Honey Roasted Carrots – You Suck at Cooking (episode 75)

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Carrots. They're dangerously delicious.
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To make these carrots:
Get some carrots.
Get the other stuff.
Drizzle some olive oil, honey, pepper pepper pepper, and salt on the carrots.
Cross rassle and side rassle them until covered.
Bake for 25 minutes on 4 hundo.
Be careful.
You suck at cooking yeah you totally . suck there's a lot to like about carrots . their aerodynamic the hydrodynamic their . ground dynamic and they're a friend and . plants and animals everywhere they make . a great first class lever an excellent . second class lever but they're garbage . as a third class lever they're also one . of the stabia stretchable is on the. planet take that paper take that wall. good take that you know good flimsy . piece of tin can that is really useful . the only other vegetable that's more . dangerous is the parsha oh yeah carrots . also have very unique acoustical . properties they're completely silent . when blowing in the wind guess what else . you can eat these things so we're gonna . take these and we're gonna put them in . the water right wrong and why are we . gonna do that because baking is better . than boilie that's right now you say it . great we're not putting them in hot . water because we don't want to suck at a . bunch of the nutrients and flavor . do we no good now let's get this puppy . warmed up okay come on . it's like every couple months i'm gonna . and those on for honda and it's silent . because it's electric we're just gonna . give these a quick rinse then wrap them . in swaddling clothes and lay them in a . pan we're gonna drizzle some olive oil . on the daggers and then some salt but at . triple p and a little bit of honey don't. go crazy the reason honey works so well . on carrots is because carrots contain a . little bit of sugar so when you add an . external sugar source it cancels out and . then you end up with sugar free carrots . i'm pretty sure don't forget to both . cross wrassle and side wrassle to make . sure they're evenly coated maybe it'll . be a little more comfortable if we put . them in the 16 that they head to toe . position if you don't have these small . carrots and you only have the big-ass. ones there's an easy solution take them . out to the barn grab your best carving . knife and whittle them down to the size. god intended gerrits to be no bigger no . smaller it's just right . walk the land check the trees . think about judy wonder what life would . have been like had you been a better man . [music]. you can also just take a big a scare and . smash it against the wall if you only . have these super baby carrots you can. compress them with your hands until you . get one biblically correct size carrot . if you and another person are cooking . honey roasted carrots in the same onion . on the same day at the same time just . use your wood burner to make your . carrots distinguishable with unique. symbols so i had these things in for 25 . minutes i'm just gonna check them with a . fork well i was gonna rassle them and . get the other side charred but these . puppies are done these ones turned out . pretty good too notice the variety of . colors admire the sheen feel the warmth . absorb the essence be mystified by their . very existence bask in the glory of the . honey roasted carrot . i can do it honey . don't embarrass linked up to the gonna . try not to scare it you're quiet and . you're lucky a nigga sterile of . mcgarrett's and breads origami in side . it would i just . .
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