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Everyone i managed to have a bit of a lion this morning i wake up a quarter-past nine which hasn't happened in so long but it's a sunday and i actually have loads of work to do so i probably should've waking up a bit earlier and i'm up now yes editing my block from yesterday and i'm having a bit of breakfast that i made i've got some porridge i've got some chocolate matcher i don't know wife to spoon and actually but this is basically matcha tea which is like green tea but this one has a bit of cacao powder in there as well as by the bluebird tea company and i've got some water with some lemon in there and watching sunday brunch so it's pretty good morning [music] i slightly connection to them and seeing uploading my videos that will schedule the two sundays have made forgot i popped himself just to do a bit of shopping but it's so busy and i'm eating and someone formality of us in the watches i think they pasteurize to watch something to me slow i'm eating them for me for sex to get a special little gonna look at this same draw a lovely love kathy for restaurant and now i'm not be happy about this keep away the next great i'm just looking at the point is i'm going to take one and then you can get it personalized yeah they're gonna put my name on the strap with alex i really like this one here i absolutely love this one there anything is i feel like it might be a bit too big my wrist it does look really big so we're just gonna see if this comes in a smaller one shall proceed to slur and lovely flowers so this is basically what we're going to do put my name here on one of the watches was it done help so this is the watch that i've gone through it slightly smaller than the other one that many as i'm in selfridges i thought i might as well pack on and start christmas shopping because i've got so much to do and not like that much time and now and just work around it slowly to the christmas selfridges know how to do christmas i'm in the apology but now we just have everything i want everything myself [music] [music] oh my god i need my clock [music] really don't think anywhere its london at christmastime stunning [music] and back from shopping it was an absolute nightmare so busy i naively thought that oxford street wouldn't be too busy now because it's you know we still got like three weeks left until christmas night yes oh my god three weeks and i just thought it would be behind that night it was absolute mayhem crazy crazy crazy so i did actually managed to get some shopping done i am going to fit my mom my grandma and my cousin that's good it wasn't a minus like the most unsuccessful trip and going back now nice and cozy warm inside and i'm going to be making some granola this is the grenadier for my book i've got two different types actually and then on page 46 i've got the calc and not one and then also the mixed free to not one and that one is like the classic granola it's my favorite yeah that makes reading up one is my favorite one o the other one is good too but i just like the classic one the best so i'm going to make that now also think of good enough right there i have to buy everything involved when i started creating recipes ugly we just got like bags and bags of just stuff like that so i need to make use of this and like her father christmas of oats oh christmas appointments oil gone me to get it it's ridiculous and that's making syrup shopping so in here we've got the oaks with the almonds pecans and pumpkin seeds and then also some coconut oil and maple syrup that's going to go in the oven for about 30 minutes and then i'll add the dried fruit and i think i'm going to use date fakes and what else if i got some raisins and then also some coconut flakes as well so after 15 minutes of the granola being in the oven i'm going to start in the coconut flakes continue to cook for a further 15 minutes and then at the end i started the dried fruit just because otherwise if you bake the dry tree go really hard and bit too chewy and so i just started in at the end [music] granolas all done i always keep it in these airtight containers just to make sure it last i am loving how cozy my flat fields at the moment i just love this time of year got the fire on got my fairy lights on and i've made myself a cup of tea so i'm just going to sit here i'm going to do a bit of christmas shopping i think just kind of chill out have nice quiet sunday night i always lose track in the evenings i've just been on my laptop christmas shopping at finding stuff browsing online just everywhere trying to find friends and family and present five made a good start i feel like i've ordered some good stuff it's now nearly midnight we do this every night especially on sunday i always tell myself be in bed by turn look at what happens tomorrow i just have a couple of meetings and i'm possibly going to british fashion awards tonight but i'm not entirely sure yet we will see nothing too exciting to be honest i feel like today is that mean that exciting either i'm sorry the summer is going to be fun this week is going to be insane by the way i'm going to devon on wednesday and thursday from massive you to party so that is going to be really exciting and then friday i'm going to bar the weekend so i feel like i've got loads and loads lined up so it is going to be fun i promise please keep watching and you have really think you've been enjoying life looks like far and i'll see tomorrow [music]
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