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What's up guys today is a new day i'm . currently at ava's house and she just. did an everyday makeup look ready to . take on the world loving the love she's . got some scales going on it's great . something loves i love that various . objects did a video and patrick is here . serving some more look oh oh has a star . by the star reblogging . yes i like the dark lips a lot like i . did will list for coachella you did it . is the next day time for us to do yoga . i'm wearing a low from head to toe and . so ava um paris today i'm so excited we . love aloe so much like aloe is actually . everything the other is why i wear . makeup is because i'm doing a shoot . later with brandi i don't think that i'm . just going to yoga wearing makeup a lo . pan alta we have arrived at lor whole . satis al if you guys are just like . randomly bossiness we love you way too . much racing cause we are . [music]. what's up guys so today it's the next. day i am about to head to the nail salon . to meet up with ciara i'm really excited . and i need to get my toes done my toes . are so ratchet if y'all can see how my . toes look right now y'all will be like a . while people you need help so i'm going . to be getting my feet done with ciara . and then later on tonight we are all . going to have a savage dinner so all . four of us are going to this lovely . restaurant we're going back to plant . wine and food which is or plant food and . wine at a place is literally amazing and . it's plant based it's a completely vegan . restaurant so awesome yeah today is . going to be a delight vlog i have not . seen sierra since you got engaged so . excited to like see her ring in person . and like talk to her about it so i did . my makeup pretty much as i always do it . i got fresh new iwi's today so my eyes . are like popping my ootd is this . bralette from i think it's la with love . and then this mesh top from brandy . melville and american pro short and some . flip-flops because again i'm get my toes . done oh yeah thank you so much for . subscribing to the channel it means so . much to me in today's post notification . shout-out goes to kimberly moore thank . you so much for joining the notification . squad and becoming a part of the . notification squad if you guys are not a . part of the notification squad party. waiting for it's fun it's free it's . light it's a good time i have to do is . click the bell and subscribe i'm going . to know that comes down below when you . join the notifications why i'm gonna get . to no phone so that's fun after nail . salon would see you and what color did . you say . i don't know i would like to sell oh oh . oh well she might see hi guys lu i got . this color by se super cute i don't know . what it's called the super cute guys . would get her this is crazy it's like . glue it's like literally sparkling in my . camera wow i'm sure so my seat charge on . i went with this kind of barbie pink . color irenna knock it start if you guys . don't like beat you know that's my feet . there it is there she is . yes while i was getting ballet i broke . my nail i broke this now you can't . really tell but i broke it i think i'm . gonna go to es mail this week fix it . because but it sucks because i really . like this color i mean you can't really . tell but i know it's there bj i don't . here and i are going to get pressed . after even though we have dinner later . and mayer just cancelled on us so we . can't go well we are going to go but. it's not going to be the full savage is . going to be 3 out of 4 which is sad but . okay we're still trying to convince her . in the chat like please come but yeah . we're going to have some rest which is . yummy and delicious i think when i get . the strawberry almond chocolate with . lots of granola oh my god guys try that . and then get coconut flakes it's . heavenly and you'll thank me later . sierra and i both have to pee really . badly drink it all that they're aqua . oh yeah so cute you got she redid her . nails yeah got that bill yeah we're . doing a hat okay camera this camera neon . god this camera needs city church um hey . a little kid was just pointing at me . like haha . we must get pressed i know i said that . like 15 million times but i just got a . peed really badly no oh i smell brussels . sprouts yeah girl done open oh wow yeah . last time you wish the last time we went . to volcano and it was really bad service . and we didn't realize that what . difficult context to yet was right over . there - i don't like what we could have . got back why spit matcha . no no way is this a new thing there's no. way. matcha fries i'm done i'm done i'm done . oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh can i . get kind of sample your mantra fries . please . very same name oh my god her name karen . titus . yeah i remember that or separable oh . thank you so much . okay live footage like live yes oh . oh my gosh faggot the mantra and the . chocolate is small . can i do a lot of granola and then . coconut flakes and a little bit of honey . my cousin not wife's gonna be like i'm . her chose our dryer over the rainbow oh . that's so extra he gave your lap but her . toes are dry look at the good guys . oh she's so sierra and i are killing . time because ava is coming from malibu . so she's going to be late to our house . which means we have an hour to kill here . before we leave their house we're going . to add a veggie grill and get some fries. we're trying not to get oh god oh we can . share that you're wrapping it on oh yeah . we're going to have some without it'd be . like two hours to eat dinner yeah . exactly i don't get like you're not out . of it true look at a kale salad . god bless america. that was clicking on the arrow its home . edgy girl's life the era pays for your . bedroom suck you you're my girl the . majority wants to watch out watch out. there yeah we got we got buffalo wings . and fries to share and it's going to be . living we're just showing time constant . time you know anything side the cuticle . girls are in here and yeah depressed . never has been fifty girls there's a . little device you can pretty sure the . lace story or for and there so this is . our number 140 now there is coming . through with her glass of losses i . cannot believe this year is engaged like . my best friend is engaged what the heck . reduces your first wedding is going to . be when you're in yes guys i've never . been to a wedding before my entire life . and my first wedding is going to be . i was like that's the whole story so a . year a year a little bit over a year ago . last year . i'm instead a year like april april . april last year i wanted meredith to . come with me because i'm going overhead . it you know on its promotion i wonder . where it is to come with me to go to . xavier place and at the time xavier was . saying at the mall apartment which like . alex was in because i just didn't want . to go alone because i don't know i . thought that'd be weird and mayer was . like chef something juicy shooting go . and i was like looking arahat because. we're at them like literally i was so . dramatic i face times here no but you . have to come you're coming expected i . don't know i'll pick you up. i freaking droser apartment and picked . her up and turns out the model apartment. was like a mile away from where she was . at the time and then she met alex that . day in the rest of history. so boy i knew my soul in game honestly . though like if your best friend is . dragging you somewhere just go you might . need your hostesses make sure the . dragged me to a good place make sure . it's safe but yeah that is all for now . our food has arrived veggie girl has . done us right amen thank you jesus god . bless america. so it's almost time for us to drive over . dayton click and i have so much stuff to . buy baguette and not even funny i just . pulled out these like granola bars and . i'm 16 i'm up there to my desert yeah i . got these bars from old boots they're . caramel machiatto bar . if you run out of coffee or you don't . get a chance that you're going to coffee . and like i don't know i guess at the bar . i also have deodorant in case you get . sweaty i mean i think every person she . carried you are written about because . honey you never know i'll come in cut my . inhaler and of it all you have every . anything just like till you have . something in your back girl i even got . eyedrops my gosh anyways i've been . really full um and then we're going to . dinner. i don't really pull though but yeah i . touched up my makeup because you're old . and oily oh my god hanalei so cute girl . don't scratch up my leg oh oh oh this is . all cash gone away you're crazy . she's out she's over it some favors here . we are back at plant food and wine once . again times second sizes week amazing. business here and did you precise you . know only you it's amazing we're going . to get the dessert to talking about i'm . really good hi i am just going to get . dessert because dessert and team because . we had veggie girl before this i mean . chill fulfillment no i make it the . corner center . amen i forgot to vlog our food but we . got the chocolate cake we are so full . like no bottom its camera it's over with . zombie era how was it . thankless i go to those good the pie was . i'm gonna end the vlog here i love you . guys so much thank you for watching . we'll see you soon. goodbye. [music]. .
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