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Sooo Adam went shopping for me...
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Looks like a marshmallow how i beat guys . ava and today i am back again back again . with adam i got some cool clothes for . you. you're going to wear for the next month . and i'm gonna say style by adam on every . picture today we are doing the boyfriend . go shopping for me and picks my outfits . video i am a little bit scared but i . think adams style is actually pretty . good if i do say it but a lot of times i . style you first with a lot of your best . outfit for styling i think we . collaborate on both of our outfits it's . collaborative this yes expert . are you gonna pick my outfit like that . tomorrow . come on me some new clothes so i gave . adam one website to shop all online for . two maybe tv for him we use boohoo calm . which is one of my favorite personal . stores to shop at it like 24-hour. fashion everything is affordable . everything's under $100 and i thought . that it would be the perfect place for . adam to shop for all his necessities . because i think there's really no we can . go along there if i cope with adam this . is like her this look if you don't do. good . i gotta leave in an hour anyway project . not come from also there's free shipping . on booboo calm with fifty dollars or . more in your order so if you guys would . like to get some stuff that i got in . this video check out the description box . for a discount oh and elaine hopefully . i'm does well and you think everything . is linked if you guys like videos where . i make adam attempt youtuber things that. he's not used to doing give this video a . big thumbs up and comment down below . what other videos you want to see adam . my attempts together you know cuz before . we get engaged i want to get all the . boyfriend videos going gotta leave like . 10 years so we can do all the videos and . even create our own and without further . ado let's get into the video okay adam . let's see your first outfit for starters . i went a little crazy on the top a lot . of the colors you like pastels okay um . sort of like your orange in life yeah . purple pink pastel a lot of like cute . tops hopefully you like i think you will . i did a couple bottoms but focus on the . top and that did you some dresses and a . couple of like coke now i got can choose . two okay bring me some stuff let's do it . alright just ease into it i'll get the . good ones later coming in two items am i . holding them the fabric feel nice i see . you got some texture going on smells . clean okay can i open my eyes yes oh . okay wait hold on okay it's like a . little it's like oh like a skort okay we . got a flash. this looks nice and then let's see what . is comfortable or stretchy yes it also . looks kinda nice yeah oh wait this is . cute wait a second is this a big stuff . in small size aaron i believe okay . because . this is 8006 european times weight this . shirt is so cute can you guys see this . we ought to put it on wait this is so . cute i can like tie it around like oh . that is my aesthetic . wait adam you did this isn't being the . best outfit oh we'll see . i just thought now i'll keep happy wait . this is actually really cute i can't . wait to like put this up woo i'm ready . i'm gonna close my eyes again i'm just a . shirt does it hurt yes feels crop i like . the crop miss roffe old i feel rough i. don't know at the top though okay i . don't know he just looks weird on the . hangers take it all . but don't know what's going on here i . think that's what to like hang off your . shoulders. oh maybe no maybe upside dance there we . go okay that's you now that's it's cute . now that you flipped it it's real cute. when you flip it but you had some what's . up looks i think i did the helen i had . to come out so you were like slightly . under and preston and abilities is set . to stage for me to highly impress you . okay wait okay that's cute adam you did . that are you gonna try some little well . i'm gonna try and run after it so far so . good. we knew i didn't think that adam would . do so well and this is inspiring me to . make adam my personal stylist now what . do we got now oh yes strap a little mini . dress okay ready . color you think it is yellow gold like . sexy slinky okay . oh just make you like a gucci belt is . all like i didn't know the. it was like this i like it yes the . sector school okay this is nice adam i . don't want to give you a perfect score . because what you were supposed to be bad . at this but this is like turning wow . this is your yellow gold you mentioned . [music]. okay we got a little a little baby go . with the crop know what i think this is . [music]. that's cute i know that this is going to . fit me because it looks a little bit big . but that is something i would wear . probably we can exchange that for you . we'll have you up and running next week . a couple days okay this is really