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The KKW Beauty Contour Kits launched today and instantly sold out! Are they chocolate girl friendly?? Find out on this review and swatch demo of the Kim Kardashian West
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Hi guys i'm jackie i know thank you so . much for joining me on today's video . today the internet went back you know . what crazy over this whole k'kaw launch . kim kardashian recently launched her own . line and between her stuff and the . jacqueline hill palette this is like the . most requested item i've been asked . about everyone's been wondering what's . the team what's good is it going to be . chocolate girl friendly so a kimmy a . basically launched for set of contour . kit it comes with the contour it comes . to highlight it comes with a like actual. glow stick highlight and then it comes . with a dual ended brush i had the . wonderful privilege of going to mrs. kardashian west's home herself in . bel-air last night a p launch so i got . the first exclusive scoop on the product . and the lie . [music]. [music]. first of all i just have to say i love . the creative direction of what's the. whole look and feel of everything . unfortunately the products i just found. out are already sold out mostly given is . that sorry either way a lot of you guys . have wanted to know is this going to . work on my skin tone and the swatches . that i saw i do have to admit i was . quite skeptical because i i kind of feel . like for the most part most brands . especially when they first start out . they kind of have like their generic . dark like usually i'm the darkest that. they go and one i'm obviously wildly. against that so when i saw the swatches. online and on instagram and twitter i . was kind of like a little underwhelmed . so personally i'm a bit curious to see. just how they look and if they will be . dark enough for me and hopefully a . little bit darker than that so the . contour cream kits are going for $48 . wage i do feel is a little bit on the . pricey side you do get three products . but they're not like three full-sized . products they're more of kind of like a . travel size however i'm also not . complaining about the size i just think . relative to the price it may be a little . bit expensive roll this bad boy up and . see how much you get oh yeah oh yeah . girl yeah girl you tried a girl that's . all you get when you know i'm . disappointed girl this is not the kid . i'll be using today this is a guinea pig . kit let me get into the kids that i have . the soldiers the ones that everyone had . the most questions about dark and deep . dark are they beep dark as they say they . are the world may never know and i love . how they just sealed off like i don't . know i just amazing like groceries or . produce or something and just in case . anyone is a package freeze like i am . come from this sealed cute little sealed . bag the products themselves are also. airfield sanitary alright i can . appreciate that so we have a dual ended . brush it's a sponge applicator on one . side and a brush head on the other not . sure if i'm a fan of this yet but i'ma . give it a fair shot before i even talk . about it . then we have the deep dark contour so oh . it's actually quite doctor . here's the other side they both supposed . to be the same color i've heard of a . little confused about i'm not sure are . they supposed to be be that same color . they are quite dark i definitely will . say they are pretty dark like not . standard dark like she got really deep . dark so there's one side and then . there's the other isn't i can't tell . what it i broke it off oh my god oh my . god one side is slightly lighter than . the other but i actually think that's . pretty dark. that's like impressively dark i'm used . to seeing most contour kits having my . all-over shade as the darkest so this is . actually something that is i can . actually concert with because it's dark. enough now let's see what the highlight . you look at i did i tell you these kids . retail for $48 if i didn't tell you . these retail $40 they do retail for $40 . and sure we'll probably will receive . future restock of the products so here's . the highlight that highlight looks . really pretty so far some nice gold okay . i'm a little confused about this because . this is just a peach this is a peach . stick a little confused about that the . highlight stick is beautiful though. that's really really pretty i think i'm . going to be using deep dark for the demo . and i'm also a little confused because . the model on kim's website is about my . complexion on it the deep dark web page . and it looks like she highlighted with . the piece so i'm going to try it out and . see how i like it but it's generally not . a color that i would gravitate toward so . this is now the dark kit which is the . one that's just lighter than the deep . dark so here is dark and here's deep . dark there's a definite noticeable. difference and the depth in both of . these i'm seeing dark it's kind of. looking more like it matches my face . whereas the dark is obviously a