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Caption: I lost another nail a struggle is real . hey guys welcome back to my channel so . today i'm gonna be showing you my . everyday makeup routine right here on my . face all my faves is what i'm gonna be . using the only thing that is new here is . the k'kaw concealers and i had to try . them and i used the whole 3-step system . so it is on my face right now . i will tell you how i feel about them in . just a little bit but if you want to see . how i got this look right here don't . forget to subscribe to my channel and . hit that notification bell so you can be . a part of the quad family i without . further ado let's get on with the video . my second time worrying press-on nails . so if one falls off cuz two already fell . off just pretend like it didn't happen. i forgot how much i love this stuff from . wet n wild this is the ultimate brow kit . it is so bomb you guys when you do your . brows with a powder it looks a little . bit more natural and it's just easier . that's what i've been doing more . recently so i'll just get this medium . shade right here and then i'll use the . darker shade for the tail end because if . you go a little bit too close it looks . crazy. alright so brows are done it now i'm. going to prime my face to make sure . everything is smooth i'm gonna go ahead . and use the itachi basalt canvas primer . so it looks like this i really like that . it's this like pancake form and usually. dip your finger in there very old-school . so i'm just gonna dot it on lightly and . just press it into the skin i feel like . my skin has been really you know it's . been pretty good it's not breaking out . too bad and then i just said that like . last week and then this week i have . breakouts all over my chin my forehead . oh know what's going on and then for . foundation i really really love this . l'oreal infallible pro matte foundation . it has a demi matte finish and it's 24 . hour . dip my beauty blender this is a new one . this makes me so happy when i have a . fresh clean new beauty blender it just . makes my heart so happy so i'm just . gonna dip a little bit onto the beauty . blender . and then work it into my skin this is by . the way this is the shade of a sun beige . but i also sometimes mix in a natural . beige which is something that i need to . do right now because sun beige is like . that's the color that i use when i am . just finished self-tanning but once it's . worn off i definitely have to put a . little bit of this other color in there . so i'm just gonna work that on my skin . look how good it covers all the redness . and zits are gone and i barely just . tapped the beauty blender on there this . is my foundation beard for my eyes i'm . gonna use the dominique lotte palette i . use it every single day just like colors . that you can use all the time so i'm . going to take caramel in hazelnut and . i'm gonna put them on the inner and . outer corners lately i have been loving . halo eyes i think they're just so pretty . and easy so i'm just gonna grab this . brush right here from mac it's the two . 17's brush and i'm gonna put that on the . inner and outer part of my eye and i . just use the foundation as a base . instead of the concealer it's just . quicker and easier and it kind of just. flows into my routine so i end up using . that like on a daily basis but if i'm . doing a youtube video for some reason i . only do like concealer on the lid i . don't know why i feel like it's a little . bit more extra and it really just makes . the colors super stand out but i want a. daily basis i'm a basic b so this is . what i do . i set most of the color on the sides . like this and then once i put down . enough then i'll just flip my brush over. and kind of move it further away from . the crease this so it's more gradual and . there's no harsh edges and it's only one . brush so it's super easy and that's . basically all i do and i use the same . brush to layer on a darker color so . that's like my base and i'll do the same . thing on the other eye of course next . i'm gonna take a double shot really . reddish purple shade right here one of . my favorite pops of color in the palette . that i always end up using . so i'm gonna put that right on top and . i'm gonna let those other shades that we. put on before peek through the next . color i'm going to take is the darkest . one in the palette and that is mocha . with the same brush i know you guys this . is a true everyday routine because i use . the same brush for like ten different . colors and it's fine it works out good . and put that on the outer corners as . well just to deepen up the look and all . i do is just layer these colors on top . of each other with but at the same time . make space so that each colors peeks . through just a little bit so you get . that natural looking gradient and i'm . using this fluffy brush from the makeup . shock it's the t67 and i'm just gonna go . over super soft over the edges just go . back and forth or you do circular . whatever style of blending it wants and. i'm trying to keep this pretty clean but . it's okay because we're gonna just pop . over like a foil a shimmery shadow . anyway so it's all good i just love the . way that purple and brown look together . it gives it such a unique look so pretty . so now that i have that i pop on a foil . so i'm gonna take macchiato in the . middle. i love macchiato as a highlight it's. such a beautiful highlight i can. honestly use this whole palette and i've . used it before like all the colors for . my face and my eyes it's supposed to be . a multi-purpose palette with like pops . of color right here so what i'll do is . just take it on my finger and it'll pop . it right in the center and this is a . very pigmented almost wet kind of . eyeshadow it's like a shimmery foil and. we're just gonna pop it in the center. like that and it looks crazy but don't . worry you blend out the edges and those . of you who have your dominique palette . that makes my heart so happy i know i . hope you're enjoying it we're having fun . with it don't forget to use it on your . face on your eyes on your body on your . hair just kidding you don't use it on . your hair that's not that's not what . it's used for but i definitely use it . all over on other places then i just use . this fluffy brush it's the same fun i. use i've usually i literally use two . brushes the entire time that's it i'm . very minimal when it comes to like an. everyday . so then i'm just gonna take it and go . back and forth on the top to blend out . the harshness i'm gonna get those edges . once i have the foil on my eye i just . drop this everywhere i love these little . pal well i don't know if to call it a . pallet or not it's a very unique case . with multiple things in it this is from . hank and henry the brand it is such such . a cute package and at the same time it . has so you can do eyeshadow it's a matte . eyeshadow there's a pressed pearl shadow. and then on the