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AHhhh so crazy that I was lucky enough to go to Milan for the final Tommy x GiGi Show! It was an absolute dream & I'm happy to share my little adventure with you all! Much love to Tommy and the team for bringing us over and looking after us hehe!
Much love,
C x

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And i just get a glass of red wine . please. gibbs. okay papi we're coming down now going . for them . [music]. [music]. good money guys okay so i am in milan . katya milan actually whatever i posted . hey girls coming here you guys made so . many jokes about that that's very funny . so it is all like actually no we had . like pretty much a full day yesterday we . walked run for so long and drank two . bottles of red wine and i've eaten . enough peter impostor already so and now . we're just gonna go and find some . breakfast and i don't even know like . what are italians here for breakfast as . i'm genuinely confused and curious to. know like do we just eat croissants like . everywhere's just paste or 80% coffee i . didn't even eat this shit at home like . at home i never eat italian food . i don't eat pastries i'm plant-based and . then yeah we're gonna go we're gonna. come back here and pack up our stuff and . then we're gonna check in to the hotel i . think we're saying it the western and . well i didn't say while we're here we're . here with tommy hilfiger we're here to . see this show hey italy what's up hey . josh assume what's up . party of mila we are walking to find . breakfast yeah i'm hoping that that . doesn't happen today no at least you . don't have a fucking i say it's my luck . would you look at all that good stuff . well that's just coded in chase . [music]. the enzyme . in croissant that's what i got and they . got a copy it's my mom we're gonna go . back to the enemy pack our bags up go to . the hotel i feel like leave our bags and . then go to such as eating a pizza for . breakfast i really would never eat like . a pastry. [music]. the thing at the westin hello sir i . checked into my room it's so cute look . at this it just looks so cozy and . comfortable and such a beautiful . bathroom the josh and i are just about . to head out to go do some shopping go . back to prada and there's a bag of had . my eye on for a while now that i'm . really tempted to get and like i never . normally buy designer like i have one . designer bag and it's lost in me so much . longer than any of my other stuff so i'm . just kind of like you know what it's an . investment i never spend my money like . ridiculously on anything like object . wise materialistically but an invest in. like some very nice pieces so i'm really . tempted but it's a lot of money to put . on a bag so i have to love it i'm gonna . head back and just thought that how much . it is compare my options and yeah but . this is the look for today i'm wearing a . turtleneck this is good so weird made. aware of frickin skirt my white little . gucci bag i'm gonna have like my big . fluffy jacket and this husband's then . pull silver jewelry and then my shoes . i'm just wearing my platform connie's . right the lift and that would be fancy . hello we're gonna go do some shopping . i'm probably gonna spend all my money so . basically that is what do you mean . you're really sharing okay anyway okay . look like a lad for this look so this . isn't a lot they wants to buy this . ridiculously expensive bag i send it to . my mom and she was like i was like darn . encouraged me no don't do it but do it . but don't don't do it . i think it's that way no it's not really . advancing on your face . wait can you say it got really bad . breath hmm i'm gonna do a walking shot . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. like chili . and when you get here it's for a thank . you go. fishy they're already left to the end . sweet yeah what's up we are going to the . fitting for event tomorrow night and the . runway shows yeah so we're gonna go get . our clothes flight the next three days . basically. these didn't make it in here we go . oh elevator again this is coming like a . tradition quick little snack before i . start getting ready for tonight's event . but my favorite some berries and an . almond latte so i kind of forgot to film . when i was getting ready but is the look . i'm wearing a bright red pants these big . hail boots mm-hmm . tommy hilfiger bag tommy jacket but it . sports bra and i've judged everything up . with my disco necklace and some start . earrings to the outfit bit better yeah . chuck it's like massive but we're gonna . make it work are you wearing fashion . stuff speed racer we look pretty cool . bro hey we gotta go downstairs now . because our drivers here but i'm gonna . try and film on my phone stuff from . tonight because my bag is not big enough . to bring my camera so i'll see what i . can get but yeah speech you guys laid . out the mini . [music]. [applause]. [music]. we're out here shooting hilfiger don't . shoot a photo your heart going out tommy . you shoot right out of my weave just . shot the first two outfits and now we're. walking to the next location next . location to shoot a fucking t-shirt it's . actually freezing right my nose is red . look yeah we both have the sniffles. that's fun a cool shooting tommy . hilfiger and italy who would've thought . yeah it is really good . hey mom and then yeah after this we're . gonna go shopping and i'm gonna go into . prada and once and for all see if i'm . gonna get this bag or not i've just been . fucking talking about it my whole log . piece bye . [applause]. [music]. is we . did you see if i killed a man they are . [music]. yeah yes . she was your husband i'm currently in . prada and i've had my eyes on this bag . that i wanted for like only two days now . but i really i don't know else i don't . like it it left around the place you had . to do it how to get it no what no what . am i i'm just gonna transfer some money . into my bank and like i don't normally . buy this but it's gonna lost me ever and . ever and ever . it's a great idea . look it's a nice bag is it work . get the angle yet is that it you get it . you get the angle dark can we go eat . we're getting mine . nice did you get a new tattoo . that shit oh i've never seen anything . like that before. that's really that's a really trendy . in the hotel all day but yeah we are . so yeah i'm really heartbroken because . the japanese place was actually closed . and i've been craving that for probably . since i landed in italy that's okay . because really bringing chinese place . right now chinese food in italy is . pretty often about that but like . honestly if i'm trying to shove another . piece of paper in my mouth i will . combust so it's kind of interesting i'll . show you guys different find it funny . usual what do you think about that i . feel like it would look better if it was . um a pizza or a pasta get over it . can you try it thanks man can you taste . oh sir . just look at it spaghetti chicken god . getting nervous bologna that's been . getting it's not bad no bob this is . where we are by the way it's like hey i . booked it up for us no i don't hate . come away with you chinese okay i'm here . in milan with tommy hilfiger for the . final tommy xgg show and very excited to . be here it's my first time in milan and . i love it and yeah i'm really excited . for the showtime . yeah so today we've got a film crew with. us and we are getting ready right now . that's all antibiotics and espresso shot . um three three parties yep . big orange puffy jacket that's what am i . done. i'm pretty much finished yeah . so my outfit for tonight is very crazy . and colorful i love it . i'm wearing these orange pants a little . sports bra black with gold detail in it . and my favorite piece this big puffy . orange jacket that's gonna look very . cool . okay can't be in italy without having . some yogi italian food and red wine here . you go you're gonna have to like you. bunch it all up right yeah how's it make . it on that get my bag together and then . we're gonna go i'm excited . so today . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. .
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