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How long did you date before getting married?
What couple would last longer stranded on a desert island?
Did you move in together before marriage?
Are harper and Cannoli getting any fur siblings?
What is your favorite memory together?
If Steven was one of the dogs which one would he be?
What was the first thing Steven thought of you?
What is it like dating a Latina?
What is it like working with each other?
Desi if you had to save you life … ?
Best Trip Ever?
What are your biggest petpives with each other?
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Should we do this video and is mr hi . guys hey guys welcome back to my channel . i decided to do an updated q&a cuz it . has literally been like how long has it . been 30 years do we even like each other . anymore i love you he's just saying that . i just asked you guys on instagram what . your questions were and i feel like we. should just be like real raw you know . he's like scared he's like real like . that we're gonna answer your questions . truthfully casually just have a good . time i already saw some really good ones . even you should be like nervous i'm . scared probably sweating already you . should be sweating we'll start with a . lightweight question how long did you . guys date before getting married we did . it so long that i was like i was little . the foot like are you gonna ask me to . marry you i never forget it was five . years before he asked me which i guess . at the time to me felt like such a long . time but really we were just so young at . the time so it's just kind of like we . still did get married pretty young i . feel like so yeah i guess five years . wasn't that bad which couple would last . longer stranded on a desert island that. you and spin katie and john shayla and . les karen and sabah's i don't know i . think it's pretty close between shayla . and less and you and i did you hear that . john and katie i don't think john and . katie would survive very long they're. scared of spiders yeah i mean everyone's . scared of spiders though i feel like . shayla would just be like no yeah she'd . make last carrier everywhere she danced . even gonna be shady in this video i . wouldn't say that i'm gonna carry the . team between stephen and i i'm not . saying that i feel like less than . stephen would survive. everyone else's day why i say thug oh . hey girl she said did you guys move in . together before marriage let's tell them . how you started living with me so it's a . great story that every time i come over . for dinner or anything like that i just . need something casually behind he would . constantly leave an article of clothing . or like sunglasses watch yes he would . leave something so that it would . guarantee that he would be able to come . back and pick it up you never knew maybe . you'd like one day to be like no done i . feel like when we first started dating . it was so rocky because steven was such . a fuck-boy whoa you went out there and . said that that he had to secure his . return to my house and then my claim. made yeah and then he moved in by just . never leaving he's been with me ever . since the key we never even had the . conversation of chill we move in . together i was like okay this is . happening we're living together . basically jimmy mack lento said our . harper and can only ever getting any . first siblings. i honestly want another dog all the time . every day were on another instagram . account i'm like oh my god follow all . these like rescue accounts and i'm like. oh my god that puppy let's rescue i feel . like it's gonna happen but right now we . got rabbits in the front yards we got. hummingbirds we go yeah we have we got. plenty right now i know but i think . about it all the time all right so does . ekt we have to answer many questions . what is the favorite memory that you . guys have together. i think my favorite memory is when i . proposed to you we were in japan we were . with. family i just remember the pure kind of . like joy but tears of happiness and just . a moment right there i don't there's . just so much raw emotion that that's the. most memorable moment of our . relationship for me it's like there's so . many memorable moments but like . something i hold on to like so hard is . when we first got our own place together . like it was this little garage . i don't know just like making our place . together was so nice and then all the . times we spent in that little home like . well i was like yeah we called her a . little webby thought i was like so . excited to have that together and like i . remember being just like so so happy in . that little house like i think about it . all the time like it was my favorite so . it's stephen who are one of the dogs . which one would he be couldn't wait that . no you guys both have like very short . attention span . yeah oh my god did you hear you heard i . just feel like you guys are kind of like . i'm gonna go to the beat of my own drum . i'm gonna do what i want when i want to . and i don't care about your rules i . don't care about guidelines like they . both just kind of do whatever they want. all the time tell me what do you think . about that oh okay so no lee . get out of here she wants to be in the . limelight