bottom it's a loose . pearl right here i think it's such a . beautiful and very genius little palette . so i'm going to take this guy right here . it's so pretty this is the shade el jefe . and this is called luster lights pop it . right on there because it has more of . that loose glitter in it so and for the . lower lash line i'm just gonna grab the . same brush that you've been using this . entire time and because it's flat you . see how i can turn it around and it's . super flat so i'm just gonna turn it on . this side right here and go back and . forth right on the lower lash line and i . love that it doesn't go anywhere further . than this it just kind of stays right . where you put it which is perfect and it . has all those shades in it so you can . see like all the different shades in . there and you don't even really have to . try so for the upper and lower lash line . just a little bit on the lower lash line . i'm going to take this l'oreal . infallible pro last liner and it's a . pencil it's super creamy it glides on . like a dream and it's very very . pigmented. you barely late it's like bam you got. black paint on your eye i've done so . many tutorials where i do my like . everyday look and it always includes a . winged liner but lately i've just been i . don't know i've just been all about the . like quick and easy kind of look i also . really like to use this on the waterline . because it smudge resistant so it . doesn't really get anywhere . also kind of stays put it doesn't run on . you or anything like that it's super . pigmented i just love the l'oreal pencil . and before i put on lashes i'm just . gonna prime my lashes and coat them with . a little bit of mascara i'm gonna be . using the l'oreal voluminous superstar x . fiber and it has two different sides . which is really cool so the first side . is to prime your eyes and it also has a . color in it it has a really cool curvy . wand to create volume so with this first . one you're just really lifting the lash . and getting them really nice and plump . and i'm also gonna just coat my lower . lashes too while we're here so now i'm . gonna do this step two which is the . fiber infused mascara and this is going . to give you a ton more volume and i'm . really just gonna focus this on the . lower lashes because i'm gonna put false . lashes on the top so we're just gonna . coat them a little bit and then really. focus this on the lower lashes i like my . lower lashes to look really long and . full we're gonna all that length i love . it i love that you can get volume and . lengthen each one is specific to that so . i really really like this mascara now . i'm just gonna pop on the lashes and the . lashes i'm using are from obsessed i'm . using them again because they're kind of . awesome and this is the style dreamy for . the inner corners i'm gonna take vanilla. cream on this tiny little brush right . here from the makeup shack it's the t 58 . i'll put that in my inner corners just . to brighten it up right there and since . we have a lot of shimmer and we have . these loose glitter pearls or these . loose pearls i'm just gonna keep it . pretty matte and bright on the inner . corners so i'm gonna take this shade . right and also use this shade to just . blend out any harsh lines you have right . in here okay i'm really really excited . about this next part because i'm going . to be using the k'kaw new concealers and . i have these three shades right here . because i'm not really sure i'm probably . like in between these two ish so i'm . gonna test out which one is going to . work for me but i really like her . packaging it's really pretty and sleek . i'm gonna go ahead and first do a number . 6 and just swatch it . my arm it looks like a little liquid lip . that's cute i'm gonna swatch that okay . that's definitely too dark it's number . eight but it's lighter yeah definitely . number four these are very pigmented so . i'm gonna take number four like so so . i'm gonna take it right on the inner . corners ok this is really bright . i could actually contour with these but . i don't have the contour color so i want . them to a friend i'm gonna take this . right here a little facelift trick in . case you guys has a saggy mouth go ahead . and lift it up you don't have a saggy . mouth and i'm gonna mix a little bit of . eight in there which is really weird . because i feel like this should be like . a really dark shade but it really isn't . so i'm gonna just pop it right in the . middle i'm gonna leave the the center . bright because that's what i'm trying to . do there and blend it all in so i'm . gonna take my damp beauty blender and . i'm gonna use the baking powders as . number two looks like so i'll just pack . it underneath i'm also gonna go right . here i'm gonna let that set . well that's setting into my face i'm . gonna go ahead and contour i use the . same contour palette it's the shaded . light contour palette from kat von d and . since i always do that i'm just gonna go . through my contour really quick so i'm . gonna wipe away all the bait usually . people use the baking method when . they're putting on eyeshadow so that you . don't get it fall out on your face and . it just kind of rolls off the extra . powder but i really like to do this to . soften the under eyes so that there . isn't any lines and that's what i use . baking for now she also has another. another step which is to brighten with a . pressed powder this is my favorite color . to brighten wait i actually have it in . my palette as well so i'm going to use . the zoeva 114 brush and just work that . right on top of the dark spots and . supposedly this is what she does for her . routine for her like concealing and. contouring kind of routine so anything. camber . and huds on her face i definitely want . to try because she is full allah seek . thee take me take home the bronze from . the bomb and this has been kind of my . go-to bronzer and i'll just use that on . my cheeks like so and on my temple just . to give me that bronzy glow for the . highlight i'm gonna use the oprah feel . in myself i mainly use blissful which is . this one right here so for the lips i'm . gonna be using this new color pop x ava . this is the my life my laughs is ava . this is the my life as ava collab it's . an ultra blotted lip in the shade love . bite it's a really pretty mabi . kind of pinky nude it's just very satiny . feeling on the lips it's cushiony and. very very matte alright and that is the . final. [music]. thank you guys for watching i hope you . enjoyed this video and if you did go . ahead and give me a big thumbs up and . before i let you go i just want to . remind you to just give your friend a. call it sorry to come over and hang out . and just do nothing because that's the . best like mine right here and you have . to come here this is and this is one of . my really good friends i love you guys . and that's the end of the video mwah bye . dollies . .

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