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Really excited today about carly's party . already gone makeup done just kind of . left my hair as it was to be honest and . i have my jumpsuit practic in my back. really to be tried on a fall rather than . traveling on the train with it i just go . in something else i meant to go quite . casual batf end up going quite somewhat . dressy i could please remember square . this fullest evening it's cool i like it . some trousers or flats i love this . jacket i got this in for like two years. ago now a longshot jacket we go into the . ridge . we've never been to nourished it looks . like it from the dark ages seeing some . astray certain begins we've got like a . little pat once i get on salary . okay go your mom's chicken . it was pretty good please meet the label . oh and we got some special said the big . you never tried before . no now let me find too guilty for you . have it she's won't - i was trained and . oh my god we just got here it talks like . 30 odd minutes somewhere in like the . sticks which is pure countryside the . weather is in saying outside it's . beautiful it's like a huge country manor . all we've got all the different rooms . that his mine alex's room . okay this is my jumpsuit how prestigious . out that gorgeous strom ted baker i'll . leave a link down below . can you even see me at all that little . vulgar bag and these little shoes from . mars . i've never worn them ever i found them . and thought that'd be good for on grass . got a nice thick heel it's a big . surprise today . i kind of don't want to tell you so that . when you carry on watching you will now . be surprised as to what's going to . happen at the party but me and alex . assumed for the past few months this is . going to happen and we'll be so excited . yes well we've got extra presents . so yeah hold on to see what's going to . happen it's a moment oh did you get . whatever yeah we need another q is also . is also a correct boundary shenyang . shall we go over here twelve little feet . in but here all this and more is there . happy. if you 1935 i am so sorry of the lion oh . oh you're in swimming you're fun your . questions your conversations i am and . they know that's why we going because we . wanted people to come because they . wanted to be here whether it was a party . whether the gathering motive is awaiting . for everyone and it needs to be so much . emphasis on the word winning that people . are going to turn up just the produce a . wedding and everybody here i can safely . say you're here have a heart. [music]. [applause]. [music]. not a birthday bash and also as the . college of design and harmonica . it's like a big breasts i think but i . started feeling is one of the things . certain if you guys get to before show . you that program you're very wise . it's been amazing i didn't recall too. much i wanted opposite projectors . they're amazing day we had two . ceremonies appear outside instructor . beautiful and inside of the bar can . unload solution under star like home . such an incredible day i love this dress . oh please now god you look good . oh i look at my ass with a crap there's . a really gorgeous messy you as well look . how how to landmark. my my . [applause]. [music]. ronique . it was absolutely beautiful like last . night and it was just so nice to meet . kyle's parents and dance with everybody . and get to know everyone and yeah it's . the most amazing night was know babe . alex is just idrac a well last monday i . think those think everyone drank a lot . last night but it was just wonderful . another gorgeous day i can use good for . more awesome it was so much fun we . brought so much i can't even drink it . which i'll call them mr. dance for like . a good three hours yeah we did we . started up kazooie zoe london whilst . djing so we're just dancing all night . pretty much it was so fun . trina canales regular french is a . wedding because we're at the market . i'm out . is paramount. including the chest. [music]. my cologne . and all the south . now jim i already know that when i added . this they count of today it kind of made. pretty dull i am well i haven't now we . got in had a nap i was going to go to . the gym but i had a nap instead so it's . all good and myself a day off and my . dressing i'm already getting cozies alex . is making soup and chillin happy monday . morning guys today we're back holiday . and i only realized last night when i . woke up a tire thinking okay what you . have to do tomorrow realize it's a black . holiday which is the best day means no . emails which means i can catch up on . emails and there we mails come back it . means i can do some blog posts without . kind of been bombarded by emails and i . feel guilty. so when yes quite good although a little . gorham for you guys because i'm probably . going to be clearing the flat hoovering . i've already strict the bed i'm going to . be twin the bed because quite frankly . it's got some stains sort my coffee i'm . going to get myself into some gym gear. in a second . yes head to the gym get that out the way . and i can just chill for the rest of the . day oh and also very excitingly i just . put up on the best that you've ever on . my instagram this is me with victoria . beckham literally life made i got so . it's pitches with her about a month or . so ago now . yeah what about four or five weeks ago . and she was showing us the new victoria . beckham estee lauder collection which if . you didn't already know she does this . question with a sale order first . collection was incredible like so many . almost called products know is which is . astounding it's amazing and she's. bringing out the second collection in . autumn i'm sure it's around september . time i really really cannot wait to get . my house in it so i got to go and have . this preview of it and meet victoria . beckham and also take a picture which if . you know me well you will know victoria. beckham is one of my biggest inspiration. she's one of my idols i think she's . absolutely amazing and she's so . inspiring for me so to meet her was . literally like meeting my number one . person in the world so you can imagine . my insides were like . i was able to post this picture today so . i'm just so pleased it looks like . everyone's really pleased me as well . from the comments it is brush washing . day so now i am washing all my faves i . keep the gallon size my brushes and i . only have a few and then i get some new . ones in or i find some of them are on my . pool. i remember how good this was back out. and then before i know it i've got loads . of brush it back again and don't need . this many and i probably use this one. this one this one put the light those . that and that that and that pull all . that i actually use times day today so . why i have double that but these are my . fifties it's going a little bit insane . but just watch my hair feel so nice . family wash it out to calif i left it . since can wait i'll felt quite brittle . so just put loads of treatments on it . lift it up i'm not going to dry it come . on air dry . i'm currently covered in town so that's. why i'm wearing this big ugly shirt i'll . share really quite like this shirt but . i'm wearing this big shirt i've just . wash all the bedding so i thought i'll . turn in the day so that don't get my . baking ruined. so i'm also a little bit overly hot now . shirts bit thick so when i start working . on some blog posts finally it's like 6 . o'clock or something ridiculous and i'm . not really doing much work jax i've been . to the gym within cleaning do my brushes . and other things i'm going to get on . with it so it is nearly the end of the . night now i'm very nice around my hair . is drying nicely and such i'm very very . bronze on his awesome picture aren't we . also making a bit of dinner we're having . geoffrey potatoes with minted peas and . carl . excellent very excited about it so in . this sexy shirt under this vlog you . seems like your distant side to me out . here and you're enjoying this real side . the real me i have a brother alex alex . alex however has any clothes on i often . have absolutely no makeup on and hideous . clothing but alex has been time at the . house today so she can really really . great just the washing you didn't all . those kind of mundane tasks and i've . also written two blog post so two blog . posts from their way thank goodness so . tomorrow's gonna be emailed a we're. going to whole foods going to lots of . things . fuck you then. .
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