How To Install | Kodi 17.1 Krypton on Firestick

Step by step tutorial on how to install Kodi 17.1, a build, and addons.
You can find the latest Amazon Firestick here:
First required link:
Second required link:
To uninstall and removed everything to ensure your new installation will work properly follow these steps. When uninstalling the last version make sure you leave "Don't delete media files" unchecked. Also go to the ES Explorer app and go to Download under the Favorite option, the highlight and press and hold the extra downloaded files to delete it. It maybe hard to highlight at first but it's possible.
To remove the bubble on the right go to ES Explorer, settings, then "Logger floating widget settings", uncheck "enable logger floating widget" and there ya go!
Please keep in mind the Kodi site will update so what you see in this video will change over time.
To help reduce buffering you can go to the Indigo add-on, then the Maintenance Tools, and just Clear Cache and Purge Packages. Doing this overtime regularly when it builds back up could help a lot.
If you like to change the skins/theme of Kodi 17 go to Settings, Interface, Skins, select Skins then Get more, pick a skin you prefer, once you select one let is download and install, If it doesn't add automatically just go back and select it. WARNING, this may change the layout completely so you will have to get use to it.
Sometimes the streams are unavailable for a moment. It's normal for freshly added movies. It's rare for everything else. You can also try exiting out of Kodi every now and then so it will refresh itself. You do this by using the exit option on the homepage of Kodi.

This video is step by step how to install and download Kodi 17.1 / Krypton on the Amazon Firestick. I show how to install a build, Fusion TV Addons, plus a quick walk through on how to navigate it.

I do not own any visual content and audio in this video
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