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HI MY LOVES!!! I am posting this video from Morocco! Ah!! It's so beautiful here :) I filmed this video on Sunday when I was heading out to the airport. I just got the new Urban Decay Born to Run collection and it was perfect timing because once I opened the palette and saw the colors I was like WOO!!! Now I don't have to bring more than 1 palette for my long trip. It has every color I always gravitate towards :)
I can't wait to share my trip with you guys. I love you so much! XOOX Carli
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Disclaimer: this video is sponsored by Urban Decay. I was SO excited to work with them for this travel video! As always I only talk about products I personally love and use. All opinions are honest as always! Some links posted above may be affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you purchase the item. Thank you for all of your support!!! XOX
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Caption: [music]. hi everybody thank you for watching for . those of you guys that are new my name . is carly and i am actually leaving in . about an hour to head to the airport i'm . going on a very long vacation to morocco . and i'm so excited about it so i figured . i would throw myself getting ready for . the airport today some of the times when . i do fly i learned no makeup but on some . days i want to got myself up a little . bit so this routine was super quick and . easy and i really loved how it came out . so if you guys want to see how i got . this look right here then please keep . watching to start ups today's look i'm . using the derma dr. dd cream and this . one adjusts to your skin tone which is . nice but beautiful everywhere actually . so i'm just gonna rub it in with my . hands and then i'm gonna go in with my . feet under i'm also gonna play on my. neck for concealer i'm using the . charlotte tilbury touch her in number . two this one's a nice lightweight . concealer as well just gonna apply this . wherever i get dark usually back . obviously if you want to wear less feel . free this is just what i have been doing . for today there are times when i do . travel with absolutely no makeup this . video wouldn't be too much fun if it was . just me washing my face and saying okay . i'm ready to go next up i'm taking the . ben nye cameo powder and i'm just gonna . apply a little bit under my eyes to set . that concealer and to prevent any . creasing when it quickly fill in my. brows a little bit now i'm going to wipe . away the powder . and then taking my natasha to donut . contour kit and this shade right here . and i'm gonna contour my nose a little. bit because you already know so now . moving on to eyes i actually just got in . the new urban decay born to run. collection which it's a whole travel . collection it came in this cute little . box and what better time to use it then . on my way to the airport so this is the . inside of the kit we have eyeshadow . palette three lipsticks three liners and . a setting spray i love the whole theme . of this collection so i'm gonna be using . the born to run . i showed up out today on my eyes i just . got my eyelashes done yesterday and i . had to do like more than usual because i . am going away for two and a half weeks . and i want them to stay so they look a . little crazy that's why so this is the . born to run palette it has pictures of . all different countries all over it . which is so cool i love this idea and . then when you open it up it has all of . these beautiful shades and it has this . mirror right here as well so i'm . definitely gonna be bringing this . palette with me on vacation there's so . many amazing colors in this and when i . first opened it i was like yes this is . like right up my alley with the purple's . the oranges the peaches there's browns . shama browns and then you also have some . greens which is nice as well so since i . am keeping it pretty light on the face . today i want to keep it somewhat light . on the eyes this peachy color is kind of . speaking to me it's gonna add like a . little bit of color to the eye but yet . it's still gonna keep it like pretty . neutral so i'm going to pick up still . shot and i'm gonna apply that all over . my lid . what i also love is how big this mirror . is i don't know if i already said that . but to travel it's always good to have a . mirror that you can like really use . because sometimes they don't have those . close-up mirrors where you're staying . which always just a little bit of a . problem for me at least and the lighting . in the bathroom is never amazing so i . could just bring this palette right in . front of a window and make sure . everything's looking nice it's just cool . i'm gonna grab a large bunny brush and . pick up the color riff and i'm going to . apply that right into my crease . with a smaller blending brush i'm going . to pick off the color good as gone it's . a little bit and apply that right into . the crease with the outer crease just to . give my eyes a little bit more dimension . i'm then hooking up the color blaze this . is really pretty because it has like a . peachy undertone which goes nice with. the eyes with the eyelids i should say . and i'm also going to apply this right . in the tear duct . so want to apply a little bit of . eyeliner this one is by flower then for. my lower lash line i'm going to pick up . the color ignite and i'm gonna do i . think . only lower mascara today because like i . said i do have a lot of top lashes going . on right now while my laura mascara is . drying i'm going to apply a little bit . of bronzer / contour so that one was a . little too gray i think i'm gonna grab . this milani baked bronzer it's gonna . give me a little bit more of like a warm . glow and a little bit of like a shimmer . which is nice perfect and now we're. going to wipe away the powder . i'm gonna go in with the urban decay all . nighter spray and this is like a mini er . version so it's perfect for travel and . i'm just gonna spray my face push all. the products together just looks really . natural . i'm just going back in with the color . breath and i'm just gonna play a tiny. bit more just a little bit just in the . crease to highlight my nose i'm actually . gonna use the same palette the color . breakaway we're gonna play a little bit . on my nose and also keep it well . and a little my tear ducts for blush i'm . using sweet pea by flower . for lipliner i am using the color free . spirit by nyx. this color matches the eyes perfectly . and to finish the look off i'm gonna go . back in with the urban decay all nighter . setting spray i'm gonna bring this and . put this right in my purse because it's . so refreshing and i love bringing a . setting spray with me on the plane. because he gets super dehydrated so . definitely gonna throw this right into . my purse so finally was able to wash my . hair i love to travel with a braid so i . think what i'm gonna do is like a french . dutch braid so i'm gonna just show you . guys how i usually do it i'll take like . a bigger section to start so i like to . split it into three like so i know it's . kind of hard to see because my hair . start we're gonna take this section put . it under the middle section and then . this section and put it under that . middle section and then pull it so now . it's all kind of in three sections still. we're gonna take this one again and put . it under and then tie it in and then . with this section we're gonna grab a . piece of hair make sure it's smooth . before you pull it tight . section of hair. to brush and smooth and that's gonna go . under that middle piece and if you guys . want i do have a full like dutch braid. tutorial this is a little bit hard to . understand so we're gonna just doing the . same thing . i always bring it to the front . raid . [music]. and then i like to just pull the braid . bigger. [music]. and it'll get look super messy in a . little bit so i kind of like i don't to . make it too messy because it always . somehow it's a mess so this is the final . result i hope you guys enjoyed this . video i'll show you my full outfit in a . minute i just got to go change finish . packing and then i have to hit the road . so i'm so excited i will be filming . while i'm out there so definitely . comment below and let me know what you . guys want to see while i am away i . packed so many things so i can't wait to . show you guys some of the outfits that i . bought and styled for this trip please. make sure to subscribe if you aren't . already and also click that bell to get . post notifications every time that i . post i love you guys so much thank you . for watching and until next time i'll . see you guys later . [music]. .

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