Most Durable Smartphone of 2016 – Year End Summary Awards

2016 is over. And its time to evaluate all of the phones I have tested on my channel during this year. It was a tough choice trying to pick the strongest smartphone of 2016. There were so many good phones this year. The weakest was pretty easy.
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And there were a few failures of smartphones to add to the mix as well. 2016 was a very interesting year, and I have High Hopes for 2017!
Having a durable cell phone is important for the people who keep their phones longer than a year or two. Its important to get a phone that will last the test of time. ALSO its very important to always use a case and a screen protector on your device. I never recommend using your phone without protection.
You might have noticed that I didn't say much about the Galaxy S7 Active. This was intentional as I do not think the S7 Active should be winning any awards. 1) It is exclusive to AT&T, which makes it hard to obtain. AND its 'shatter resistant' screen is just glass covered in plastic. So, im sure its a good phone. But I don't think its a contender for this particular video.
Most Durable: HTC 10
Honorable Mention: OnePlus 3
Least Durable: NextBit Robin
Most Repairable: Google Pixel
Honorable Mention: LG V20
Least Repairable: HTC 10
Most Innovative: Xiaomi Mi Mix
Lease Innovative: iPhone 7
LG G5: Advertising Fail
Note 7: A series of unfortunate events.
HTC 10 Durability Video:
HTC 10 Teardown:
Nextbit Robin Durability Test:
Google Pixel Durability video:
Google PIxel Teardown:
iPhone 7 Durability test:
iPhone 7 Screen Repair:
Mi Mix Durability test:
Mi Mix Teardown:
LG G5 durability test:
LG G5 Teardown:
Note 7 Durability test:
Note 7 Teardown:
Note 7 Explosion video:
LG V20 Durability video:
LG V20 Teardown:
One Plus 3 Durability test:
One Plus 3 Teardown:
Awesome Smart Phone Tool Kit:
Green Pry tool:
Phone opening metal tool:
The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
And this Metabones adapter:
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