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Hey guys today i wanted to film an updated faq video i realize it's been like a couple years since i did my last one which is crazy before we start this i just want you to know that i fully intended to put on something other than like this massive sweater but here we are okay i'm just gonna put my twitter atta so that i can read your answers questions if you have the chance to start of your career would you do anything different um i think that i would when i first started first of all it wasn't really a career when i first started all that much especially through instagram i mean youtube was definitely a bigger platform in terms of monetization but instagram really wasn't yet and so i kind of grew with the trend video sponsored posts and all these kinds of things coming to light i think if i could go back i would probably just really stick to my guns about disclosing what is it sponsored and i i don't know i think i just probably would have not taken some things but i did take and yeah that's pretty much it but all in all i mean no reprap that's in your opinion do blondes and brunettes have more fun samantha samantha is that more fun if you have to tell your 13 year old self one thing what would it be um i think that i would probably just tell myself oh gosh good question i don't think i told myself shit i think i continue to let myself struggling my awkward preteen years i think that's an important time i think that you know it's like a good time it's a good time itself don't being like mad and i'm gonna look like this forever i don't know am i going to act like this forever hopefully not you know i think it i think it's a good time so i was thinking to myself anything how do you want to be yourself and you're not feeling at that day fucking on the worst person haha i don't know you know i'd like to surround myself with other people that i find are really hard workers and just really overall awesome people that want to do more for themselves all the time i'm just going solo i'm just at home by myself trying to get motivated i just i just do it like even if i don't want to i'm just like off-market i just got to start doing something on periscope honestly something that's really help getting motivated normally the mornings i would kind of get up and like dick around for a few hours which i just basically now do on periscope but then it always just kind of leads me into you know getting my work done for the day going to the gym whatever it may be so periscopes law for that for me sugar how did you get so fly how many pairs of healthy when you color all the time like what products do you love you love you too i honestly credit all of my hair health 2-axis that's the salon i go to go to carl but everyone there is amazing yeah they just they really are good with my hair they won't do things if they know that it's going to wreck my hair and we always try to plan out my colors in advance so you know if i don't know that i want to go back to platinum that will kind of plan out some colors in between that will help that transition be a little bit easier so it's not just like dark brown tottenham kind of thing and the sides i'm not i mean i used axes more oil which is one of the royals at their salons and i really really love that my hair every single morning and night after i style my hair prettiest just whenever i feel like i need a little bit of extra health to it i'll add that in and then for shampoo and conditioner is a lot of people ask about as well i use living proof the restore one i think it's cold and i get it at sephora it's kind of expensive but honestly it's such a difference my hair it's so so nice so those are kind of like mikey products in terms of my health teeth whitening routine i just use lime and i use to face and started by use crest white strips and glamorous white that's what i use all the time i have used more than one box in a row with you're not supposed to do but i do i don't give a fuck what are some places cities you want to go to your life i would really really like to go to japan i'd also like to go to italy and i'd like to go to vietnam those are someone that i really really want to hit and favorite places i have been to kansas can-can cannes france set of friends that was one of my all-time favorite places it was absolutely stunning there and the people were a lot from you than the armenian parents and the christmas were legal bora bora was incredible of course i love mexico and i really really really like new york and london i like all the places obviously i'm fucked up scotland and it's colin is beautiful and people are all really really friendly paris is beautiful and there's tons to do there even though like the people are mean to me i like honestly everywhere i've been i go there and i'm like yeah this place is doe la actually that's not true i like some parts of la like you guys got good place for a child but i just don't want to be my favorite story la be honest which house would you belong to a game of thrones you wound me that you don't know this already i would obviously be an honorable start you know what i mean the only thing is i bring a little bit of sense but to the stark house because i just feel like you know they lead with their heart sometimes sometimes you gotta lay down the law you know what i mean that things have been different if i'd been there i'm just gonna say it once i don't have a question is really wanna be in your qa you got a bit who is your restaurant share their memories of them one of my absolute best friends is che lin shaye line as you guys know her she's just so great one of my favorite memories with her oh my goodness let me think about this for a second i have a couple they have a couple that are out there actually you know what my favorite night we went out and we were drinking actually which is bizarre because like neither of us really drink all that much but yeah we were drinking and just like dancing having a really good time and then like we were running up and down granville street which is like the main like club street vancouver and just being so silly and we thought was like alaska are such a good time and then we got the opportunity to go to montreal together really recently which was really fun and it was cool to have her there for that but honestly my favorite thing about stealing is not necessarily particular memory it's just like russia and the person and i travel and meet like thousands of people every single year and every single time that i come home just like man she learns the best like she's just so great like so non-judgmental she's just such a good girl she's just so good so yeah that's my favorite thing about shannon's nest and raise just just a little just a che lin fan all right here we go would you rather have fingers for eyelashes your eyelashes four fingers that's so fucked up you guys the worst um hmm i guess like fingers for eyelashes that would be so shit but i was just four fingers would be really really like i wouldn't be able to do much you know yea-ah grows if you could live anywhere if i can't know where would you live i don't know that's really hard for me because like to me i whenever i think about that kind of question like what i want to live somewhere where i could still get shit done or what i want to live somewhere just be like well why can't we can i'm going to fucking sit in the sunshine and so with that i mean i have to really think about it but if i wanted to get shit done and probably live in new york if i wanted to just like live the best life i fucking living for or why not do just sit by the ocean get hand you know jet ski chillin yeah one food for the rest of your life shit god i think okay i'm going to say okay let me think about this i want to see a meal because i feel like that's fair and that would be haha i think it would be like grilled cheese with pickles on the side and soup but i can change up the soup and the contents of the grill cheese and also i want like a little little bit of catch-up for dipping yeah i think that would be like my one meal for the rest of my life i had only eat one thing it'd probably be that because i just every time i eat that meal like fucking this is this is great this is just so good it's everything i need carissa asks if you had to choose between doing customer service for i here or a canada what would it be carissa it would be both and i would infiltrate them from the inside and fucking the closing down are your hobbies real still yanks favorite things doing it on social media platforms in your own state of mind i like going on hikes i like going on drives i like painting like hanging out with friends like playing wow minecraft although there you have it what is your biggest pet peeve about the line of work around you regret being so public with your life we're going to begin haha i don't know i don't know what my biggest pet peeve is i think there's not much that bothers me too often about it because sometimes i get down about certain things but i realized that it doesn't affect me like forever so i think probably my biggest thing that bothers me is having everything i do scrutinized and i don't mean that to sound dramatic because like it's not as like over-the-top is that makes it seem but everything you do and say is going to be on the internet forever and because of that it's kind of like things that you did even before social media things that you did well you're on social media like all these different things like they come up and people use them as like a form to judge which is squared off but you know it's just like i i and so many other people have really grown up on social media in a way and we're all learning we're learning about how to have this is a career and how to go about it respectfully and in a good way and all these kinds of things and i think that because of that i mean we all do dumb shit and then it's on the internet forever and it'
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