Potatoes – You Suck at Cooking (episode 74)

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Potatoes are one of the vegetables that grow inside the ground.
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Boil 1 potato until it it cooked
Add butter, salt, and pepper
We'll start by washing a potato under . cold tap water then we'll fill a pot. with water it can be cold or hot water . turn on the stove place the pot on the . burner then put the potato inside the . pot putting a lid on the pot will make . the water boil more quickly once that's . boiling you can reduce the temperature a . little bit you'll want to let it cook . for between 10 and 20 minutes depending . on how thick your potato is you can . check it every now and then with a fork . once it's tender all the way through. it's done that's not quite done yet if . too much water boils off you can add . more hot water we'll just check it again . here seems like it still needs a few . more minutes it's been around 15 minutes . now so i'm gonna test it again and that . feels pretty tender so i'm going to . place it on a plate and turn off the . stove then you can cut it open sprinkle . on some salt a little bit of butter and . some pepper and that's all there is to . making a potato . .
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