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Natalie Portman is an Oscar-award winning actress, a Star Wars alum, and the producer of a new documentary based on Jonathan Safran Foer's seminal book about factory farming, Eating Animals. But how is she with hot food? Find out as the Hollywood icon takes on a lineup of vegan drumsticks slathered with some of the spiciest sauces in the world. As the Scoville bombs rain down on her tongue, Portman discusses her beloved SNL rap performances, her Harvard days, and why it’s cool that Kanye used ballet dancers in his β€œRunaway” video.
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It's a lot to be like talking at the . same time it's a little much i just take . him with the almond okay what's going on . everybody for first we feast i'm sean. evans and you're watching hot ones it's . the show with hot questions and even. hotter wings and today i'm joined by . natalie portman she's an oscar . award-winning actress who's been in the . game since before she was a teenager . you know from iconic roles in films like. jackie and black swan just to name a few . and her latest project is the . documentary about the state of factory . farming in america it's called eating . animals and hits theaters june 15th . natalie welcome to the show thank you so . we're going vegan wings today obviously . just as we have with russell brand ricky . gervais and others but for better or . worse the sauces are still very much the . same how are you a spicy food i like . spicy food i don't want to talk up my . skill too much before don't worry but i . do like spice so i'm excited about this . [music]. i'm scott. [music]. a lot of june the vegan wings are a . little bit spongy err sometimes so wanna . start by acknowledging the elephant in . the room because through watching the . film it really made me reconsider the. future of this show but that's an . existential crisis for another time i am . wondering though when you first read the . book what are some of the stats the . anecdotes the facts that really stood . out to you and inspired now the new . project eating animals well i think that . um i didn't realize that most of our . meat dairy eggs are from factory farms . that it's not just like oh art of it and . everything else is nice funds it's the . vast majority and and when you see what . it does to the environment like they're. spraying like the pig shit up in the air . and it's giving people all these . respiratory diseases who live near pig . farms so the human impact the . environmental impact and you just see . that that it's having a huge toll beyond . even the animal suffering which is . something that is also super disturbing . and that's what's interesting about it . because the film tries to reframe the. debate over the ethics of eating animals . away from hashtag eat clean and how . could you eat that cute baby cow to the . broader consequences of factory farming . and besides see the damn movie i am . curious what is your barroom pitch for . not eating animals i say to people like . i think it's really hard to completely . change but if everyone cut out meat . dairy eggs from one of their meals a day . or one day a week like if you could . commit to that for yourself if everyone . do that it would make such a huge impact . environmentally and on how many animals . are put into difficult conditions and . then i know that you've given a . commencement speech at harvard you've . won an oscar but i am curious where does . nabbing peta's sexiest vegetarian honor . rank in your list of professional . accomplishment very very high very high . yes there's a lot of sexy vegetarians oh . and you have the crown natalie ready to . move on yes all right so this next one . is the heartbeat hot sauce good so some . of your fans might not realize that your . love for rap music doesn't start and end . with these iconic snl digital shorts . andy samberg said that you proved your . commitment to the project by spending a . little kim verse do you remember which. song you chose probably the jump off i . listen to that a lot in that era what's . your favorite natalie's rap bar when you . look back on the two videos well now of . course i like i got mommy moves that's . when i can use in my life as i'm like . packing school lunch . she's got mommy moves i got mommy moves . delicious people don't understand the . logistical complications of an interview. food show you know it's true you got . stuff in your teeth there's a lot that . can go wrong yeah you'd tell me though . right i got you okay i got you . thanks so you're someone whose resume. reflects an insane degree of self . discipline and focus but i know that you . have a weakness natalie can you describe . your food show mount rushmore your top . four yes . fujio mount rushmore is top chef master . chef junior iron chef and chopped i like . cooking and i like competition that's . like the the nexus that really satisfies . me that's the intersection for you and . you know padma and tom have both taken . on the wings of death what surprised you. when you're a guest chef on top chef it . surprised me how long you tape that it's . like a full-day thing like you start in . the morning and you're really just . eating all day i was really impressed . with how much they