Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Mustang GT Part 5

Getting some crazy appearance mods! We are mainly prepping for the next big thing for this build. Stay tuned as we get close to having all the parts needed to get this beast back to life. Thanks for watching!
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Right now we're heading to pick up the . hood for the mustang i can't wait to . pick it up let's go see it it's gonna be . a sick hood it could we're picking it up . over here at the freight facility yeah . it's a big big package cuz they told us . to come pick it up because they can't . really deliver it to our little . neighborhood so we can go pick it up . right now so stay tuned . we got that bad boy loaded up his role . hey that one better start we had that. generator wide open. [music]. i think that bad-boy is low . [music]. never gets old what's up good squad it's . a brand new day we just picked up the . hood it's a survey knee brand so we're . gonna crack that sucker open and place . it on top you see what it looks like . surimi that's a big box i mean it's just . about the same price as stock pretty . maybe it's a lot cheaper than stock . that's true but it looks better i think . oh yeah let's check it out and see what . kind of here we got oh man that's a . piece that looks sick nicely packaged . nicely packaged i see a few little spots . on the hood little imperfections but. they do say you got a primer and paint. it so that ain't nothing this is. installation let me try to pull it out . careful now oh he's not afraid . you got this dang-son dude likes the . corners dude that thing looks bad man oh . my goodness that's a beast it's so . smooth yeah there's one imperfection . right here see yeah but like we're gonna . probably primer this and paint it cuz . they this is paint i have no idea what . this is it's almost a smooth as white . paint yeah i know it's really the servi . knees auto designs except 4 inch cowl . hood all right let's do it . tell me that's not gonna look savage bro . that's gonna look savage and it looks . nicely designed like from the rear of . the vent all that good stuff back there . man it's awesome i'll see what it looks . like from the inside you can't see cami . that's a huge hood it is that's it it . looks awesome it gives you some . instructions right here of sanding . priming and painting i wonder what that . is right there just the stuff that it's . made out of all right so we gotta turn . it upside down kind of show you guys . from the quality really nice quality of . this cerini or no it's not it almost . feels metal like ass checking it out - . what do you think he approved thomas do . you approve sir . don't even need to ask him so it did . start raining on us so we're gonna hold . off on the mustang for a little bit and . we pulled up the wrx we're actually . gonna install these roof rack bars . pretty much yes you want to carry some . cargo or something they're trying to . figure them out this is all done this is . like a cheap chinese brand for like . bucks but we're gonna see if it'll do . the job yeah we're planning on doing a . trip here soon. so that's why we're gonna install these . and we're gonna probably put like a . cargo box on the top . we got one somewhere over there but . don't look at that hood though man the . rain today it's gonna be on and off so . gonna work around that we still got to . take off this rocker panel for the. framework so we got to remove both sides . because the way they're gonna put it on . the frame machine is they're gonna lift . the car up on these special stands and . it's gonna pretty much suspend the car . in the air but keep it real nice and . sturdy where they could pull on it so . this the box that we're gonna slip on . top of that wrx pretty nice box we got . to clean it up a bit spin in the shed so . rats been walking on it and you can see . there some sort of critters and rodents. we're just like having fun on top of . that bang or something it's nice and . clean on the inside we got some hardware . here when they just mounted up on the . wrx i think it's gonna look sick so we . are going to go out on a road trip . somewhere a couple of friends know it's . gonna be awesome check it out guys . that's a true subaru right there that's . all i can say fishing poles tackle boxes . big bag shoes a dang ladder it's like an . extra trunk hey let's do a road trip . with somebody up in there all right so . now that we got the storage box mounted . up we're actually gonna go test it down . the street hopefully it doesn't fly off . it had about 80 miles an hour . so nice and sturdy all right guys so we . just swapped the cars in their locations . so we put the mustang closer in front of . the garage because it is kind of raining . right now we're gonna take off these . rocker panels right here . they look like clips on but they're . really low so we might have to jack up . this side of the car and take this side . off - no we're definitely gonna use jack . stands guys cuz safety is always number . one so we've never had a jack fell on us . but we don't want that to ever happen so . we're gonna play it safe because you . know anything could happen i never got . to look underneath this car i like to go . under it and once again the garage is a . mess all right so we pumped off all the . clips at the bottom right yeah all the . clips are off i think this just slides . break anything one of these broke i . don't see