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It’s time for a fun new challenge! Today my dogs Ivy and Mila are taking over!!! For the dogs pick my makeup challenge, my little girls decide what look I’m creating today. THEY BETTER NOT LET ME DOWN, let’s see if I raised them in the most glam way possible, haha! I hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to thumbs up!
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Caption: Hello guys it's me nikki hello i'm so . excited for today's video . oh my goodness okay okay okay okay i was . watching jay kisses video on how her. pitbull sookie picked out her makeup and . i believe jay kissel was inspired by . kayla who did a video where her cat . picked her makeup and i love my little . girls i have two dogs ivm mila and they . are my everything when i travel i miss . them the most and they always stay with . my mom when i travel so today i wanted . to do the same with my girls i wanted to . let ivy and mila pick out the makeup for . today's video this can be very very . interesting number one child number one . hello say hello to everybody say hello . my name is ivy and i'm very tired i'm . pretty sure you all know ivy ivy husband. on my channel before say hello face the . camera sweetie. this is mila mila is the most sass to . your soul jeeva . she kissed me she just loves me she's . like peasant put me down . so i via mila are my two precious little . girls i was calm the girls and today . they are picking out my makeup so . without any further ado if you would. like to see what crazy makeup look will . come from this then keep on watching . sheer coverage one don't pick that one . no no no okay then we have super stick . stick by maybelline then we have nars . urban decay i think it's so funny how i . picked out like five super full coverage . foundations and i put one sheer coverage . foundation in there . just to like give it a little bit of a . mix and of course they went for the . sheer one so today i'm gonna be playing . with the new do your face and body . foundation alrighty here we go so the . first thing imma do is prime and since . i'm working with a very sheer coverage . foundation today i think prepping is so . important first of all this is a must i . wanted to do primers as an option for. the dogs but this is a must i was like . i'm not gonna risk the fact that they . might not choose this so this is going . on my face okay time for the foundation . i don't want to do this you know every . time i have to play with sheer products . it almost feels as if i have to relearn . how to do makeup all over full coverage . is so my thing like i can do with my . eyes closed . sheer i need to work for so i'm gonna be . putting this on the back of my hand . mm-hmm here we go this is what i mean . with full coverage i'm like sponge i . know exactly what to do with it sheer . coverage i'm like a brush let me just . try a brush you know one thing i learn . how is that sheer coverage oh my god how . the tables have turned into seconds . please stay like this oh it no oh wait . oh alright hold on oh wait hold on . do your do you know what share coverage . means it's not this you are kidding me . right now . you are kidding me right now my doc's . new ok this is the biggest plot twist of . the year the century like this plot . twist is bigger than twilight what if i . go over top with the sponge to kind of . just get it in there. oh wait han we're onto something here . wait like actually that's really good i . expected cheer as in shearer than ed . sheeran so i'm liking this technique of. putting it on with the brush because i . feel like the brush gives me that. denseness that coverage almost another. trick to give sheer products more . coverage is by just letting them sit for. a while if you have a concealer or a . foundation that you want to give a . little bit more just let it sit there . for a second and just let it chill there . you know have its nice little time on . your face and then start working it in . and it just gives it a little bit more . power so now it's time for concealer and . now if you're asking yourself did this . girl literally just skip the concealer . portion with her dogs so she could go . for a full coverage concealer in the end . if they did end up picking the dior one . then you're thinking absolutely right . yeah you know what they say rules are . meant to be broken . santee beauty we have weren't around . urban decay box of crayons . julius place please. born to run baby alright so here we have . to be born to run palette the palette . that my dogs chose and i first going in . with the color hell ride and i'm just . placing this in the shape that i like it . so i'm gonna go all the way into that . inner corner of the crease to get a nice . rounded effect now taking that orange . color called baha baha baha but i don't . know and blending this in with a morphe. m 507 brush bm 507 and the m 506 my . morphe are my most favorite precise . blending brushes not taking that bright . peach girl still shot as a final . transition shade and usher with a big . blending brush i'm taking that bright . coral color and bringing it all the way . into the nose line because this will . help make the nose look smaller . okay now center transform this mess into . something pretty let's cut the lid. taking the color wildheart and have hind . this on the center of the lid and on top . of the remaining part of the lid break . away okay now to not have this look look . like all my 2000 other makeup looks i've . done in the past i'm going in with a . sunset cove glitter and glow of shadow . bastilla and defining the cut crease . with this for the bottom i'm going in . with punk and hell right together and . smoking it out okay so i'm really liking . that sunset cove with this look and i . also want it here on that inner corner . okay highlighting that inner corner and . then for a touch of creativity i'm gonna . add three stars in the center of my new . cut crease we have mikonos lake mikonos . we have miami anyone know we have emma . and we have an and we have an etude . sultry pick one and four lashes of . course my girls went for mykonos okay . the eyes are done and now it's time to . play with the cheeks ivy you and i you . and i mandarin covergirl magic flower . beauty . joseph colors nobody likes makeup in . this household except for me or kylie's . them without me my dear little kids want . me to use this flower beauty blush right . here this one is in the color wild rose . i never really play with pink blushes. cuz i'm such a peach blush kind of . person so this is gonna be interesting . oh okay she said let's have a pink . movement over here oh one more . recommendation my ladies artist couture . coco bling color pop doll beauty . dior mila go ahead . [music]. the for highlighter my children chose . this one right here by doll beauty this . is like a diamond i'm ready to glow i'm . ready to pop off on this club . oh i raised my children right oh god i . raised them right girl . almost done we have a long day work . ahead of you full of sleeping and . watching me film and we have maybelline . we have oprah maybelline again color . green maybelline again fur lips ivy . amelia chose the maybelline superstay. mac ink in protect or protect her and um . that will turn this entire look into . something very fall wintry so everyone . in australia this one's for you cuz . clearly us in this climate right now are . it's a choice you know when i saw it . happening when i saw that that color got. chosen i was like oh and we are back in . winter. what's up. and i do really want to amp up the shine . with this one so let's grab some clear. gloss and make it oh ok setting spray . time and we can call it a day and this . guy's is my look using the makeup that . my dogs picked this morning it has been . a long journey but we have arrived at . our destination where i am so excited . about this look apparently my dogs have . great taste. they're just apparently very into fall . in winter because this does not scream . summer or spring at all yeah don't like . i'm actually really proud of my dogs . thank you for giving me the best doc's . come here hello thank you thank you so . much for today's help so that's it guys . that completes this my dogs pick my . makeup challenge i had so much fun i'm . loving and living life loving life . loving everything ok so please don't . forget if you enjoyed watching this . videos - give it a big thumbs up and . subscribe to my channel if you're in the . mood to do this challenge please do it's . a lot of fun and very plot twists worthy . so thank you so much for watching and . hopefully i'll see guys on the next one . .

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