jordan tune stir i'm gonna . butcher everybody's name but i'm trying. what was the first thing stephen thought . of you the first time he saw you and and . what's the first thing he thinks when he . sees you every morning i would say the . first thing that i stopped when i saw . you was like damn that's a hot girl did . you you had a girlfriend you were still . hot beautiful nobody said i was up yeah . you were fuck boy so that mods and . what's the first thing i think about in . the morning two things . damn i'm lucky and my hair. he's very accepting of my looks in the . morning though kimura 23 asked what is . it like dating a latina we all know . they're crazy lol i would say we're . strong and soap . we'll think that's crazy if you see a . chunk linen hand . run people may think it's crazy but it's . drink okay . strength strength personally john busy . personally i'm very opinionated no i was . gonna say strong and opinionated yeah . just a strong before everything i say . always what i feel and i'm always honest . if you don't want to hear my honest . truth . then like you shouldn't ask me but the . bright side of that is that you know . that i'm always gonna be honest with you . and i'm never gonna sugarcoat it but it . comes to a place of love it's just hard . to see it so i'm not crazy what is it . like to work alongside your husband and . keep business separate from your. relationships last marriage and how do . you keep the peace i would say working . together it's it is really tough to keep . business separated from the marriage all . of the travel that we do all of the. meetings that we have everything is it . is its business in this relationship we . try and set boundaries but it's like . okay we're not gonna talk about x after . x hour but it's so hard not to because . our day to day like what do you do when . you go if you're working somewhere and . your spouse or your significant other is . working somewhere else you come home at . night when you talk about you talk about . what you do at work anyway or how your . day with but our day is all works . together in bed or anywhere things come . up i would say to keep the peace it's . like we try and set things like we go on . dates we go to movies and we just try . and do things and just disconnect but . yeah it's down for a little bit we do . definitely fight about work stuff we do . a hundred percent if sometimes it makes . me feel better when we go on trips and . we see like the husband's will talk . about like how they fight with their . like girlfriends or wives about the same . thing and it's totally normal that makes . it even feel better for me because i'm . like oh it's normal it's just you're . bound to you spend so much. i'm with somebody but like i think it's . good to just say after this time like he . said let's not talk about work brezina . lisette is asking desi if you had to . save your life by doing one of two . things what would you do lick stephens . big toe or the big stephens of armpit . girl all right the way your ass is . walking around barefoot i would never . want to lick your toe but i would . probably have to lick your armpit . okay bucking bull girl since you guys do . a ton of traveling what is by far the. best trip that you two have been on and . why we were gonna say the same thing . bora bora bora bora bora bora i was just . so fun for us it's like beautiful it was . so pretty and i felt like relaxed it was . like it's such a good time bora bora i . also loved that like we wanted to go . there for our honeymoon but like we . couldn't it was like expensive so we . didn't go there but we always wanted to . go so when we went it was like kind of . special you know. what are your biggest pet peeves for one . another you go first me i asked the . question so that means you have to go . first my biggest pet peeve is desi will . never ask you to do anything . she just insinuates what she wants done . yeah and she refuses to ask it's not . like i'm doing it on purpose it's just . the way like i think my mom and i think . like my family talks like that so mm-hmm . i just picked it up like i'll say . something like i'm so hungry . oh there's a lot of shoes piling up by . the stairs. oh yeah cuz they're his shoes and just . asked me to move the shoes he wants me . to just be like hey honey can you please . move the shoes but instead i'll just be . like oh that's a lot like what are all . these shoes doing here . okay my biggest pet peeve steven is like . a teeter totter he'll say he wants to do . something and then if he he senses that . you don't want to do him like actually . no i don't wanna do that or like he'll . just like bounce around and sometimes i . just want him to tell me like what do . you want you know so that's my pet peeve . i'm always like just tell me what you . want it's like the what do you want to . eat conversate . yeah so it's almost like we have the . same pet peeve because you don't ever . tell me exactly what you want you just . says it you know no but you know what i . want that's true you know what i want . what's the most embarrassing thing . you've ever done in front of stephen . when you two first met i'm so unfazed. well let me just answer that question by . not answe

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