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Hi, I'm Yolanda! Some people call me the Beyoncé of cakes. I post my drool-worthy, jaw-dropping caking creations every Tuesday at 11am EST and on Thursdays at 5pm EST I do LIVE STREAMS! My novelty cakes come in all shapes and sizes - giant versions of foods, gross stuff like brains, movie characters and some of my favourite things! Basically I love to build stuff out of cake, buttercream, fondant, candy, cookies and anything sweet!
To make my GIANT Candy Cane Cake, I made 12lbs of my rich Ultimate Chocolate Cake batter mixed with crushed candy canes, filled & iced it with my favorite coffee Italian Meringue Buttercream and covered the entire cake in White, Pink and Orange fondant. But wait - there’s more! Inside, it’s filled to the brim with colourful peppermints and candies that fit the holiday season!
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Editor: Orhan Sumen
Cinematographer: Jeremy Kohm
Producers: Jocelyn Mercer & Connie Contardi
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Caption: This is how to cake it i'm yolanda and . this week i am taking a giant candy cane . and using amazing flavors inspired by . dunkin donuts peppermint mocha hot . locked theory mmm because you know these . cakes take me a long time . big thanks to dunkin donuts for. supporting and collaborating with me on . this video leave the hashtag duncan . holiday below if you have tried their . amazing holiday coffee flavors. there's even brown sugar cinnamon i feel . like they mean that after me did that . they totally dead thank you duncan thank . you . i baked 24 4-inch round . peppermint chocolate cakes to be clear . that's 12 pounds of my ultimate . chocolate cake batter with crushed candy . cane inside yeah this is the crushed . candy cane shimmy i leveled all 24 of my . chocolate peppermint cakes now because . the candy cane basically dissolves in . the batter as it bakes these cakes are . bit stickier it was messy . i have an issue with this now i need . sirs please to help me shower all 24 . cakes with simple syrup don't forget sir . squeeze is available at had a cake it . calm for the baker or cake lover in your . life . [music]. you know what it is i'm i'm very alert . i'm sultry and i'm very alert could you . show us what it looks like this ready . you're not ready but i'll show you who's . the opposite of sultry you know what . it's time for now it's time to cut . secret chambers into half of these . things for this i use a circle cutter i . don't want the chamber to be too big . because i don't need this cake to . collapse candy canes on collapsible . funell who comes with sir squeeze on our . website she is collapsible candy canes . not so much i'm about to make one of my . favorite things on earth which is coffee . buttercream to turn my italian meringue . buttercream into coffee buttercream i . simply make some concentrated coffee and . then i pour that mixture into my . buttercream until i'm satisfied with the. flavor now when we pair this coffee . buttercream with my chocolate peppermint . cake bam peppermint mocha another reason . i needed to you know have this hot latte . while working is it's really hard work . to have to taste coffee buttercream with . chocolate peppermint cake over and over . until you get it right it's very hard . work if you love this flavor combo as . much as i do. please share this video even if you . don't have 12 hours to make a giant . candy cane cake . you can just bake chocolate peppermint . cakes and make the coffee buttercream . and bam . peppermint mocha what why oh i'm going . to begin making my candy cane cake by . making several stacks of cake every . stack feeds a solid layer of chocolate . peppermint cake on the bottom and then . secret chamber layers on top and they're . all gonna be sandwiched together with . coffee butter. peppermint mocha genjou the right way . yeah my ultimate chocolate cake recipe . which you can put crush candy cane in or . chopped candied ginger which is perfect . for this time of year and my italian . buttercream as well as my chocolate . swiss meringue buttercream are all in my . cake book you can grab a copy of the how . to cake a cake book i've had a cake it . calm and make sure to check the . description below for an insider's tip . on where you can get a signed copy of . blankie . oh i sign something now that my stacks . are ready i need to crumb coat them so i . can get them in the fridge to chill . they're a bit wobbly right now i mean . they're tall there's a secret chamber . inside so just from coat as carefully as . you can and get those cakes in the . fridge to chill it's now time to fill. these secret chambers with colorful. candy i love the classic dunkin donuts . hot pink and orange i feel that it's . very hot i can't get its punchy but i'm . also gonna mix in some peppermint . candies because this cake is peppermint . mocha sure and then i scoop them down . into the chambers where no one will see . them again until they cut open a cake . before i ice these cakes again i need to . close off the secret universe so what . i'm going to do is remember the little . rounds i cut out when creating the . secret chamber i'm gonna cut a little . slice of those rounds place it on the . top to seal it's like sealing a crypt . secrets of the can decrypt so except . everybody knows there's candy in the. secret chamber so it's not really a . secret and then what i'm gonna do is . just ice the tops with ganache i like . using an hour sometimes because it sets . up really quickly and my ganache recipe . is also in my cake book the next thing i . need to do is ice these cakes one more . time. with my coffee butter i'm using a larger . spatula as well as a bench scraper . because i really want to keep these like . cylinders going to start to form my. giant candy cane cake by laying the . cakes down on their side and glue them . together in between with chocolate . ganache my chocolate gotta go i said . it's in my book already guess what i've . never told you in the past five minutes . it's not a cane without a curve it's a . candy stick. they should make canes that look like . candy canes they told me should like if . i ever broke my foot i would want a . candy cane cane and so what i'm doing. here is i'm using the rest of my . unsecret chambered chocolate peppermint . cake layers i take these layers i cut . them in half on the diagonal and then i . sandwich them together so that both of . the high sides are together does that . make sense and as i did that because one . side is higher and the other side is . lower. they formed up what it was like a cake . rainbow without any color a brown . rainbow mmm you know what's that so the . brown i'm going to use my small palette . knives with some more coffee buttercream. so i can get this curve all together and . put it in the fridge to chill . once my ground goat is chilled i take . the curved cake out again and ice it . another time guess what i used chaplin . as well as my small spatulas my. invention that i didn't invent but it's . amazing for those of you who haven't . seen my invention it is just a clear . piece of acetate and why it's amazing is . because i can curve it in my hand and . smooth the buttercream once my ground . coat is firm i take the cake back out. and ice it again with my small spatulas. both my small offset and straight . spatulas come in some of my camp cake. bundles and you guys have a chance to . win it if you sign up for camp cake . between november 28th and december 3rd . you will automatically be entered into a . draw where you can win a free camp cake . bundle the rest of the details are . listed in the description below i can't . wait to see you guys at camp cake on . december 9th now that my curved cake is . smoothly iced with the help of my. invention. i can finally add it to the rest of the . cake towers and complete the giant candy . cake . [music]. i need to cover this giant candy cane . with white fondant i'm not even gonna . attempt to roll out one china because i . know better don't roll fondant bigger . than your body you will not be able to . pick it up i've decided to attempt to . cover it in four parts as well as . covering the two ends of the candy cane . so i start there i use a circle cutter . that is the same size as my cake to cut . out two white fondant circles and i add . those circles to the two ends of the . candy cane and use my fondant smoother . to just smooth them out and make sure . they fully cover those two flat surfaces . now i'm going to start to roll out some . more white fondant and begin to cover . the body of the candy cane the tricky . thing here is i'll have to roll out all . four pieces to the same thickness so . that the candy cane looks hmm the other . tricky thing is i need to keep in mind . that the stripes on this candy cane will . run diagonally so i want to cut each . piece upon it once it's on the candy . cane with a diagonal line so that i'll . have diagonal seams i don't know if you . know this but i'm going to have a . television show called this seam hider . it's a very serious show we have plenty . of footage we can make it right now or . on. [applause]. now i need to repeat this process with . three more portions of white fondant to . completely cover my candy cane if you. were into this okay but first cake . hoodie click the eye right here to get . your own to make my all-white candy cane . look nice and smooth you know who we . need what did i just call myself to . myself the seam hider what's that just . their seams and your white fondant good . thing i brought royal icing i'll make . that the seam hider does it all when . it's fine that's one of these tag lines . now i have a giant plain white candy . cane we're done we need to get some . stripes on this cake cane and turn it. into a giant candy cane from my hot pink . fondant i'm cutting some thick stripes . which will be like the main stripes on . the candy cane and from my orange . fondant i'm gonna cut two different . sized thinner stripes . i love the combo of this white orange . and pink like the classic dunkin donuts . coffee it is time to apply these stripes . to my candy cane and keep in mind i . really want to attempt to cover the . seams even though the same height or did . an excellent job. so i started by laying a thick pink . stripe over one of the scenes that was . my starting so then i laid on to other . thick stripes. i left the curve alone cause i'm scared . and then i laid a fixed strike between . the thick stripes so there wasn't like . too much. [music]. because candy canes are twisted i had to . keep in mind how that fix track would go . around the curve that was the hardest . part because every time i attempted to . wrap it around the curve it's diagonal . would become like warpage in comparison. to the other diagonal stripes that i had . laid so i decided to sort of leave a lot. of the curve untouched and go for the . straighter end and continue with my . thick pink stripes once my pink stripes . were down it was easy because then i . used a fabric measuring tape as a spacer . and laid my orange stripe on top of each. pink stripe . before you head into dunkin donuts for . some extra joy this holiday make sure to . download the dd pack . there's a link in the description below . it allows you to order ahead pay with . your phone and speed past the line i . feel like the seam hider would do that . plus with just a click you can send . somebody a virtual dunkin donuts with . gift card to text or any man anyone you . want to send to dunkin donuts gift card . to jocelyn and then i used a piece of . ribbon as a spacer to lay a thinner . orange stripe below each pink string so . now the candy cane is very straight and . i found that at both ends it was still a . lot of white space so i simply repeated . the pattern i've decided to brush this . entire candy cane cake with piping gel. cos panda cancer shiny . i need to address . the sort of weird space on the curve of. attention so what i'm going to do is put . a bow on let me nip that in the bud . please subscribe to this channel and hit . that notification girl just nip that in . the bud you'll know when i've made a new . cake thank you again to dunkin donuts . for supporting and collaborating with me . on this vid . thank you for my peppermint mocha hot . latte remember to leave the hashtag . duncan holiday below if you are loving . their holiday coffee flavors as much as . i am and download the dd app click here . and here to check out videos on my new . channel how to cake it step by step . don't forget i'll be in huntington beach . california at the barnes & noble at 7 . p. m. tonight that's tuesday november . 28th and i'll be doing a book signing at . union station in toronto on december . 16th at 12 noon . .

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