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In my wife this thing on anyone watching . oh yeah just got a thumbs up that's sick . that means we're live oh we're live hey . guys. howdy i am on the ice right now hence . why i've got a little tiny rod and . veksler i just thought i'd do a little a . little live casspi and i haven't done . one of these a long time and i think you . guys enjoy them here let me face the . camera towards me how do i do this there . we go howdy guys how's it going . that's not good that's kind of like the . sun okay how's it going folks i'm out in . the ice right now fishing lake x in ohio . i'm on a pretty decent buy right now so . i thought i'd turn the camera on . no like giant fish but actually i take . that back there's been some pretty big . fish but i want to save it for the . actual video i'm filming right now but i . thought since the bites slow and i'm . catching some gilley's i'd turn the . camera on it's just some your questions . because i'm a little bit bored where's . lucky she's actually doing some scouting . on the ice she's off in the distance . over there looking for some some decent. depths and breaks where these fish might . be staged up in . yeah she's just going to work meanwhile . i'm over here digging up some stinky . little gills . still fun though still fun i'll try my . best to watch the vex and look at your . guys's questions or just comments some . of you guys like to talk smack in these . live casts i love it it's great and then . maybe while the dead stick rock go off . that'd be kind of sick it's like every . time i put this thing on something goes . down uh how thick is the ice well some . guys said that it wasn't eight inches in . my last video which i kind of agree on. upon further you know observation but i. would say it's probably five to four it . was honestly six last time i checked it. like two days ago but it has gone down . significantly. some spots it's like - you got to be . careful there's like some areas where . there's water coming up this isn't a . spring front lake to my knowledge but it . seems like there's some areas there's. water coming up and it makes for similar . superb ly sketchy stuff how deep is the . water right now i'm fishing in let me . tell you i'm fishing and six and a half . feet and i would say the majority of my . fish would come in six and half feet of . water but yesterday i was fishing . thirteen feet that was not good . yesterday sucked ass so bad it was like . pours ice officially days the peddle . year the only thing on my neck . that's a good question these are ice . spikes so if i do fall in i do happen to . fall in i have some leverage too . pull myself back up on to safe ice and . you know i could i could done so these . things pretend to say my life basically . they're really cool like see there's the . spike if you pull this black part back . there's a spike and if i fall in i could . you know hoist myself up i'm not here by . myself so it's good to have some extra . insurance. someone donated some money i don't . really know who it was me see if i can . scroll up so i can thank you politely . wait you asked where your ads oh zach . thank you so much $2. 00 midwest angling . also thank you for the donation you . should try to get the cascade reservoir . in idaho giant perch what 260 and a half . inch burger you freaking joking . that's huge i've heard idaho has massive. massive purse though i've also heard. idaho's got really good small eats - . i've always wanted go to ico for . smallmouth there's a lake there the guy . that filmed jaron you guys know i'm . jarrod who filmed my never stop you're . not not but that never stop to her . homecoming to her lady hd going off . jared who film the never stopped or so . that i need to go to idaho for fix . molly's place to go . what rod do you use what do i do i use . for ice machinery very good fishing . mainly using favorite throttle using . right now is a little clam little clam . 32 inch ultralight it's good little lmv . bluegill rod simcoe - effort steph goes . crazy for birch come to north carolina . for sure as long as warmer than here i'm . so down . well she guys got hit me with some good. questions i'm not even looking at my . facts i could be getting bites are not . at no clue um lettuce always think . they're muskie on your boat without a . doubt that some stick . come on these comments they go too fast . youtube is a fix this what bait do i . have on i saw in all caps they looked . like they really wanted that question . answer the bait that i've been fishing . with primarily today look at that it . looks like a little tiny white turd on a . hook and that's basically what it is . it's uh three tiny spikes on a tungsten . jig head a gold chrome tongue and i've . caught the majority of my better fish on . that i've got two rods over there that . have minnows on them with a split shot. sinker about a foot above a octopus and. those are just dead sticks those have . been going off this deal right