Resetting your D-Link DSL-3780 router

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Here's how to reset your D-Link DSL-3780 router. If you need more help with this or anything else just visit
Here's how to factory reset your dlink dsl 3780 rita you can check which model you have been looking at the sticker on the bottom of your isa to get started you'll need to locate the reset button next person straight and paperclip or pin into the hole until you feel a slight click hold for a further 10 seconds or until you notice the real light switch off now you need to leave your reader for 20 minutes so it cannot date with the latest software during this time you may notice lights flashing on and off after 20 minutes try and connect the internet it's really important that you don't try to connect all this time because your reader has been reset it will not remember any changes you've made your wireless network name or password to connect you can find the wireless username and password of your reader if your power light stays red for longer than two minutes your reader is faulty and you'll need to contact us if you need more help with this or anything else just visit www. clubmontek. com k /o
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