could eat because . after one day i was like oh man and i . eat like large quantities but i just try . and take a bite of everything and then . move the stuff on the plate so i don't . hurt anyone's feelings. so it's not every day we have someone . with a psychology degree in the hot seat . not only that but someone who's . co-authored scientific papers such as . frontal lobe activation during object. permanence so with that in mind i want . to hit you with a handful of highly . debated questions of the mind does . having a psychology background give you. any sort of edge in hollywood it's the . same thing really being an actor and the . study of psychology because you're . basically looking at people and thinking . why they do the things they do do dreams . matter are they significant at all i . don't think so no i think they're like . your brain just getting rid of . information it doesn't need and then . your brain naturally puts it into. stories that's what i think of it what's . your take on the psychological toll of . social media is there real danger to . obsessively scrolling instagram yes . there's a lot of like um self obsession . i think does eating a taco from the top . rather than from the side make me a . psychopath no it's just annoying alright . so this next one is lowe's calientes . you're not just saying that hmm you . don't have to know it's good right . natalie were a recurring segment on our . show called explain that graham we do a . deep dive and i guess instagram pull . interesting pictures that need more. context we don't deep into the gettys . for natalie portman so what i'll do is . i'll just bust out the laptop i'll show . you the picture and then you just tell . me the bigger stories that sound good . sounds good. all right laptop please all right . is it true that when you were at harvard . you brought some guy friends over to . britney spears's birthday we actually . co-hosted a new year's party wow . yes it was really fun we danced a lot . that night speaking of dancing what do . you remember about learning to crank . that was soldier boy these are this is a . good deep dive little i have like . clearly amnesia about my own life no . idea i'm gonna remember that day yes yes . i remember the steps i do not do you you . know them i do you do like a like you . know superman that oh right. was that unlike trl or something . [laughter]. [music]. good so i wanna stay on the topic of . getting jiggy with it cuz as we know . natalie portman's love for dance it . doesn't end on the trl set no what's . your record for consecutive pirouettes . not many i'm not very good at pirouettes . i can do maybe two since black swan . there's been a couple moments of ballet . bubbling up in pop culture when you. think about missy copeland's under . armour commercial or kanye west's . runaway video and i'm wondering does . that make ballet more accessible more . relevant to a younger audience or just . one of those things that annoys the . purists no i think it's great the more . ballet gets exposed to larger audiences. i mean there are great artists athletes . and what these professional dancers can . do is so incredible and should be part. of pop culture . does it ever get hot for you this is . like your concept right right for us we . were just like you know how do we . subvert the celebrity interview you know. and to our solve for that was hot sauce . but i'm no like hot sauce hero okay come . one you know so i still suffer for like . you know it's finger love . yeah for sure okay this is the bun stirs. the bun stirs black label out of . australia like it's a 16 out of 10 that . want to hit like at the back of my . throat mmm-hmm but oh good i'll just . gonna have some almond milk there's no . shame in that it's good though . so when aaron sorkin was writing the . social network is biopic about facebook. founder mark zuckerberg i know that you. got some harvard buddies together to . dish on campus life dirt do you remember. some of the inside baseball you fed him . um i think just mainly talked about what . the finals club scene was like rather. than like frats there were finals clubs . which are kind of like fancy . fraternities boys clubs and i'm getting . i'm getting the heat now and yeah you . could only get in if the guys let you in . and you know it was a it was a funny . scene can i give you three things that . i'm told are extremely harvard and then . if you'd be kind enough to explain it as . much of detail as possible and . appreciate it okay the freshman 15 list . primal scream finals clubs so freshman . fifteen list was the hottest freshmen . you don't say freshman's you say . freshmen that's the that's the spice . talk i'm just gonna flame everything . stupid i say on the spice primal scream . is when the they do like a race around . the yard where everyone's naked and they . brought naked i my freshman year some . kids like put water down that froze so . that they all slightly which is awful . all these kids like piled up on top of . each other and then and then yeah the . finals clubs are like they're like fancy. fraternities we all hung out . [music]. it's getting really serious now . beyond insanity okay on top of it . it's okay very impressive thanks . i mean it's spicy
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