MY NIGHT ROUTINE 2018! Claudia Sulewski

Night Routine!! Thank you to Braun for partnering with me to make this video, thumbs up for a morning routine!
Try out the Venus Silk-expert IPL powered by Braun!
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My days always switch up and surprise me . but the one consistent thing is how i . like to wind down at nighttime today i'm . partnering with braun to show you guys . what i do to relax and recharge to take . on the next day the first thing i always . do when i get home is turn on my . himalayan salt lamp sounds silly but . there are so many physical benefits . apart from mentally checking myself into. it's time to relax and wind down mode . continuing to set the vibes i love to . bump some tunes i just like to play my . daydreaming playlist through my tv on . spotify i'll link it down below if you . guys want to give it a listen but this . next step i do every single day and it . might not seem relaxing but for some . reason it helps clear my head i love to . go through my entire apartment and just . go through and clean any dishes wipe . down any counters anything that's been . moved and i'll usually give myself like . a 20-minute window so that i'm not going . too crazy or get too bored with it and . it almost kind of makes it a game too . [music]. once i get everything in order it is . time to get myself in order a ka change . into comfier clothes . take a shower take off my makeup. everything so i'm starting off by just . taking off all my jewelry because i . don't like to shower with it on and also . i decided to throw my hair up and not . get it wet because i was working out the . next morning so it was gonna get gross . anyways a new habit i've started to . implement into my routine is body dry . brushing which i never even knew was a . thing until lauren told me about it . there are so many benefits to it and . it's great to do right before the shower . so as the water is heating up i quickly . brush over my legs ankles knees arms . elbows stomach you name it i'll go . towards the heart direction wise my next . at-home self-care obsession is using an. ipl device on a weekly basis this one . here is the venus silk expert three . powered by braun you guys know i've been . working with them a bunch to try out . their different hair removal products. and this one is my favorite for my . underarms because i'm showing them off a . lot and i would like more permanent long . lasting results basically the way that . it works is it reads your skin tone to . deliver just the right amount of light . that reduces hair growth permanently if . you stick with it normally you'll see . results after four to six weeks but . personally my hair was getting lighter . and finer just after three making it so . convenient you don't have to go to the . salon you can do all this at home and . you are saving so much money it's fda . approved to use anywhere below your . cheekbones if you guys are interested in . trying it out for yourselves you can . purchase the venus self expert 3 powered . by braun on amazon you can just click . the link in my description box i can't . recommend it enough seriously after that . i love putting lotion all over my body . before i go to bed because it really . helps to moisturize my skin and sink in . overnight so i'm just doing that and . then following it with my skincare . routine if you guys want to see what . products i specifically use in my face i . talked all about it in my last . so i'll have that link down below see . this is my favorite part of the evening . this is like the the climax everything . we've been working towards i throw on a . pair of clean sweats i go back . downstairs and i just lather in doing . nothing i love to have candles burning . at nighttime even if i'm alone it's . still like a luxurious thing for me i . don't know i love doing it all so . whether it's a little glass of wine or . some hot tea today i decided to make . some tea but i'm just boiling some water . guys i've been obsessed with this tea . i've definitely talked about it before. but it is the new me organic white rose . tea it is so so good at this point i . basically just do whatever i want to . kind of let myself relax and not really . think or work so whether it's go on. youtube or go through you know instagram . watch some tv lately i've been of course . obsessed with a bachelor and this is us . those are kind of my go-to s that i'm . watching regularly once my better. judgment decides claudia it is late you . need to go to bed and get a full night's . rest for the next day then i had back . upstairs to brush my teeth if they're on . my hair in a bun and also i always . always have a giant glass of water so . that i can drink it throughout the night . or the second i wake up and the last . thing i like to do is fill out my five . minute journal app i used to use the . book but now i'm obsessed with the app . because you can add photos and it's . super easy and accessible clearly didn't . really fill it out today but i really . really try to do this almost every . single day and it is an amazing way to . end it that's it for my nighttime . routine thanks guys for watching . [music]. .
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