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It's another West Coast and East Coast rivalry -- one that includes buns and patties-- it's In-N-Out Burger versus Five Guys. See how the Double-Double compares to the double patty and which burger joint reigns supreme. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!
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Greetings my lovelies hi and welcome to beautiful southern california today i'll be doing a special edition of verses i'm going to do in and out versus five guys so i have to admit before i do any of this testing and that i am a california girl and i am let's say predisposition to towards announce that i'm going to do my best to be unbiased because i know that this is a very contentious rivalry between these two burger joint some of you may know i live in providence rhode island's and i see five guys everywhere and in out is mostly a west coast kind of thing so whenever i come visit my family i always going out because it just warms the cockles of my heart so web damage ordered two sets of burgers i've ordered from five guys the double patty and i've ordered the double double from in and out so i could do as close to the comparison as possible so i gotta drink and fries with both meals as well five guys i chose to get bk gin fries which has a seasoning powder on top please let me know if you like these kinds of videos let me know in the comments below if there any other verses challenges you'd like to see all right let's go ahead and get started a little history about these two companies five guys we started in nineteen eighty-six by a family of not surprisingly five guys and internet was started in california and i believe in nineteen sixties 1968 i think so they've been around for a long time we do see some similarities and graphic design in terms of choosing white and red interesting so i'm gonna start with 5 first first i have a beverage i had to get gingerale unfortunately because they were out of coke and fries at five guys are much fatter and i got the seasoning on them so they have this nice little orange color to them it's gonna taste like mom sadly there are little cold but still pretty tasty that cajun seasoning tastes a bit like old bay seasoning lots of celery in there garlic salt pretty salty but there are very few students in terms of texture they're nice and soft and tender on the inside and there's a little bit of potato skin on there which i appreciate and i notice that the signs at five guys said that these were freshly cut great they also have three peanuts for you there five guys was originated in virginia so i can see how the southern staple would make an appearance free roasted peanuts for you is always great my book ah just like a nicely salted peanuts so here is the burger it is beautiful the sesame seed bun and i got the two patties nice fresh iceberg lettuce i am requested mayo ketchup and mustard two slices of tomato and i got american cheese in there as well right sandwich between the two patties so looks great right give that a go doc malls the club mmm that's delicious really tender but that's slightly sweet little bit of sesame on there the meat is nice and juicy and tender you've got the chopped lettuce so you don't get like sheets of lettuce coming out which is great the tomato is nice and fresh delicious huge burger though just huge i don't think i would ever come close to finishing this excellent right let's wash it down with a little bit of drill so for thirteen dollars i got a double burger some peanuts of order of fries and a large strength alright let's move onto in and out so i got a fountain drink i got my coke it came in as standard fountain drink dispenser and i love code next let's take a look at these fries these fries are hand-cut as well much thinner than the five guys and these do not have any seasoning on them sadly those fries are very cold but but they have a great potato flavor and i have to say if you've never had in-n-out fries before it might be a bit of an acquired taste because they do taste different and they have a very different texture there a little starch here and not as kind of fluffy and potato inside i love them but i grew up eating them but some of you might have qualms about them and they're not quite crisp although you can order them extra crispy if you like yelp and here is my double-double sandwich double-wrapped and the bun is playing there are no sesame seeds and inside this are two patties of beef each topped with cheese i got regular onions there's some lettuce in there a large slice of tomato and not special secret sauce just basically a thousand island dress now it tastes like home it is so scrumptious delicious the burger is well-cooked there's a little bit of christmas to at patty's don't look like they're hand shaped and their little bit thinner than the five guys one so they're not as kind of juicy there's a helicopter flying by please part of matt found the burger is also slightly toasted too so it's soft but has a little bit of a christmas and a chew to it think there's definitely more lettuce on this burger then the five guys burger and it's not shredded so there's more of a legacy crunch to it there's definitely more onion on this burger because it's just a slice of onion rather than being a chocolate oh yes these are little banana peppers that and it offers as well so near the condiment section you can get yourself some hot chili peppers delicious you can also have some secret sauce that is great too with you can order more of this to have with your fries and this is what they put on their burger this meal was 695 and included a double burger fry and drink so about half the price of the five guys program who's the winner of this versus challenge i have to say that both of these are excellent burgers but in and out was definitely the winner for me maybe that has something to do with my own nostalgia i just feel like it's not such a messy burger and not so dense feels fresher to me in terms of fries i would have to say it's kind of a toss-up it depends on the style of fries that you like i like the internet burgers because i like that potato flavor but for those of you that like seasoned fries five guys might be the way to go and in terms of soda machines they both serve coke i have to say the five guys machine didn't cooperate with me because any other details also in and out is not a franchise i really appreciate that they have not franchise their business because they want to maintain the quality of their food gotta give some props that all right thank you guys so much for watching i hope you guys enjoyed that one i hope you guys learned something share this video with your friends subscribe like do all that good stuff and i shall see you in the next video interleave ok [music] ok
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