Scientists Confirm Dogs Can Recognize a Bad Person

How to Understand Your Dog Better. It looks like dog owners have scientific evidence to prove that their pets are the smartest and most perceptive and can even help them single out bad people. Their list of superpowers makes dog people proud: they can sense fear, read body language, and even smell cancer to find it at an early stage and warn of upcoming epileptic seizures.
Dogs can recognize a bad person. 0:50
They feel how other people treat their owners. 2:21
Dogs can read our body language and emotions. 3:22
They can sense fear. 4:05
Dogs can smell cancer. 5:52
They can warn of upcoming epileptic seizures and diabetic shock. 6:59
-An experiment led by Dr. Akiko Takaoka from the Department of Psychology at Japan’s Kyoto University concluded that dogs refuse to trust a person who lied to it. Dogs did not follow a pointing hand that led them to an empty container.
-In an experiment, dogs wouldn’t take a treat from the people who’d been mean or disrespectful toward their owners. In fact, besides distrusting them, they flat-out ignored these meanies.
-With enough training and treats for a job well-done, dogs are able to tell the happy faces from the sad ones, even with human faces they didn’t come across during their training.
-In a study of 694 people, the scientists found a link between a person’s emotional state and their likelihood of getting bitten. Emotionally stable and confident people don’t get bitten nearly as often as those who feel anxious around intimidating dogs.
-Lots of dog owners have reported that their pets paid particular attention to their body part affected by cancer.
-Dogs’ super noses can sense the rapid changes in blood sugar levels since they change the smell of an affected person’s breath and skin.
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Caption: [music]. science confirms that dogs can recognize . a bad person we all love our pets and . consider them the smartest kindest . cutest most loyal and the list of . top-notch qualities goes on and on . it looks like dog owners have scientific. evidence to prove that their pets are . the most perceptive and can even help . them single out bad people but dogs . aren't just natural-born detectives . their list of superpowers goes beyond . letting you know whether or not you can . trust someone stick around till the end . of the video as we dig up the dirt on . your dog's incredible abilities but . first take this moment to subscribe to . our channel and turn on post . notifications so that you'll never miss . an update from us again . dogs can recognize a bad person a team . led by dr. akiko takaoka from the . department of psychology at japan's . kyoto university conducted a study the . results of which were published in . animal cognition journal in march . to find out if a dog would trust the . person who lied to it the experiment . went like this dog owners would first . point to a container with food in it and . the dog would run to it. they would then trick their dog into. approaching a container without food . simply by pointing to it this comes as . no surprise of course since we know that . dogs usually run to wherever their . owners point at in fact because of this. scientists are sure that canines . understand human gestures but when the . gestures are inconsistent the dog can . become nervous and stressed the third . time around the dogs would not follow . the pointing hand they simply didn't . believe the liars all of the 34 dogs . that took part in the experiment showed . the same results what this means is that . the dogs were using their previous bad . experiences to know that a person was . untrustworthy. atta boy pub don't let them fool you the . group of scientists claims that the. research has a potential implication in . the behavioral study of canines it also . tells us that dogs prefer this world to . be certain according to animal . your expert dr. john bradshaw of the . university of bristol as for dr. tokioka . she plans to do the experiment on wolves . since they're the closest relative to . dogs they feel how other people treat . their owners one more study published in. neuroscience and bio behavioral reviews . states that dogs clearly read the . communication between their owners and . strangers in the experiment researchers . at kyoto university had dog owners asked . two groups of strangers for a little. help one was supposed to agree while the . other was told to rudely decline. afterwards the strangers tried to give . the pups a treat and the dog oh . surprised us yet again they wouldn't . take a treat from the people who'd been . mean or disrespectful towards their. owners in fact besides distrusting them . they flat-out ignored these mimi's they . prefer to be fed by those who'd helped . and actually showed kindness towards. these people as if they were . reciprocating the gesture thus the. canines showed a good understanding of . social etiquette these experiments prove . that dogs can feel how others interact . with their owners and draw their own . conclusions on how to treat those people . [music]. dogs can read our body language and . emotions it's been proven time and time . again that dogs