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Which cult-favorite burger joint reigns supreme: Shake Shack or In-N-Out? It's an East Coast–West Coast rivalry that's raged in the fast-food world for yearsβ€”and Sean Evans is here to get to the bottom of it. Joined by his buddy comedian Tom Segura, Sean pits French fry against French fry, cheeseburger against cheeseburger, and secret-menu item against secret-menu item to find out which chain deserves the crown. Will Tom become a Shake Shack convert, or remain an In-N-Out die-hard? Find out on an all new episode of SITW.
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[music]. hey what's going on everybody for first . we feast i'm sean evans coming at you . from complex headquarters in beautiful . los angeles where we pulled out all the . stops for our buddy . comedian tom segura what do you think of . the kitchen setup here wow you guys went . out of your way someone just came in and . got their yogurt out of the fridge hope . they come back really really impressive . man thank you you know tom from his . podcast your mom's house as well as his . netflix stand-up special is completely. normal and mostly stories and good news . for comedy fans there's another one on . its way january 12th tom and i are . meeting up here in los angeles arguably . the fast food capital of the country to . settle the age-old debate which. restaurant reigns supreme shake shack . versus in it out you know it's in and . out bro throwing up the west coast and . tom before we dive into the patties i . have to say you're looking lean you're . looking mean how has your weight loss . competition with our buddy bert . kreischer worked out for you it's been . great man it's been a life-changing . event where we encouraged our own fans . to fat shame the other person and i . would say fat shaming is very effective . sometimes you do it alone you know you . look in the mirror you're like i'm a fat . piece of shit you know but when other . people are constantly telling you that . and you're welcoming it it's a it's a . reminder you go like i'm not gonna eat . like an asshole today you know i know . that you've lived all over the country . you've been in los angeles now for a few . years have you been converted to the . cult of in and out hundred percent man . there's something about in and out that . should be celebrated no matter where . you're from i mean you go you order . fries they're fuckin slice and potatoes . you want a burger they stab a cow in the . parking lot they pay over minimum wage . you have happier you know better . honestly better-looking employees i . think that they do that you going to . arby's it's like some guy with the. missing eyes bleeding out of his face . dude's face was like a torn softball . where do you stand on shake shack i've . had it's good but i i mean i'm i'm . bringing my bias to the tape . because it's honest it comes from a good . place i believe it is a superior product . in now but i am willing i haven't i . haven't dove as deep as we're going . today we're going very deep today i vow . to remain objective and to start things . out you can only begin in one place it's . the crinkle-cut versus the hand cut . let's bring out the fries alright so . here we are with two of the most iconic . fry orders in fast food you have . in-and-out animal style you have their . spread you have cheese you have onions . and then you have shake shack's cheese . fries it's a mix of american and cheddar . cheese on top of this when you go to . in-and-out do you order at animal style . er no i like i said i haven't been . frequenting the fries that much lately . i've been doing protein style trying to . avoid the carbs go but if i'm like going . deep if i'm like it goes do it right . you've got to go animal style . absolutely it's the authentic in-and-out. experience and it is it is the authentic . experience i'm up for trying the shake . shack was i've never happy let's dive in . alright let's do it advance do it not . bad not bad at all they're very ballgame . they're very carnival to me crinkle cut . fries at shake shack to me they're very. nostalgic what is that that goat cheese . sauce it's a mixture of american and . cheddar and it is heavy it's heavy lost. and i would love to be drunk eating this . but not to be outdone when it comes to . drunk eats the animal style whole french . fries at in-and-out tell me you come . home from the bar yeah it's 3 a. m. yeah . and this is plopped down in front of you . oh my god i would 100% eat myself sick . of it did you get four for me and just . keep eating them until everything came . back up when you have this animal style . concoction but you end up doing this . with every fork full having basically a . fast food smoothie it's the taste that . you get from their burger just with a . different ingredient involved so you're . essentially keeping that burger train . rolling you're just enjoying more of it. with potatoes here's the thing if it's a . standalone fry argument i could see you . having the preference . but if you're talking about the . concoctions that have been made here . this is mfinney . the symphony of everything together i . feel like in and out is is winning this . battle alright tom well we're not . starting off on all that contentious a . page on me same wavelength on this one . my nod on the fries in and out over the . cheese fries from shake shack . all right well los angeles is one of the . few places in the country where you can . get that shack burger and you can get . the in-and-out single so we're gonna . take full advantage here so the shack . burger is 100% all-natural angus beef . served on a martin's potato roll served . with lettuce tomato pickle and/or onion . when it comes to in-and-out you have . 