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A fun week of playdates, soft play and laughs!
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Products featured in this video (literally just copying last week's because it's Mother's Day and I'm rushing to spend time with the girlies) :
Joyous Cereal Dispenser - *
Asda Playmat - (also not on site, sorry!)
Dyson V6 Cordless - *
Method cleaning joy spray - *
Baby Bath Support - *
Starry baby mat -
Mop of dreams - *
Good morning morning has broken black . but what's this it's like the exercises. that you were forced to do with pe by . mrs. simpson oh god those were the days . of horror and today we have a play date . i've done the school run darcy's dropped . off it's 20 past 8:00 we do an early . school run and her the girl has a little . play date with lovely lily who is the . daughter of a friend of mine from . twitter she's called a frivolous mama . and i think i'll link her below and . she's a blog as well which is how we . know each other and she didn't have to . share so we're meeting at soft play and . her daughter toast is done her daughter . is toddler so she's gonna like talking . around and joy and power war just sort . of look at things and that's all she'll . do um i'm looking forward to having a . bit mum chat i'm wearing what i like to . think of as i'm a play jumper this is . new this is new but it's real cozy and i . feel like a nineteen eighties tv . presenter you know that and the windmill. children was like i'm sarah and i'm . alice i know i mean if anyone got my . reference from that because i did none. of the right names yeah all right onto . soph play . [music]. [music]. you think early girl start old i head up . a little bit well maybe not yeah like . your socks lily . i'm gonna leave that in this is elena . i've said i've pronounced that right . have a nice. elena am i right - no and this is little . lily sweetie lily wait with this but . it's fine. and elena only buy socks from jules . she's become that mom hang on no no the . coats today i'm gonna announce it to you . annals at you . i've become that mum so proudly wore a . padded jacket no it's not chilly i . haven't reached a point yes i am now i'm . in a cup right they don't have horse or . ride horses or even really like yeah and . a war and what chelsea boots with it . made it of maybe ten or what dreams do . come true. that is explore that is not that is not . a face of excite i thought was going to . film her being like was just like a . butterball why did i want to come and . watch colored water could have stayed at . home with my pony pals and she's on . there okay and coat this coat is . constantly doing this something that's a . bit much when it's like this i feel like . it looks a bit old grannyish but when . it's out and you can see oh good all my . makeup brilliant brilliant . okay i'm popping it to pound lands now . because i want to get some boxes to fit . in the cubbyholes of my office unit . unlike art so exciting and i'm reaching . in my office making it a usable space a . creative space and not just a room for. rubbish nests and then having some lunch . what a great morning so far and getting. bees one of my kitchen cupboards and i'm . gonna leave my office cubbyholes yeah . yeah time for sleepy this little one . isn't does not look tired. i told ee he did not look tired at all . dish dish dish is this if yeah jesus i . am not tired you're gonna walk away and . i'm gonna scream at me until you come . back that's how we play this game . dish dish i just in the school run and . got this little munchkin we've decided . to do something that we've never done . before what we think he does . it's great don't and show us what we're . doing like exactly i don't show you out . the price is three pound that's called a . halt called a halt we're gonna do a . whole together and because darcy and i . went shopping at the weekend and it was . the first time really that you've . enjoyed shopping with me all the men you . enjoyed picking things and you picked. the few things that you wanted yourself . and then she was like can i be in your . video i was like you know what yes you . can so we're gonna see how it goes . what a mess look at all of this we've . got all of this on the table all of this . all down here . all of this all over here i'm like yeah . out need to tidy up do we yes it's over . the whole house no i don't have a little . sleep no i let me tuck me into bed and. i'll have a little smiie i all right . oh my velvet you do all the work who . does all the work normally yeah that's . right so you have to do it oh thank it's . just like another normal day then i've . got spock i don't know why shut your . eyes we can see all the sparkles of . [music]. [music]. dreams that's i hate hugs last friday at . office school it was meant to be world . book day dressing up today it was too . snowy so it's cancelled . and i had an email today saying we're . gonna do well birthday tomorrow which . would be great if your child lived with . you at seven days a week but mine . doesn't. and obviously daddy had an outfit. planned for you that is at his house and . i was not prepared i did not have an . outfit planned so we're sorting