cute . the color is a little bit too mustardy . for me without a lot something more . poppy then like this is kind of like a . door mustard color style is my style and . it's not my time so i don't think it's . gonna fit me but if it did to me it's a . different color i love it no gotta have . a fair assessment to adam can't boost . kids without shoes yeah we can choose . this is going to test if you really love. me out and if you really know me if . we're ready for the next step another . dog okay oh smells so good i love the . smell of like michigan oh okay okay okay . i know oh yeah truffle collection boil . the truffle butter up nasty . oh . oh it's a little curveball but you can . innovate um adam this is a major now . this is it no i uh i can't remember what . i feel you want me to wear this together . no but when i was online out enough i . get full details of the fabric in the . middle hey this christ adam simon . cropped and it just looks like a boy i . thought you would tuck it in tuck it . into the dish . like what if the clown would wear. underneath his costume no he look good . i'd like a zoo burglar . looks like i'm nice mentality if i'll . become along and tired to the cure hey . you can't one of all good . yeah the pants are cute with like maybe . a black little like thing good . i agree on the top i don't know i feel . i'm gonna go ahead and say it looks . better on the website . these pants are cute oh oh oh . adam this is nice i couldn't i can't. tell if you're expressions they're good . at it nice this is looking good for . winter. wait this is really nice out of my like . this comb excited to try this one a . while yeah what is odd i'll put it in . with us i'm real at adult cut stuff out . payment . i love enjoy you get you get you some . you need to calm down okay . okay i'm being truthful you need to know . your woman oh you feel sexy oh oh oh . this is like designer they are these are . like gucci own delays it mama . oh shit supposed to pull my head toward . you i think this color is on point . that's why i just pounced on it because . i think it's your color okay it's an . interesting cut but it could work. let's look at colts anything thing with . the thing oh this cute tonight . tell us drapey tonight flowy . yeah i like ben . this looks like you would like fit . nicely don't fit maxi on you prevent or . not oh okay yeah these are these are . shoes that i like to wear typically you . know my uh i know you know i know you . know be heard about acid test i'm not . done yet at and assessing okay i need to . get back to you in three to five . business days these are nice and cute i . like these a lot . these are look really comfy the color. and would you send one anything i win i . win when you calm down but if you're . gonna do this video for me we need a . scoring sheet to see who's the better. style for the other one so you got give . me a score i wanna head over all one to . ten what what's my overall score yeah . okay i'm gonna give you an eighty eighty . three percent all right maybe an eighty . three percent because there were a lot. of things that i could clearly tell you . knew my style on like issues i would . totally wear them and you knew back to . like a little black dresses you about . that i love ruffles i've actually been . looking for a shirt like that first one . so thanks you guys i like i know i did . good since i'm an a student so we're . gonna have to come back bring it in what . are you gonna do me next week yeah thank . you i'm sorry love you i know all the . good and bad about you and i love it all . you like my part . so that would be boyfriend picks my . outfits video and i hope you guys . enjoyed it be sure to give this video a . big thumbs up if you think adam did . absolutely amazing and comment down . below if you want to see adam do a . second version . oh yes that's pretty good i think adam . could do a good job so i trust you out . him on my bring you back . thank you guys not hydra comment here . below if you guys want a luxury . boyfriend shots my office video be sure . to go to boo boo calm as you guys want . to shop anything that adams bought for . me in this video and i also have a . discount code for you for 50% off which . is a bronze 50 so that's a big discount . code condemns argue like really sore and . if you buy anything that's the same . piece and you post a picture hashtags . now buy out so i can like your picture . basically follow me on my instagram and . twitter links will be down below all . field will check out my blog channel. because i'm vlogging weekly and if you. like adams style . then maybe you should shop my style . because i have my own clothing line at . it's all wild calm so go and check it . out and like some of the pieces on there . too because don't open it and then this . is this video i love you guys so so much . and i will see you guys this week adios . amigo. [music]. .
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