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New York bagels are a thing of legend, but how exactly does the city boil and bake its dough? At Murray's Bagels in Greenwich Village, the ingredients haven't strayed too far from the original, century-old recipe: All you need is flour, salt, yeast, barley malt, and, of course, NYC tap water. Owned by Adam Pomerantz, Murray's prides itself on churning out perfectly chewy bagels with an even, golden-brown crust. The result is something well-suited to a schmear of cream cheese, a slice of lox, or a slab of bacon and eggs.
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[music]. my name is adam pomerance niΓ±o and . murray's bagels and leos bagels in new . york city bagels originated in portland. and when they were brought to the united . states 100 120 years ago the turn of the . century . eastern european jews hate them all the. time it was it was one of these ethnic . foods that over the years became really. mainstream so growing up in brooklyn and . staten island my irish friends my . italian friends just you name it . everyone ate bagels so i think everyone . treats new york jewish soul food as just . real american eats. so both leo's bagels and murray's bagels . we do just a real traditional method the. way things were done 100 years ago five . basic ingredients high gluten flour salt . yeast barley malt that's kind of a . unique ingredient in new york bagel it's . a lot of people just use sugar and of . course we use new york city tap water. which i do feel makes a difference of . course we hand roll the bagels after we . roll the bagels they're proofed which is . just the yeast is activating and the. bales are rising after proofing we put . them in the walk-in refrigerator for at . least a day and this is where the bagel . develops its crust. we then kettle the bagels we throw them . in boiling water for about 15 maybe 30 . seconds but it's here that the . gelatinization of the starch takes place . and it's an important process because . what's happening is the surface of the . bagel is getting cooked and that's where . the crust and that shine is coming from . and then we scoop the bagels out of the . kettle put them on the burlap covered . boards and it's here that the toppings . are placed on both sides of the bagels . this is the time when we put the bagels . into the oven and a minute or two later . we flip them we'll wait about 10 15 . minutes in the oven just for the bagels . to get that perfect kind of golden shine . and that's it . every thursday night growing up my . father who had a ladies clothing store. in the lower east side of manhattan . would always bring home bagels bialys . and smoked fish yes our soul food so if . we knew what a true new york bagel . should taste like so i was working in . finance back about 25 years ago and . living in greenwich village just a few . blocks from this shop and i realized . that the one thing that a new york jew . really needed in this area was a good . bagel shop there are great bagel shops . and queens and brooklyn and manhattan . but really i don't think you can get a . great bagel outside of new york city . [music]. .
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