but do i . look like the man in yellow from curious . george i feel like oh you should embrace . that what that's which part the man in . yellow dr. theo i'm already a yellow i . just love every oh my god you know . distressed denim i won't be short these . shorts are so 90s and when i was in . middle school this was trained even i . couldn't wear these because in middle . school you have to have shorts that are . longer than your fingertips so now i can . let my butt hang out and no one will . tell me okay and sweating already . because we need to grab more thanks i'm . try them on okay okay no i want you so . bad. i'll lots of in and out shh ah it's no. so you looks like the video that you . like maybe not human in a compliment . stretchy like do you like a deep one . maybe whatever i want in a coachella and . never feel bad . cute oh . featuring my unshaved legs my seam from . my tight jeans and lots of bruises . you're so relatable i love it . i feel like i'm like a little baby like . i do it i love it so much rubric to be . nicer though than coachella i just be . whatever you get food you should try it . on high shoe i do a lot of sitting you . are and let's not get crazy guys ladies . you look great how do you feel so good. so flowy like a moodle he's got so much . dancing i love it why not your bowl kind . of amumu mantra is morris more okay and . you're not complete especially for . coachella without accessory i love a . good yes you need a bag for your stuff . we love this fringe bag actually i was . thinking mega this goes great with your. luck oh my gosh i only ever do backpacks . at coachella it's awesome yeah like . people that little purses i'm like where . are all of your things i need my baby . powder for chafing yes well your baby . powder will fit in there for sure and . then sunglasses. so you don't want to have a glare in . your face while you're watching beyond . say a couple looks we're seeing are kind . of an update on the aviator i think . those look great to you oh my god how . you like that girls in oh my god they're . super cute cool and then i thought these . round ones would be fun for you and how . do you feel about half i love some . you'll have a hat okay so this one's . great this is my lack of color we tilt . it that's how think you got a bearing it . you gotta tilt it you know the drone. looks like i'm going to evolve don't you . do you do look like the hug can we just . go now yeah i'm ready does it have to be . the festival could we just go to palm . springs i mean that's definitely what . i'm gonna sleep in the house and then . will you guys go and then i'll be back . home with salsa what sorry more stuff . take the whole store we just keep . getting cuter and cuter i love this . they're like edgy way don't you do like . i'm about to go get off my yoga i love . it be shorts look great on everybody . honestly they're separate week . they're just long enough to cover any . little booty action. i mean it's sell you lit this looks . comfy - it's very comfy i just love this . video cuz i feel good makes your boobs . look big thank you and you are very . small boobs so if i'm a little bigger . though i mean if you have a thank . you so much thinking i think my period . all right so we're all changed b's okay . well i'm here now are these your . favorite outfits is this it. this is the low well i love everything . but i feel like this needs some like a . zuri's you know what do you think once i . see it with stuff yeah my it might come . to life it totally totally well love the . printed denim on you and i love the. high-low action thank you so for you i . don't adieu a belt or anything that's . gonna like compete with the body here i . don't want to compete with her body now . neutral train conductor has a positive . history as well beautiful prada be . vintage or something i mean wow okay i . feel like i'm in narnia . i'm in the dark one today everybody . amazing this hat it looks really good . yeah and the neutral goes perfectly oh . my gosh i love yeah that is super super . cute these two hoops lara kind of . everywhere these aren't too big or too . small or so in salary oops your sewing . style which is great the jenny and the . block in me is like so pumped that's . speaking her language . jlo's my queen and i like she's jlo and . she's amazing she's amazing oh cute yes . and then for you i'm kind of feeling . like a retro vibe yeah yeah i mean the . puff sleeve is even like kind of 50s. girl there's like no rules here so i'm . thinking you shade . little cat i love they're super cute i . feel like i want to go eat at the diner . and that's totally so in style right now . too like the first winter glasses i love. the okay those are great and then the . way that your hair's done i was thinking . we throw of it - scarf around the bun . what do you think do you want me to do . it i think this is adorable . your bun need some love you're giving me . like a little bit of lana del rey yes . lana it's great yeah really cute around . the striping um i mean the last time . suit was great and we can share it . well that's you make it slick get this . so that then i can have a hell of your . style right i love it . aaron you have to try on these pants i . love this on do it you're very like . embracing be like unlike the different . decades oh my knees and we do the 70s . are all this stuff yeah try these on you . need to take these and it's all flowing . it feel like it's just like eat as much . pizzas you like orange . all right ladies how's it going ready . for this final look you guys look . awesome it's literally we could go to . coachella we're so ready . i'm gonna go integrate or not it's like . sleep wise i'm pale little more planning . but at least the outfits are done it . feels really good my main goal is to . just hydrate a lot oh yes yeah that's . very good advice for everybody a drink . second yeah my legs are a little . see-through so it's pretty simple well . what do you feel like are the trends old . so i think it's a lot about nachi . separate mmm it is a lot about prints . but this year they're kind of are no . rules so i think it's gonna be a lot . about how everybody wears it themselves . personal touches those vintage things. that we plague everyone's breaking the . rules if they're sick of like flower . crowns exactly what i love you or . literally anything and no one's gonna be . like that doesn't go together everything . goes yeah no but you're doing something . you don't like you're like ah but it's . great sun protection is super duper . important as this being a shotgun . that's why hats are good you she's able . to show cute come on you say about this . all night it . don't fight it foshan aaron did not . sound excited about it why do you i'm . your friend i'm not gonna tell you alive . we're not actually your friends i'm also . pretend i hate it just because i like . feel like there's probably only two and . jocelyn and i both want so ugly your you . look like it's just one skin piece i . tear the flesh body it could be a lot . worse. [music]. wow that's the way to shop oh wow that . was so so fun i love them i honestly . don't mind that it's very often that i'm . out of store and i'm like i want even . one of the decor i know it's like a nail . it's literally my friend threw up well . you guys this means we're one step . closer to coachella we have so much . content we're gonna be at coachella . we're gonna be shooting at coachella . we're a cheat day beauty trip and lunch . break all the things it's basically it . is our super bowl also i just want to . throw out that last year my like best . nine of instagram six of them were from . coachella yeah they're gonna be so . elevated don't they're so good . erin robinson dolls and davis lily . underscore merson and me and megan . bright signal megan drinks is now . deciding that she's not gonna go to the . festival she's just gonna hang out with . you guys at the house wow that sounds . fine and we're gonna go put all of our . clothes now. click left to watch us try out boxing on . get jacked or click right to watch a . celebrate lily's birthday . [music]. .

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