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Hi :D TODAY GOOGLE PICKS MY MAKEUP!! I saw Nikkie do this a few weeks ago so I had to try it out for myself! What do you guys think? Would you wear it'?! I kind of love how it came out :) LOVE YOU!

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Caption: [music]. hi everybody thank you for watching for . those of you guys that are new my name . is carly and today i let google pick my . makeup i saw this challenge originally . on niki tutorials page he's one of my . favorites here on youtube and i really . wanted to try it out for today's look so . when i googled the image i was like oh . gosh what am i gonna do but i knew it . would be bright colors and i know you . guys have been requesting some more . bright makeup looks so if you guys want . to see google pick my makeup and see how . i got this look right here then please . keep watching so for those who haven't . seen this challenge before what you have . to do is type in the first letter of . your first and last name and then type . look after it and then whatever image . pops up first on google images is the . image that you have to go off of so this . is the image right here we have a lovely . motorcycle with royal blue paint and . like orange and yellow detail on it so i . am just gonna give it a go and see what . the heck i come up with i hope it comes . out decent so first i'm gonna use the . cover fx primer it's the blurring primer . and i'm just gonna apply it wherever i . get like really oily which is usually . just like on the sides of my nose on my . nose and then like in between my brows . and on my forehead so i have a little . bit of like a body bronzer on so i'm . gonna make my siste match my body so i'm . gonna try the born this way foundation i . have it in warm beige and sand i'm just . gonna adopt this all over my face and . we're gonna blend it in . to contour my nose i'm gonna be using . this graftobian warm palette the darkest . shade and then for concealer i'm using . the shake tape in the color medium i'm. gonna do a little bit right down the . sides next to my nose to blend the nose . contour out i might think a little bit . of the dark color with this brush and . just kind of bronze up a little bit just . because i do have the bronzer on and the . concealer are lightened up my foundation . a little bit we just want to balance my . air conditioning just turned on like a . heavy so you can right . [music]. i'm going to set my under eyes with some . ben nye cameo powder and then we're . gonna go in with browse my anastacio . brows in ebony i'm gonna take a little . bit of this shade for my shoot and light . palette and i like to do this before i . wipe away the powder because it's gonna . lighten it up a bit and i'm just gonna . take a little bit of like a setting . spray this one is the queen of hungary . mist drench my face and now we're ready . to move on to the eyes . wish me luck so first i'm just gonna . take a little bit of my concealer and . apply that all over my eye so i'm gonna . blend that in with my finger that way i . can get everything the same color i'm . then grabbing this matte yellow shade . from the natasha's anona sunset palette . and with a sigma e40 i'm going to be . blending that right into my crease so . we're just gonna blend that in almost up . to the brow and i really wanted like a . bright yellow to start so obviously if . you guys want to recreate this look i . know color pump has a really similar. palette so this one that's a lot cheaper . so i will link both of them for you guys . so next i'm grabbing the jacqueline hill . palette and i'm going in with this matte . yellow shade it's a little bit of a. darker yellow so we're gonna apply that . darker yellow right below the bright . yellow a little bit closer to my crease . then i'm grabbing this burnt orange . shade from the jaclyn hill palette . so now moving on to the lid i'm gonna . pick up this bright blue shimmer shade. with my finger and i'm gonna apply that . right directly onto my lid this is such . a pretty blue so i'm just going to get . as much as i can on and then i'm gonna . grab a little bit of this light teal . color and i'm gonna apply that towards . the inner part of my eyelid. so with my pencil brush and this burnt . red shade i'm just gonna apply that . right below the orange and i'm gonna . blend that red into the blue because we . want it to look like decent i'm gonna . use the pencil brush first and then i'll . go in with like a blending brush but the . run will help transition like that. bright blue into the orange in yellow so . i'm grabbing a tiny bit more with my . blending brush like red and we're gonna . just blend down and up. snow feeds a little bit nicer it doesn't . look so harsh and since there's a little . bit of a silver detail on the bike i'm . gonna pick up this champagne color and . apply that right under the brow so the . seat and the tires are black so we're . gonna apply a little bit of eyeliner . this one is by tarte it's the tortise . liner from mascara i'm gonna use this. one by buxom i have eyelash extensions . so i'm not gonna use any false lashes . today so now i'm gonna line my inner . lower lash line with this urban decay . liner in the color sabbath and i'm gonna . line my lower lash line with the blue . from the jacklyn palette and i'm gonna . take a little bit of that burnt orange . i'm gonna apply it under the blue and to . see how it looks a little bit of the . yellow . and a drop of that red actually right . under the blue because i think it just a . little better . so the eyes are done we're gonna bronze . up the face with my shade and light . palette i actually really like the eyes . really colorful definitely different um . i feel like i had like a tropical sunset . on my face not mad about it . so i actually leave for nashville . tomorrow one of my good friends getting . married so we're going for her . bachelorette party so i'm really excited . for that so it's not quite a tropical . island getaway but it should be a fun . little trip so to highlight my face and . my nose today i'm gonna go and with the . jackie aina and artist couture la peach . highlighter i'm so excited to try this i . have been dying to try it and i know . it's now available at sephora which is . amazing so congratulations to both . jackie and angel and this amazing . accomplishment so this is like a . beautiful beautiful golden highlight so. i'm gonna grab a clean brush and i'm . gonna dip a little bit in and apply it . onto my nose so nice. i'm gonna take a little more and i'm . gonna apply that here as well because i . think it's necessary and a little bit on . my cupid's bow and because we're going . all out for taste look i'm gonna apply a . little bit on to my cheeks silver lips . i'm using the colour hush-hush by a . buxom and we're gonna use the colour . quickie by the sheila and color pop . collaboration and then i also really. want to try this ultra mccloskey lip in . color neat-freak . high a little bit right on the center so . pretty and i like to apply the gloss . like right on my cupid's bow this will . help make your lips look bigger i love . this lip combo it looks so nice and then . a for blush i am using the color x-rated . from kylie cosmetics and then to finish . off this look you just gonna spray a . little bit more . so this is the final result i actually . really loved how it came out . so i'm kind of excited that i tried out . this challenge today let me know what . you guys think of this look would you . wear it yes no thank you so much for . watching please make sure to subscribe . by clicking that button right down here . and if you click that bow that you will . get some post notifications that way . whenever i post you will be the first to . know so i hope you guys enjoyed this . video. it definitely forced me to step outside. of my comfort zone and try some bright . new colors so i hope you guys enjoyed i . love you so much and until next time . i'll see you guys later . .

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