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The bareMinerals Today's Special Value will be coming to http://qvcuk.com on Sunday 11th December - the final one for 2016!
Shop bareMinerals here - http://ow.ly/D5FJu!
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Lien sj with me right now let's come to you something very exciting to look forward to it really is this is divine decadence the bareminerals today's special value and will this is packed full of all your bare minerals glowing skin essentials plus two unique launches to really get you through the party season so let's go through the collection one by one where we stopped so we start with where it all started for their minerals with our spf15 original foundation beautiful for the season is going to give you that gorgeous luminous looking skin next up in the collection we have something brand-new yeah beautiful new blusher called absolute indulgence and this is a great warm rosetone it's gonna look so pretty for the season also in our today's special value mineral veil it's a firm favourite with many of you at home but we have a different take on it this time we do indeed this is your diamond light mineral veil so this is going to give you that beautiful subtle glow to your skin reflect all the harsh light away and keep that warm glowing light on your skin and we also have will really exciting a shadow quickie for the eyes and this is like a real wash of pewter across the i really easy to use to give you that instant look and you also have an essential for many women out there which is your black eyeliner and of course the final product to talk about makes for brand new products coming in our bare minerals today's special value what is it and this is the gin nude matte liquid lipstick color launched in here first will in a beautiful rosetone and this really is brand-new from bareminerals even has a built-in private sj take us through the look well first of all well you are going to apply your original spf15 foundation just to get that absolutely gorgeous flawless finished your complexion so i'm going to be taking you through the technique on the live shows and then you're going to pop on and absolute indulgence the beautiful blusher it's going to give your dusty rose pop of color to the apple of the cheeks and just bring the complexion to life and you've got your i quickly which the pewter color which you saw me applying to the earlier it's a gorgeous kind of pewter silver eat own beautiful for the christmas season not too over-the-top just give you a little wash of color then your lasting liner in black to red enhance the eye or you can make create a smoky eye using that as well you've got your beautiful mineral veil the diamonds mineral veil infused with diamonds and then you're going to finish off with your amazing as you which is your matte liquid lipstick color so don't miss the divine decadence collection the final today's special value for 2016 from the fabulous bareminerals team those shows will be coming to you live on sunday the 11th of december plus there will be a cheeky option to pre-order this wonderful offer
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