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You know the Hot Ones motto: New year, new celebrity tears! Per tradition, we're shaking things up for the new season with some brand-new sauces and more Scovilles than EVER before. Watch Sean Evans break down the scorching-hot lineup, then get your own wings of death ready in time for next week's Season 5 premiere on 1/18.
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[music]. hey what's going on everybody and happy . new year hot ones fans this is sean . evans checking in with some exciting. news the season 5 premiere of hot ones . will be next week that's right . thursday at 11 a. m. we fire up the . chainsaw and you know what that means . new year new sauces it's out with the . old and in with the new . this season's lineup is pound for pound . the hottest and hot ones history the . most scovilles on the table but you know . we're always learning we're always . thinking we're always evolving so in . addition to being the hottest this is . also in our opinion the most balanced . heat progression that we've ever had . season four it was full of bucket . spinning and spice spasms and dry heaves . but often times the party wouldn't . really get started until wing number . seven with zombie apocalypse this one we . have a few more early body blows some . fizzle some sizzle that'll hopefully put . our guests on their feet earlier and. then boom ramped it up even harder at . the end so we'll see how that goes they . don't teach that in j school right there. chris schoenberger to set the table . this season's leadoff hitter humble. house on show and mereta . sriracha was no big deal valentina no . big deal and guess what . ancho and morita no big deal but it is . delicious with a smoky barbecue flavor . that goes great with wings or vegan . nuggets if you're into that sort of . thing at number 2 the original louisiana . hot sauce. for those of you taking notes at home . you'll notice a trend here at the number . 2 spot always a vinegar-based hot sauce . out of louisiana . tabasco held it down for a while crystal . it did its tour of duty and now we have . louisiana the original it's been smoking . people out since 1928 the real ones know . at number 3 the bronx green market sauce . brooklyn and queen majesty had their . moment in the sun for two straight years . and now it's time to show some love for . the bx on a pound-for-pound level i'm . calling it right now may be the tastiest . sauce that we've ever had on the . serrano chili's onion garlic bellissimo . and then here's a fun fact for you . socially conscious chili heads out there . and i know that there are many the . peppers used in this sauce are grown in . community gardens all over the bronx . look at that hot sauce making the world . a better place at number four what the . what the what the oh what's this your . old favorite hot ones very chipotle . going from number five to number four . somebody call the authorities what does . this mean is the hot ones gauntlet . getting hotter how is this going to . affect explain that gramm all valid . questions but ultimately sometimes you . just have to shake that etch-a-sketch . clean and just start a new masterpiece . and so we're moving on to a new number . five this is adobo loco ham a jiang hot . ones trivia lert the first hot sauce . that we've had from the great state of . hawaii . shout out to hot ones super producer . sarah honda apple cider vinegar smoked . ghost peppers habanero sea salt if you . like them smoky this is the sauce for . you and it's also a little bit of a . creeper so expect guests to just shrug . it off and then boom . get smacked upside the face with some . scovilles at number six karma sauce . extreme karma i'm a little bit worried . about this one because it has some . serious firepower at number six our . guests are going to learn very quickly . that this is some next-level shit it has . three peppers from the super hot . category scorpion trinidad and ghost but . from a flavor perspective it's actually. one of the more interesting sauces that . we've had with butternut squash red . pepper sweet potato get your karma jokes . ready and then at number seven the heat . train doesn't slow down one bit we're . coming in with some dawson's and let's . just take a moment to admire this . beautiful bottle you know hot sauce it's . always flames from hell in . skull-and-crossbones but it doesn't need . to be sometimes you can have some . integrity some art in the label but . don't get it twisted. because. this is a serious heater it'll just boom. zoom straight to the moon and we're not . stopping there at number eight it's the . face melter you know it dub bomb it's a . classic and it's not going anywhere . guests hate it and if it ain't broke . don't fix it de bomb keeps its place at . the table i would not want to face the . type of wave of backlash that hot ones . fans would have if we took it off so . don't worry de bomb we've screwed it in . it's been cemented in its place it ain't . going anywhere and we have some exciting . news i know that you saw it you're . looking at it from the second we popped . to the wide-angle mad dog makes its . return to the hot ones table but before . i talk about this hot sauce i think that . it's important that we have a moment of . silence for blair's mega death sauce . with liquid rage a hall of fame hot . sauce. steven shut up chris shut up everyone . quiet quiet quiet . okay raise that blair's megadeath sauce . jersey to the rafters and now let's talk . about the return of mad dog it's a . million scoville plus addition sauce the . holy trinity of reapers scorpions ghost . peppers peep the gold bullet on the side. its menacing hot ones it's a game that's . very mental and then you know for the . people out there who are like but i miss . liquid rage what about the liquid rage . oh the liquid rage worry not this has . plutonium number nine plutonium number . nine i don't know a plutonium number . nine is but i do have a feeling that . it's going to ruin some press runs and . now we've almost got to the top of the . mountain i can see the summit bam it's . here the last dab and this year's . harvest of pepper acts significantly . hotter than last year's harvest of . pepper acts and then you can even see it . in the bottle it used to have sort of a . light green tint and now it's this . beautiful orange color and that's . because there's just so much of pepper x . in this sauce that as it evolves so . - will the color of the sauce and that's . hot ones in a nutshell always changing . always evolving highly unpredictable and . there you have it it's the hot ones . season five gauntlet now you have your . playing cards if you'd like to play . along at home and of course if you can't . find some of these go into the archives . but we'll be right back with you next . week it's the season 5 premiere thank . you so much to the hot ones fans who've . rocked with us since day 1 season 1 . those who are there at season 2 who . racked with us in season 3 who watched . us in season 4 now into season 5 and . hopefully beyond that we'll see you next . week . where were you one . uh-huh that's melbourne hmm he's gone . all right moving on to number seven and . another one with some volume this oh . fuck i fucked that up didn't i i went . from wait wait right yeah okay it will . be a classic outlands continuity here no . one's gonna know hello hot ones fans its . sean evans new outro same message if you . like what just saw throw us a bone maybe . please it is dog-eat-dog here on the . youtube streets hit that subscribe . button. knowing that you subscribed it is . seriously the only thing that gets me . out of bed in the morning thank you very . much hot ones fans i love you . .
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