MS PAINT Vs. PAINT 3D – Which Microsoft Art Program WINS?!

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When it comes to digital painting . programs there are no programs in . existence that have the same reach and . impact but the one we're using today has . had in fact it can be said about we're . going to be using the world's most known . and influential painting program ever . created that doesn't mean it's any good . but just because ms paint is also widely . known as the crappers digital painting . program in existence doesn't mean . microsoft doesn't have a few tricks up . its sleeve. including coming up with the more recent. paint 3d aid apparently much more . superior digital painting program in . theory that will supersede ms paint not . sure if that's much of a throne to take . over let's find out g'day ladies and. gentleman welcome to drawing jasso i'm . josie and today we're going to be using . microsoft paint. but also comparing it to the brand-new - . i don't know if it's brand new the new . ish pavΓ©d 3d i believe paint treaty was . developed and came out with windows 10 i . think it has some 3d capabilities i have . no idea i've actually never used it . before so others would be fun to re . familiarize ourselves with the. old-school ms paint and bring up a 3d . and see if it really offers anything new . at all maybe it does maybe it's . fantastic and i'm just writing it off . because of the interesting nostalgia . that ms paint brings to mind now whether . or not ms paint or paint 3d can be . considered professional tools or not i'm . not entirely yet sure well i mean i'm . pretty sure that ms paint isn't . particularly professional but that . doesn't mean that today we won't be able . to create some professional heart and . we're going to be doing so with the help . of a brand new hughie on the tablet who . are sponsoring this video . hughie on are a fantastic digital . display and pad tablet creator with . really affordable and really high . quality tablets so today i'm going to be . opening up and using the canvas gt1 9:1 . tablet i've used a few of their other . tablets which i'll link to the reviews . of. in the description but i haven't used . this one yet if you're interested to . learn a little bit more about the tablet . itself. i'll unlocks it at the end of the video . technically i'll do it now but with the. magic of editing i'll pop it into the . end for you so you can see how it comes. and some of the features of the device . it's a really powerful package for a . really affordable price if both hd . display with fantastic colors and over . 8,000 or specifically 8,192 levels of . pressure sensitivity which is a lot . they're offering a discount coupon which . you can see on the screen i'll put in . the description as well and if you . follow the link and use that coupon in . any of the stores in the description . you'll get a further five percent off of . the digital display tablet which is . already very affordable at under five. hundred us dollars so go check it out . the link in the card and in the . description and my many things to huion . for providing this tablet for me to use . and share with you guys and for . sponsoring this video so i'm gonna unbox . and set this thing up which you can. check out at the end of this video but . for now i'm going to snap into our . activity with the magic of editing with . them fully setup townland don't you love . editing it's like magic so this is an . interface that most people i'm sure are . familiar with we have some basic brushes . that were oh this one looks like in a . calligraphy brush there's that horrible . tacky spray paint the recent versions of . mspaint have a little more of an attempt . at organic brushes but they still look. you know and the other unfortunate thing . is the there's no pressure sensitivity . so all that fantastic pressure . sensitivity this tablet comes with sort . of useless i love the fact that . microsoft paint knows that it's so crap . now that it just has a button here to . open paint the reading before i open . paint 3d i want to create an artwork in. microsoft paint and just see what we can . make as far as something that looks . slightly polished or professional and. then we'll see what we can do in paint . 3d so we're gonna start off with that . pencil that's go with a light blue and . let's draw a dog here's a dog's face big . a big happy dog smile keep it nice and . rough and a ton cuz didn't cuz dogs have . tongues oh boy . yes jeez that pencil leaves something to . be desired you've been tough to hear . there we go and it's cheeky rascal and . have a nice big glossy nose okay we have. our first illustration of the day i . present to you that the dog what else is . there to explore this is this is a red . triangle i can rotate there we go i can . embrace it's probably my favorite. feature so far even though your race is . really crappy god damn it oh texts ready . let's select an appropriate font what . comic sans oh wait there okay all is . well in the world . let's give him a speech bubble there we . go we'll come back to this later let's . go explore paint 3d and then i'm going . to try and create the same illustration . in both programs let's press this magic . button that helps me escape all right . paint 3d i have never seen or used or . touched this program in my entire life . and our windows is trying to do . everything it can to get people to use . paint 3d instead of mspaint and say hey . look we don't make crappy programs . anymore kind of like how they're trying . to do that with microsoft edge instead . of internet explorer i don't think it's . working there either. all right let's let's go new and figure . out what's going on here first question . i have is can i use pressure sensitivity . i have this gorgeous tablet with over . 8,000 levels of pressure sensitivity . right it's google time it looks like . vague don't that's so annoying if you . want to say over 8,000 levels of hue and . pressure sensitivity in action on a . tablet maybe check out my review of the . gt 221 pro where i reviewed that device . and showed the pressure sensitivity is . apparently windows paint and paint 3d . just don't want to let me do that with . you today we're zoom in where's my wait . oh okay that's that's my zoom apparently . can i change the canvas size. how do you change the freaking weight . canvas ah there we go there you press . the canvas tabs nice and intuitive is . there an easy way to delete everything . magic. select what is this voodoo magic magic . select what is going on what what is . happening what are you doing huh oh for . god's honest li had a reservation of . hope that this could be decent maybe i'm . wrong do i hit delete oh for christ's . sake this was supposed to be a fun . light-hearted video try sketching a . superhero pose got a very robust mr. incredible esque hero here i want to . change the proportions a bit how do i do . that magic select this is where i'm . scared oh this is making sense i can go . back. magic select i need to drag this in and. crop the area i want to magic select why . can't you just give me a goddamn lasso . tool let's do some line art around this . if i start drawing on the front ok the . layer that i'm drawing on it's sort of . clipping masks it it only draws in that . area so if i start