one up. now and she's only gonna go as lila from . wild like me probably not my favorite . book but definitely if i did or we've . been reading this book the great women . who changed the world and we like coco . chanel a lot so and we're trying on some . coco chanel. inspired outfits i think pearlie girls . working up we're trying on some coco . chanel inspired outfits and i'm gonna . let her wear lipstick to school which i . think is probably the selling point for . coco chanel is and then let me have a . look at it okay so darcy has fully found. a very trendy coco chanel s outfit . oh gosh the baby's crying we gotta go . i mean will its application lovely i've . got to go and get the baby sweetheart . sorry pearl is modeling her latest . purchase from primark that we just put . in the hall do you like them i think you . do you know cool dude you look so much . like a baby version every dad you poor . thing you see the room that was good. timing. here i am with emma . emma's wearing her fancy coat today and . what she's got her fancy bag because we . are going to ain't gonna see it through . the back there probably not b and m . because as you know whitney pipe down . you know i am well you took me to a . budget shop last time what i'm doing a . haul doing a budget oh but you don't be . at m stands for every card was full look . we're going into a shop to buy cheap . crap that i'm gonna make a haul out of . hashtag content hash tag content there . we go that's the some of it i'm wearing . a little dress today you'll see it my . i've got a very big collar entirely . naked. oh yeah and now more pins over it we're . all you . three pins on it this really nice shirt . and then get you dis me panting : . i don't think it's called pulling . anymore i worth it cause i don't know if . i was discussing with some of the de . jure when it used to be getting off with . get off of them today . well i wouldn't say what did you laughs . i had a chinese and i've got off of you . [laughter]. steven came home and we got off with . each other. no no say would you put did you pull in . that's what i'd say no i getting off is . disgusting i think i think they say. making out now i don't think anybody . says making out what do you say for . smoking smoking smoking that's the . oldest yeah knocking did you snowy get . off oh what oh my middle school so one . told me that french kissed somebody . knows like what well i was gonna say it . really rude that i've restrained myself . do we do shrimp her will do say yes oh . okay it's all cooking up with excitement . so far i've got some toothpaste i . believe minestrone she's got the cup of. soup minestrone i don't even know what . minestrone is the chicken i've always . wanted to try these yeah i thought they . were a different brand . i'm a bit of a brand and the brand snob . you put them in the milk and then you . suck the milk through them i don't think . you should be a run snob i think if . you're gonna try it let's do it well why . would it focus it's my face well this is . just brilliant business what everybody's . what i've been trying out lately and i . love it look i love owlsley i'll do it . you know i want to sit a courier come on . nice nothing where we've left the camera . here yeah yeah a warpath light and then . don't look . [music]. this is literally my health ham made . into a paste. i hate tasty foods and i hate to have no . are these like lucky charms she wipes . its you why are these the wipes you know . these are the wipes a dream at least the . specific ones do you like this painting . a lot of specific these are the playing . whispering well in case mr. b and m gets . upset yeah i'm so into cleaning at the . moment is the phrase that never imported . say i'm just putting you in between bold . i'm in a facebook group i'm in a face . start to get any weird sort of more . passive thing that we're not good . call the pound appreciation c message . like you need to know and they'll show . you all the best things and this isn't . the palette it's empowered for two . pounds apparently it's my father why do . you think about shot of perish ups its . melting some other pans that bothers me . father's name hey what do you think well . that's good it's five pounds i hang on a . minute. it's not called the five pounder i never . - i called the fiber shot i have a . facebook page and i have to takes it . down because i made a comment about that . saying that all these shops are still be . panicking no it's a great father what do . you think leave us a comment below. should pound shops be one pound margin . it's not called the one patch i have to . take it down because it's not just ford . and there could be one two three four . five it could be any pounds but we can't . repair we are creating amazing content . let's see if they've got the m the . unstoppable i like anything you've . laundry i love it little sniff that's . all right it's very nice that's very . nice no no i've got different ones i've . got a rose gold on at home she's got . really quite teacher in the last week . when i said if you see the one called . pearl well dig deep ohyeah this is the . only one emma. oh i'll

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