why they put a stick here i. mean sorry no big deal you got this . rocker molding off it was pretty simple. it just took a while to understand how . it comes off it looks like it would . slide off but some of these slide off . one way and some of them slide off the . other way and they do have these little . pins to where it holds it so i think all . you have to do just pop it off just pull . it you might break something you might. not but we didn't break anything except . for one little clip right here all right . let's get the other side . alright now we got both sides off it's . pretty simple that's it for the rocker . panels what's up chickens and rooster i . don't like the rooster though now we're . gonna put these away in a safe spot so . they don't get scratched up because . we're not gonna be using those for a . good bit i'm actually thinking about . doing a giveaway on the rooster whoever . buys the most merch will get the rooster . in a you know in a box hey if you buy a . ton of march we will ship that rooster . will ship that rooster right to your . door we're gonna move this frame rails . over there from the mustang we're gonna . clear out most of this stuff all these . wires and stuff all these canisters just . clean it all up maybe take off this . radiator support i don't know yet most . likely yes because the way he's gonna be . cutting and putting that up against the . car so let's move it over there and . start taking it apart thanks son . [music]. so we got the frame rails up here with a. gradiate er supported all that so we . have to take it all apart but we kind of . pulled the wrx to the side and i'm kind . of diggin that right now it looks pretty . sick i think tents ii guess is a soupy . thing right there all day mustang looks . sick with the hood man i just keep i . love that hood man you can't really see . like the white is kind of throwing it . off a bit but when it's gonna be like . that lightening blue color it's really . gonna it's really gonna pop because this . blue like it looks great it looks . different and like different angles as . you can see like right here light blue . and you got dark blue and then it goes . back to light blue it just fades it . looks awesome man so right now we're . gonna just remove all these electrical . components and everything that we don't. need like this little pieces right here . we're gonna take them off and this water . reservoir all these paint wires we're. gonna have to remove everything because . we don't need none of this stuff so . we're gonna get to stripping everything . that we can we might leave this radiator . support on it just depends i might just . leave it for the frame guy he's going to . what to do with that regular clips board . is pretty simple we just cut it right . there . yeah you just cut the frame rails right . off you just cut all this you know i . guess ej want to sell the wiring harness . or anything you know yeah crazy but i . guess it's not worth it to part not a . whole car you know he did i made his . money i wonder what he cut it what it . looks like a plasma cutter . yeah i think i seen a plasma cutter over . there when we pulled up that's an . awesome clean cut quick and easy and . that's the way to do it . don't break it mr. fun stuff right here . taking stuff apart there's a front part . of your heart harness it's basically . everything that one's in copper right . there that big old plug right there i . guess that's huge. this is the computer vcu or something. yeah i think so hi guys so we're done . with this front piece of frame rail so . we're gonna go ahead and bolt this hood. on so we can go ahead and have it on the . car they're just two bolts on each side . and probably put the bracket on for the . hood latch so when we're doing the. framework we can go ahead and get the . hood and everything aligned snap in . there ari's on took over . yeah good quality cervino hood i like it . it looks really good under here really . high quality stuff we can't say nothing . about fitment yet because the frame. isn't frame work is not done but we let . you guys know how it turns out we . watched a couple videos actually and a . lot of people are having good feedback . about these hoods got the cervino right . there so we are gonna paint the inside . of this hood blue that'll be after the . framework because framework is coming up . really soon here and then the next step . there is a paintwork and bodywork and . all the fun stuff. alright guys that's a wrap for today's . video pretty productive day we're just . trying to get it prepped for some frame . work or just the most important thing in . this process so that's like the biggest . repair so that's what we're prepping it. for it's a lot of prepping next episode . is gonna be getting the car prepped for . the framework we're gonna be putting it . on the trailer getting all the parts . together getting everything separated . what we need to take to the frame and . what we need to leave here because it's . gonna be a long process getting them . frame rails cut off and these new ones . installed can't wait to get that done . guys because it's just gonna start . piecing it together and that's when . everything is gonna go quick we're gonna . get it painted we're gonna start doing . like little mods appearance mods and . then maybe we'll all the foots the other . fun stuff man and then we may start . doing some performance mods so 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