here . please catch the fish live i'm trying . i'm trying but it's hard to read the . comments and then look at the graph and . then you know it's maybe i'll move to a . productive poll i might do that yeah . i'll move to an area where i know . there's okay let's go guys let's get out . here this hole sucks how is how is life . for you guys though i haven't i feel . like i haven't done one of these in a . while and haven't talked to you guys . it's um it's been a minute hope . everything is good on your end how's the . family. hope hope everyone as well see this hole . is productive i don't want to spoil the . video or anything like that but let's . just say the hole that i'm at right now . it's juicy really really juicy once the . video drops which would be in a few days. from this day right here this session . because i'm filming like i said earlier . you guys are gonna want to watch and spy . what my best nights edition videos i've . filmed in a very very long time it's so . sick the ice right now is fairly clear . on this side and i've caught a few fish . you can see them out of the waters under . the ice . it's so awesome and this is such a fun . fun day out in the water . lucky dog is back at the cabin she's . chillin she's keeping warm i was kidding . about her running and checking to see if . there's any fish over there she's not. actually i would have take her out in . this water although it is pretty warm . out it's like 40 degrees oh i saw . another the nation. hold up wait yet come on spinning with . big teeth thank you for the $2 donation . created building my channel you inspire . me bud that's really touching it's cool . to see you guys i even you guys but a . lot of people watch my videos and rob's . videos and parrots and claire's videos . who also make youtube channels you guys . are growing super fast i see every now . and then like a comment from a . small channel pop-up and some of you . guys have like a thousand subscribers . 10,000 subscribers number back in like . 2010 you had at subscribers . that was huge . well i got a big mark big mark that's a . large mob hold up guys i'm not gonna . comment for a second i got a good fish . yeah missed him miss him that was that . was good. oh looked up hooked up baby oh yeah yeah . it was a good fish there's a giant job . real bigoted she had to be a best right . look at that . caught a fish live this is what's . primarily out here right now a lot of . bluegill and they're all this size man . it used to be that you come out here and . catch like 10 inch 11 inch blue gills on . the summertime but i think since the . fish kill here lake x that's kind of . gone down. you guys want to underwater release . let's do it okay ready you know bah bah . that's pretty cool yeah whoo okay i'll . look at some more comments since i . caught one kentucky lake anytime soon . maybe i don't know i've never been to . kentucky lake i feel like i have to fish. it before i die knock that one off my . bucket list. i might know one on right now no i'm . actually in ohio doing spiced fishing . north woods angler thank you for the . donation very generous get over to . minnesota catch some monsters oh wait a . minute hold on pause real quick north . woods angler i have a question. specifically for you the other day i was . asking our friends irsa rbc's the front . of googans spencer if he'd ever done any . of the sturgeon fishing i think it's a . deceit core over st. croix river i'm not . positive anyway last year eric and i . were supposed to do that we're supposed . to go on the river for for sturgeon ice . fishing and . aperi got really sick and we couldn't do . it after our small an expedition where . do we go i want to know and you guys . know where we go for the for the . sturgeon of the ice i really want to do. that this year before you know the ice . fishing ends that's that's been a dream . of mine to catch a big version of the . ice and after seeing sam caches at lake . of the woods it's been something i've . kind of run to try you know . anyway that's so funny you say that . because literally a week ago i was i was . talking about was thinking about in my . head how can i make that happen i want . to try to make it happen hello from . france. hello from the united states i thought i . had a fish there lake winnebago has a . bunch of lake sturgeon washington swap . that's gonna happen for sure when is . there gonna be a goose i think the . google i suppose your video would be so . sick no my problem is rob isn't a huge . fan of the cold i don't necessarily . blame out he's from texas . from texas i wouldn't mess with ice . fishing so it's just it's twisting rob's . arm and then find it a date in which we . can all go out at the ice i think that'd . be so sick though i think in isolation . tournament would be don't like a . challenge to be oh man i think we need . to do that we need to make the happy . it's a great idea . i forgot who answered who i forgot wh
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