100% pure american beef the shake shack . burger is very like soft you know like . one of those things that you can just . sort of let melt in your mouth the shake . shack feels like almost like hawaiian . bread right you know has that that . quality alright so same with you now to . me when you bite through i love that . smash burger style so 1950s it's such a. throwback you don't get that everywhere . it's just sort of a shake shack thing . where do you fall on it well i feel like . this tastes like how it feels like . you're eating almost like you're. cheating like you're not really eating a . full burger so like if i ate one of . these i'd be like do you have six more . and then here we are at in and out a . little bit fuller in the fact that you . have lettuce you have tomato you have . all this stuff coming out at you it's . fresh quality ingredients you know what . it really comes down to what does it . come down to it comes down to the spread . in other words that sauce if you like . the way that tastes you're you're in so . you're really i feel like your only case . against this if you're like i don't like . the way that sauce tastes then this is . not for you that's really it is the . shake shack hittin you a little bit . better than you thought it would you . have any expectations and they jump over . that bar yeah well our expectations were . is there was gonna be dog food so that's . that was kind of the way i was going . into it i was going in super pro west . coast defending the honor of my city and . the bird . that we all use as fuel to get through . life here being actually no it . definitely exceeds my expectations i . actually think it's a damn tasty burger . think patty think bun think toppings . give us a nod and let me know why okay i . mean i'll say this i am in all honesty a . big fan of this shake shack but i like. that texture i like the way it squeezes . s like i could eat no 15 in a setting . and and not really not really think . twice until i'm on my way to the . hospital. so i would i really enjoy that with this . in and out though i mean it's also like . it's it's it's familiar to me it's . consistent like this burger never lets . me down it's always that way the bread . is always good the beef is fresh the . produce is fresh and i i mean i live. here bro we try to do man but get me . hurt the reason why shake shack reign . supreme is because of this smash burger . i crave it i love it so to me i'm given . the nod to shake shack what about you . are you a single patty guy are you a . double patty guy where do you fall there. man . i love my nuts gonna go all day go big . or go home come on i'm fuckin around . with a single my sons to you leaders . single and here we are approaching the . finish line the last stop is the secret . menu and we have two very interesting . items on our plate for in and out you . have the flying dutchman which is just . beef patties like their burger buns with . a couple of slices of cheese in between . and then here at shake shack we have a . very interesting item it is their peanut . butter bacon burger which is another off . menu item but first things first do you . ever go to where no man's gone before . when you go to in and out do you ever. pull back the curtain on that secret . menu dude i love it i mean the secret . menu makes you feel like you're in the . club right so it's a very cool thing . we're like this jackass doesn't know. what to get let me order it's like when . you know it's like you know the chef at . a restaurant you're like is kevin can . you come out and you talk to them you . like fix us up a little nice right right . that does it for you yeah it's a toli of . flex and then i guess we should just . dive in we'll start with the flying . dutchman . let's do it in the kitchen where you . know the ingredients are just kind of . what might be there you don't really . know you don't go grocery shopping all . that often you're a little high you need . to make something on the fly and you're . like what do i got we got i want to make . a burger you might throw together some . monstrosity like this but it tastes. amazing today is amazing i'm doing . flying dutchman for sure it's on the new . the new drive home . i'm flying dutchman all the way is that . say though no dignity in this there's no . dignity but there is a satisfaction in . just it you know what it is for a purist . man it's just the meat and the cheese . sometimes you don't want to deal with . anything else cut out the middleman cut . them out all right and then this one i'm . curious i'm interested in this peanut . butter on a bacon burger are you a . little nervous are you excited are you . intrigued what's going through your head . i am wildly hesitant that's what i would . say i am i i think that this is this . could go either way right now i feel . like it's like someone say hey do you . want a salmon milkshake and you're like . all right sure . that's all the dice it's better than i . thought it would be but i'm never gonna . have to ask it ever again as long as i . live. all right well i have a feeling where . you're going on the secret menu tom . where are you going i'm all in in and . out this flying dutchman is on my new . life menu you've done it again i have . nothing but love for in and out west . coast for life putting this together in . my head tom i have to give it to in and . out humbled coming from new york to say. that but at least i can come back to la . and yeah you know get stabbed by tom . segura i would kill you if you voted the . other way right now and that'd be the . last video you ever made in and out it . has the crown until next time internet . sean evans this is first we feast and . then this is tom segura thanks for. having me you're welcome. [music]. .
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