are able to read our . gestures and facial expressions . scientists at the necessarily research . institutes clever dog lab in vienna . managed to teach dogs the difference . between sad and happy faces with enough . training and treats for a job well done . the pooches were eventually able to tell . the happy faces from the sad ones even . with human faces they didn't come across . during their training . it means they actually learned to . recognize emotions by judging facial . expressions . you're probably wondering how did the . animal show their choice they simply . touch the right picture with their nose . they can sense fear. don't let it know you're afraid . otherwise it will definitely attack you . this is the sort of catchphrase told to . people who are afraid of dogs but this . isn't just some urban legend . researchers at liverpool university took . it from a popular belief into a popular . belief backed up by science in a study . of 694 people the scientists found a. link between a person's emotional state . and their likelihood of getting bitten . emotionally stable and confident people . didn't get bitten nearly as often as . those who feel anxious around . intimidating dogs how is it possible . well dogs might not have psychic powers. to read the fear in your mind but they . do have a very keen sense of smell with . their super sensitive noses they can . detect the chemical reactions going on . in our body when we're stressed the most . obvious of those would be sweating and . releasing adrenaline as our blood starts . pumping faster from fear we start . emitting pheromones that spread all . around plus as we already know by now . dogs are great at reading facial . expressions you're probably not going to . be grinning from ear to ear as you're. trembling in fear are you so if you . don't fancy sharp teeth piercing your . limb don't freak out the next time you . see a doberman rushing in your direction . plus it might just want to say hello the . research also claims that insecure dog . owners tend to pass on that feature to . their own canine. their final conclusion was that dogs . tend to bite dog owners more often than. people who don't have a pooch no way . what else can dog sense with their . incredibly sharp noses you've probably . heard about their ability to predict . weather changes and earthquakes but what . about detecting serious illnesses hmm. dogs can smell cancer lots of dog owners . have reported that their pets pay . particular attention to their body part . affected by cancer the most common types . of cancer they can detect are breast and . colon cancer in case this doesn't sound . very true to you there's scientific . evidence to back it up dr. hillary brody . a professor in the department of . otolaryngology at the university of . california davis claims that dogs can . find the cancer affected tissues out of . dozens of samples cancerous cells have a . specific smell that doesn't exist in . healthy tissues there's even a special . organization in the uk called medical . detection dogs with eight powerful . sniffers that analyze urine samples for . cancer the organization ceo was actually . saved by her own labrador who kept . staring and lunging at her chest this . ended up helping her find breast cancer . at a very early stage and she was cured . of it scientists believe it had take . about six months of training for a dog . to be able to recognize the sense of . specific cancer types faking warned of . upcoming epileptic seizures and diabetic . shock people with insulin dependent . diabetes must control their blood . glucose levels since they can change . dramatically and suddenly drop to . dangerous levels sounds pretty scary huh . but alas looks like dogs can come to the. rescue in this situation - they're super . noses can sense the rapid changes in . blood sugar levels since they change the . smell of an affected person's breath and. skin dogs for diabetics has been . training dogs to use their natural . breath detectors since 2004 the students . at this doggie medical school learn how . to inform their owners of. coming diabetic attacks they can also . help parents by warning them of upcoming . attacks in their children the same . supersenses let dogs predict seizures . and enough training teaches them to help . a seizing person and even fetch a phone. when it's needed in a study published in . the european journal of epilepsy a group . of scientists carried out an experiment. in which they taught dogs to anticipate . epileptic seizures by giving them treats. each time their owner had a seizure. who'd have thought that an animal . notorious for chasing its own tail was . such a super genius dogs can sense . serious diseases and save us from . attacks they can decipher our gestures. and decide if they want to follow social . cues they can even decide to stop . trusting and obeying you when you try to . trick them so if your dog doesn't like . your friends maybe there's something . wrong and your friendships how clever is . your canine tell us in the comments . below don't forget to give us a like and . click subscribe to stand the bright side . of life. [music]. .

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