during the tour sorry . in early droves in that area i selected . if i start drawing in the head and other . dress on that it's not during the . background another drill this is stupid . i just want to draw lines on my sketch . at this point if you're still watching . this video it purely because you want to . see me suffer i hope you're enjoying it . wait wait we have stickers people . they're very good it's not even breaking . draw a thing let's give up on this guy . fresh clean slate still have her what do . we got here today come on. really what is happening what is this . what is this you're stupid i hate you 3d . is the meat of paint 3d so maybe i'm . missing the point. maybe i'm just trying to draw on it like . an artist would draw in a paint program. but maybe there's another point of this . cube. [music]. what is wrong with this program oh look . it's us i am genuinely so mad at this. program what is it even what are you . come on we're gonna paint a dog we go . let's uh let's put it note that . disappears so we're just gonna have this . this dog this is makeup b-dawg there we . go okay good we have a dog because . that's all we can create in this program . now we can just take a screenshot hit . over there mspaint paste out dog and . just crop it into the screen now using . our lovely brushes we're gonna had some . details. dog nice doggie glasses some glasses and . nose shine tweeze nose shine to his . glasses and we're just adding a nice . clean outline around our w character . here why does this program all of a . sudden feel like it gods in blue car . look it's almost like scooby doo or a . similar but not the same. uncopyrighted character big black spot. on the back there you go ladies and john . this is a work of art look at the end of . the day this video was meant to be an ms . paint versus paint 3d video and i am. heartily surprised by how much ms paint . wins i don't know what i'm missing . i don't know if any of you watching this . i like paint 3d prose and if i'm just . like a total dunce but let's just say i . jump into programs for the first time. and use them fairly adequately nearly . every time pretty much every time unless . there's a problem with the intuitiveness . of the program in which case oh my god . what just happened what it's your team . doggy kidding like it's got the controls . oh my god oh my god mr. green green . square cube the green cube oh my god . redemption is nigh people right let's. select a dummy well it's um . and i select the doggie come on don't do . this to me again you were having a . moment of glory it's doing it again it's . doing it again it's drawing in the . corners it's during summer wait what's . happened if you right-click you can. select them all right at the board all . right where's my board where's my board . 3d shapes they're not there minecraft . great just fantastic . i can add minecraft creations oh but i . can't because there's not a king way to . drag them onto your thing i can add it . to a board though just kind of find . where that board is oh my god oh my god . oh my god because oh look give this . doggy a big doggie mouth that's what we . want that's fantastic this is . revolutionary let's give this doggy some . cool sunglasses he needs a color this . will do this is something good all right . aha we finally have reached the epic . conclusion of this video and that is . that not only can old-school mspaint . create average two mediocre two crappy . images but so can paint 3d with a hell . of a lot of frustration and rage so you . have it ladies and gentlemen to this . amazing piece of art created with my . huion tablet here i can upload this to . somewhere what will i call this wow what . inspired you to make this rage tags you . can find this by searching . but if you want to find this model for . yourself just use to double use six . zeros and three double use and you will . find it unless you won't find it because. if there's something microsoft can't do . it create competent software enjoying. this app visit store and raided hell. yeah i'm gonna raid this bitch really it . has four stars turn nope there we go . that's my review now let it be known . loud and clear that the use of this . tablet only made the experience in these . horrible programs much better because if . i try to do any of this with the mouse . it we've been pretty miserable these are . really nice to use and fantastic quality. and fantastic bang for your buck all . again link to the reviews of the other . tablets of theirs that i've reviewed in . the description and of course a link to . the discount code in the coupon provided . by humans and get five percent off but . before we jump to that i want to know . from you guys who wins . where does your choice lie between the . old-school mspaint and of course the new . and improved paint 3d i'm looking . forward to seeing what the vote comes . out as and which of the programs you . think wins or if you think i'm just a . total loser and i'm doing something . wrong that's an option too . once again all the links to the tablet . are in the description a huge thanks to . huey and for sponsoring this video so . we're gonna just quickly unbox this. thing just to sort of show you guys what . you get if you get yourself a gt . one-on-one oh it's like a sandwich . now this display is around 20 inches . sorry when it comes to bang for buck . that's a lot of screen area to work with . it's like a sandwich wrapper so we've . got our tablet here and your pen a gift. which i learned in my recent unboxing of . a different human product is a spare pen . okay i meant to be like really epic and . coordinated you do do you sort of like a . pen pose well so we've got the pens . inside here you have a whole bunch of . construction stuff i love that they send . you a free smudge guard to use when you . draw so you have you plugs it comes with . a screw driver so you can attach the . stand and then it's got some getting . started stuff so it's pretty straight . forward from here as far as setting up . this is the satisfying bit by the way . [music]. this is the gt1 nine one and it will . never be this clean again here we have . the stand which attaches to the monitor . with just four screws in and just like . that this is a fully setup curiam tablet . stand so you just pull this lever and . you can lean it back at any angle it's . material as you can see it's a gorgeous . looking device these things are really . professional very affordable and . fantastic quality thank you so much for . watching ladies and gentlemen we have . loads of fun here on girl with jazza fun . with art and digital techie stuff and . challenges leave some suggestions in the . comments but other challenges or . programs you'd like me to check out. otherwise that brings us to the end of . this video thank you so much for . watching and until next time i'll see . you later make sure to subscribe to my . channel to see more of my videos and . while you're at it check out my shop . where i sell ebooks brushes photo . references video courses and more . there's another video you might enjoy . from my channel over there and you can . also check out my behind-the-scenes . daily vlog channel daily jazza that's it . for now and until next time i'll see you . later. .
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