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Little Timbit is getting a total cage makeover! We're switching him to a glass tank full of lots of hamster friendly accessories and a whole new house built entirely by us out of popsicle sticks! Watch for the transformation, stay for the cute hamster butt!
Here are the items we used:
Wooden hamster wheel:
Glass bottle:
Check out hamster housing guidelines here:
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[music]. like what size are you dirty clean we . love a dirty clean goggle up and then on . a spot for me had a house yeah yeah i . did it oh boy what's up guys we're . really excited for today's video because . we're doing a very special room makeover . a family friend of the office and the . dining room ain't over for a long time . so we've been getting supplies ready and . today today we're gonna do it okay tim . beck come on in oh daniela and this is . her timid this is us i'm internally . crying right now. oh he's called tim bit because we have . donuts that are like doughnut holes here . why he looks like a tim because he's . just like a ball of dough so basically . we're gonna give tim bit a room makeover . because as you guys probably know amster . cages are like questionably not cute. functional but not cute so this is his . cage before like not the cutest hamster . cage and he needs like a little bit . bigger space so what do we have for the . new cage. because this is actually not that safe . for them the wires they can climb up on . them get stuff and all scary things . this is safer because you can see the . hipster better it's 23 gallons there's . like spca guidelines for how much space . hamsters need so you can look that up if . you want to be like super safe and then . this wheel is like the cutest thing i've . ever seen in my life . so much better than the plastic one a . lot of like standard hamster wheels are . too small so they bend their back and . it's it just costs back problems the . last thing we got was this little glass . drinking tube and the glass drinking to . like it'll stick to the side of the tank . and apparently glass is just safer than . plastic like epa and stuff i guess okay . so that's what we have to start with and . we are going to do a scandinavian . inspired hamster cage. hamsters dream mansion this is like me . making furniture for my barbies when i . was little but now there's like a real . thing that gets to live in it and we're . gonna do it all out of like natural wood . we're gonna make sure it's safe and cute . first things should we make a plan for . it let's make a plan . [music]. all right so we have a solid plan for . the cage it's time to start building you . have sourced a bunch of material though . we have dowels popsicle sticks some thin . wood all kinds of wood cuz what is good . for little hammer and then also some . ropes and twines us up because we might . give hammy timbit timbit hammy it's a . swing that's okay you're gonna show them . how to do the first platform yes okay so . we measured out we've realized that we . want it to be seven inches tall to make . the platform we're using this . quarter-inch piece of plywood i'm just . going to cut it to size . what man oh my god and then i'm gonna . use some thick dowels that we have . that's the legs and then i think we're . gonna use some wood glue and then a nail . from the top all right i can get rid of . this tape looks great . my next step is to add a ramp i'll first . make the ramp and then figure out how to . attach it up thinking like like old rope . ease . so we're thinking four inches wide these . little dme isn't that big . [music]. they like their idea . [music]. okay so the next step we're going to . attach this using holes and rope i'm so . excited . but low-key how much do you wish this is . life-sized for you i mean it oh my god . we're good perfect . [music]. what are we doing. throw video again better idea nothing . like blowing off some sawdust now we got . some ropey twine stuff thanks michael . it's not sponsored it should be. sponsored though right. [music]. okay the last thing i'm going to handle . before i hand this over to becky to make . the house i'm going to make a swing so . we're gonna use three wide popsicle . sticks then two smaller ones to use the . supports drill four holes for a little . forthcoming that pallet swing throwback . to old school sorry girl okay while . kelsi finishes the little swing we're . gonna add one added safety feature on to . this just in case we don't want the . whole thing to tip over so we have these . little suction cups that are literally . from the dollar store and they have a . little hole through them so we're gonna . tie some rope through the hole and then . tie this whole thing to the leg and then . suction it to the wall so it's super . sturdy. okay the swing is done and it is so . freakin cute but next i'm gonna work on . building him a little house that sits on . our platform can make the walls out of . these large thick popsicle sticks and . support it with some smaller ones and . then i'm gonna do a roof as well so i . just cut the last strip of this one wall . on an angle so that the roof can be. slanted so i'm going to do this on both . sides as well i'm just having michaels . and i found it . this this pork is a food dish it's . pretty like shallow but i think you'd be . really cute and they don't need to be . like that deep and offering what else . might here for ya popsicle stick . that's look what i just found a dollar . sir like what - exactly what we're . making this whole thing out of but they . don't have giant popsicle sticks stuff . with that working on the house i . couldn't find any more popsicle sticks . so bernie's these that i found to . complete the house and the roof. everything and i'll maybe repot those . pants i bought okay we've got two side . pieces with the slanted roof a back . piece the actual roof and then two. pieces for the front and the door is . gonna be like this tall like . architectural a cool piece but it . doesn't really have a top it's just two . sides you'll see to attach at all i'm . thinking the best way we'll take this . little wooden dowel and stick in each of . the four corners that way you can really . make the corners nice and tight and we . want this to be like this top thing to . that daniella can find yeah tim bit so . like the whole house can be removed . easily cool tuscan log cabin realness . yeah five to one guys will be here at . lee . oh my god baby mother baby peep i kind . of love it only kind of i totally love . it . all right all the builds for the new . house renault are done so now it's time . to start the decor . first we need to attach our suction cups . right yes i was telling you about these . earlier they're just like an added. safety tips so i think so for maximum . suction net yeah she ain't going nowhere . mm-hmm yes set it up . [music]. so freakin here okay we're all done . this part now the time for the final . touches . [music]. [applause]. okay the whole renovation is complete so . now it's time to do the reveal should we . bring in a daniella add a tenday that's . a bit come in okay it's in bed eyes . closed. are you ready for the big reveal three i. know right. okay let's put them in welcome to your . new home buddy. [music]. it's your new wheel so big so timbuk . you'll notice in this corner we gave you . a brand new wheel that's so much bigger . than the old one you were working with . and your home has been entirely . renovated to be all wood and gorgeous . and you don't really care yes my kids . time to sleep oh my god he's so crazy . [music]. all right team teammate thank you guys . so much for watching this week's video . we will link anything below this was . like unexpectedly so much more fun if . you want us to do more mini things or . more pest steam things let us know below . what we used to do yeah thanks for . watching guys . thanks to tibbett into hell for being . featured in this video and if you liked . it make sure you like it if you love it . make sure you stop it and we hope you . enjoy your new space tuna head . [music]. .
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