lot of . quite a bit deeper you know what also i . think is really unique as these feel . more like a bomb more than they do a . foundation like they feel like a tinted . bomb and maybe kim kind of like. that really really soft skin like finish . and what i do like is the fact that both . ends are different colors this is closer . to my skin tone this is a little bit . darker. i obviously i'm quite impressed with the . shade range and i think she did a pretty . good job for like her her first initial . launch like i think she did a pretty . good job at the depth of deeper dark . shade could she go darker . definitely she could probably she could . definitely go darker now okay back to . the dark hit i do really really like the . highlight stick that is really pretty i . could definitely see myself using that . however i'm a little confused with the . color choices of the like is this . supposed to be used in addition to a . concealer or are you supposed to be able . to just conceal with this i'm not really . understanding is it kind of like that . too should class and why cell type of . thing can give me some guidance kim you . walk me through this process i want to . wear this highlight shade today because . it matches my hair i'm just going to get . easier and just stick to one kit even . though i really really like the. highlight in the dark kit alright so now . that i'm looking on the website i don't . see the model using this under the eye. only so you're using it in the center of . the face and on the chin so maybe i . should just go ahead and conceal and . then use this in addition to that it's . my first time trying to be lancome tommy . doll camouflage concealer i'm gonna go . right in we just go ahead and fix my wig . because we don't need my edges snitching . on me i'm gonna go straight into the . darker side of the stick because that's . what i feel you know what how are you . supposed to know all there's numbers on . here okay so there's a one side and then . it says two so i'm guessing two is . darker that's what i'm inclined to . believe today by the way it's very . creamy as i told you this earlier it has . kind of like this bomb feel it's very . hard it's very hard most of the time . finding contour sticks that are dark . enough for me that like on my skin tone . and then you know what on the center of . my face i'm going to use the other shade . just so that i get as much use out of it . as i possibly can so i'm going to put . some here it's definitely like an ashy . can you see that so definitely a . noticeable difference between this and . then contours are meant to be actually . by the way so just because . my skin is dark don't be off put by the. word ashley its contour supposed to be . ashy as opposed to like bronzing which . is adding warmth you're adding shadow . when you contour and then i'm going to . add a little bit more on this side where . i added the darker i'm just using like a . combination of both colors trying to get . we gotta get our money's worth y'all now . are you ready for this highlight stick . i'm beyond skeptical the lord is on my . side i'm havin fate i'm gonna put a . little bit of that there and then i'm . going to go down my nose actually doing . with that bad on my nose actually not . that bad. maybe it's mixing in with my foundation . and well still i want to highlight one . over i know this is not cute and i go to . this business meeting looking like . powder i'm gonna be bad okay big kiss oh . i forgot i'm gonna use the brush i don't . want to use the brush but for the sake . of the demo i'm going to take one for . the team. first of all the tools really small it's . short and i have carpal tunnel so little . things like that matter to me okay so . already having a little bit okay so . that's coming out i don't know maybe . they felt like they needed to add a tool . so that you kind of like get more use . out of it or you get your money's worth . i personally don't feel like they're . necessary but i'll keep going with it . anyway oh that's actually not blending . out the contour too too bad . okay kim kardashian-west girl it's not . it's not terrible so far like i said i . do think the brush side is blending . everything out pretty well and maybe i . could be reaching but maybe because . you're using the same tool for the . contour and highlight maybe the idea was . to use them together so that they mix in . together. maybe blended in with the contour it. will kind of like match i don't know . what you guys think oh god it smells . really good by the way has a . weird like play-doh and smell and i'm . going to use the sponge side to blend . the highlight okay never mind. going back to the brush going back to . the brush okay this situation is not. this is not blending the way that i. would want it to blend like at all i . know you see this i know you see it um . looking a little muddy and patchy in . this area don't know how to fix it well . let's go on with a beauty blender the . beauty blender fixes everything much . much much much much better. that was better
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