How to make the KELP SHAKE from Spongebob Squarepants!

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YARRR feasters! Spongebob Squarepants will always have a special place in our hearts, and this Kelp Shake has an even special-er place in our BELLIES! Learn how to DIY make a recreation of the infamous Kelp Shake as well as a healthy version you can drink and get strong from as well.

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Download our Kelp Shake logo here: Shake Label.jpg
3 cups Soy milk
Handful spinach
1 tsp Kelp extract (ordered) secret ingredient
1 cup Pineapple
1 Green apple
1 Banana
Blend all ingredients in a blender.
Serve in special kelp shake bottle. Well. That was easy.
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Caption: This week's piece the kelp shake it's . been a while since we did spongebob . squarepants we just said it so good the . first time that we have done it we . haven't come back to it but we are back . today with the kelp shake this cool . little juice that you see in the show . and the cute little container now turns . out kelp is good for you it's a little. healthy additive we're gonna put it into . a shake we're also gonna do a little. arts and crafts yeah because this bubble . is just too cool and also it doesn't . exist in the real world no until today . right here fiction bringing fiction to . reality that's what we do here on the . show without further ado that's us a . peek in . let's get shakin we're going to be . crafting our very own kelpshake bottle . by repurposing these small green spray. bottles we found online take it apart so . it's just the bottle and use a drill to . poke a straw sized hole in the bottom of . one of them fits perfectly next since . we're combining two of these bottles . we'll need to make them a slightly bit . smaller in the middle so very carefully . use a hacksaw or ask an adult for help . and take off the top bits of the bottle . sand down any rough or dangerous edges . and using a hot glue gun attach your two . bottle halves together holding it in . place until the glue dries for the cap . of the bottle we drill a small circle on . yellow paper and cut that out the . diameter should be the exact same as the . bottom of the spray bottle then to give . it a little 3d depth we made a strip and . give it some markers with a pencil then . it's just about printing out our design . cutting the kelpshake logo out and . gluing it around the middle then placing . your straw in the cup and the small lid. on top now if you're actually looking . for a kelp shake recipe we've got one . lined up and of course we had to use . some pineapple under the sea for this . recipe remove the tough skin from . spongebob's house cut it into chunks and . slice it from there. in a blender combine soy milk powdered . kelp extract one green apple a handful . of spinach a banana and of course your . pineapple and blend it until smooth and . look a deliciously green and frothy. drink that has all the colorings and . flavor of a healthy kelpshake and voila . you've got a recipe for a kelp shake and . how to make the perfect container to . drink it in or any liquid in for that . matter spongebob fans delight this is . perfect recreation of the drink from the . show and an awesome set piece for your . kitchen cheers . ashley cheers interesting i like it yeah . yeah it definitely tastes quote unquote . healthy whatever that means i like it . the kelp tastes kind of reminds me of . like an almond taste mm-hmm yeah it's . got this interesting um gin the sick . quoi . about it i was kind of scared of it cuz . it's brown i know i thought it's gonna . be green yes and you can also get . extract in a liquid form mm-hmm we just . decided to get powder or you could dive . into the ocean under the sea and find . some kelp for yourself yeah i wouldn't . recommend that because that would be . gross you know i don't know if you guys . are aware of this but help extract is . good for you mm-hmm yep it promotes it's . actually a supplement so it's good for . hair nails and skin promotes immune . support and muscle gain right you know i . don't know if i love it you're . definitely the green juice drinker . connoisseur if you guys follow ashley on . instagram you'll see if you post about . her green juice is pretty often i do . hashtag green drinks 365 have you been. drinking them every day no but that's . the hashtag that i created for the green . drink because i was drinking them every . single day for a couple years . yeah i kind of fell off well mostly just . this year it's why i became a mom it's a . lot harder to go and get them that's . true you have a lot more to be more . mobile yeah but yeah as far as green . drinks go i like it yeah i don't mind it . whatsoever it's not my favorite i don't . think i would purposely order it but if . it does truly promote muscle growth in . i'm down and how cute is this thing i . know right think we just totally nailed . this it looks exactly like it does in . the show it's cute it almost looks like . a little baby bottle honestly it's so . cute thank you so much for making this . recommendation i never knew this existed . in spongebob there's so many episodes so . i'm glad that i found out about it yeah . thanks for enlightening us everyone . mm-hm make sure you go subscribe to the . channel if you haven't already join the . notification squad. as well as follow us on instagram . twitter facebook all that stuff we're . posting all the time doing tons of . giveaways you want to be a part of those . right you don't want to miss those and . let us know what you want to see us make . next mm-hmm all right we'll see you next . time . [music]. .

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