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My travel vlog of the biggest 3 day whirlwind in Los Angeles! In this vlog you'll see me hang out with a bunch of YouTubers at the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Party such as Bella Fiori, Brittney Saunders, Rachael Leary, Emily Canham, MannyMua, Christen Dominique, Chloe Szepanowski, Laura Lee, Kandee Johnson as well as an appearance from Erik Conover!
I had the MOST FUN 3 days ever and I am so incredibly grateful to Too Faced Cosmetics for not only being one of the best brands ever, but for also being so incredibly generous and ultimately giving me the best 72 hours EVER!
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[music] and now we are switching to my blogging camera which is so wide you can see my mtr it's ok but no shame notion is 228 in the pm i you know i asked i'm like shiny german belfiore a pretty saunders and close open house key i black solid group chat with that's made of light up like dinner also like that and i was at eight-thirty and it's not like i'm working up yet i'm like okay i'm getting really hungry i don't have any daughter of my phone so i'm like do i got side and then they don't know where i am or i white from the wake up and kinda like i don't know i don't know i think i think im just gonna have to go outside by myself we are staying at the mondrian is wandering wandering murdering the unearthly notice that it is right around the corner from barney's beanery which i love i love that place and when i was here two times the guard i spoke to amy adams that like iran is that this is such a cool place i really love it i'm thinking i just had been myself also i'm thinking of messaging rachel larry who's from england because she's been treating me asking me if i'm coming today and i wasn't aware of your rich reward myself watching stuff and she's super cool so i my inbox and be like hey reach its good i just like to put myself out there sometimes i'm its sure how much change as a person i mean watch mikey logs and like i would be sitting in this hotel right now being like oh my god i'm to sketch talking about moore's now my capacity everyone i know you're like hey what are you doing good it's good nice to see that you're growing that's for sure but yeah i'm thinking i might just head out alone walk around a life for a bit what kind of stuff and i'm sure you guys something that's really annoying i fake tan last night and can you tell which finger for some reason decided to get the respect and like i can't get it off how ridiculous this is yeah but largest forgot to save the day so we go to barney's beanery it's just down the road it's like my favorite places ever and 8 i'm just 33 it's like many free p. m. and i'm like yeah besides my dad literally bigger than your head i was trying the most exciting thing is going in an american supermarket what she wanted to promise me and looking at the period of my own everything is always figure in the u. s. crazy just ate so much of bonnie's and what i can't even look at you right now online would anyone like a danielle this one just appeared in my room i look like a boy you can bloody like we look at these things exactly how it for like 24 hours and fish eyes they have written order for what trying anything which is hilarious so now i'm gonna go to ask as with bella and brittany and we're gonna get some drinks for we don't bail out because she's 19 and drink here it's kinda sucks so that's a little pool and the tables are here and they're like candlelit tables and was like very lies and stuff it just looks like heaven and i'm really excited to go downstairs and what's your beer i say also that there danny only wi-fi tether my room a lot on and then i got here i am sarolta most of the last time i came in webster organized by going but it and i want to put this in a lousy some kind of work in one hole for the danger the stairs ok nicole britney little bit shocked it's actually you guys call i love with the girl saying it's freezing in like 10 celsius actually like english someone like i lovely sweater this is like good baby britney jean this is gonna be the ugliest fucking of everything haha yeah good morning everyone it is now friday be first up to some but the event is later on tonight and i'm excited i was actually awake most of the night because i couldn't sleep thanks to my jet lag so it is like midday now and i'm pretty much starting right now because they had to sleep in the morning because i just couldn't sleep sweet it is so annoyed that i'm gonna have to the beverly center now i think i'm gonna go with bella and do some shopping i definitely go to the body like to get some candles the christmas scented candles are going to makes me so excited it's terrible i'm just like and then it's the event and i'm super-excited mentor i am making out with a youtube friend who happens to be in la at the same time so i'll be getting breakfast with him we should be really fun so yeah let's go to the shops me [music] good so you keep cousin [music] sense ok was jesus someone feelings american right now i have my almond milk creme brulee nothing we're going clear yeah and my buddy this is great hashtag resting bitch face we now on the ground so much for being a person that we have to go back to our hotel and wrinkles on that [music] someone to go to america for every single crystal cool is it be just say it guys this one should make a spy it's just this is and this is a maple and this and this google around with me like i'm crazy right now display is not good moment to be like this guy right now i'm finished i feel so bad deal to you that i'm thinking of putting in a take you to give to a homeless person claims like that's a shame it looks like i have need anything i'm legit i'm going to pack this up and giving someone a bit because you're horrible at all feel like i'm village i'm going to be so bloated follow me but tonight i could go a little before my competition come on everyone i have returned from shopping now i did a little bit of damage in the beverly center i didn't buy anything at the grove but that meal on my god it is really full him a contract to show you cuz they're wrapped i'm going to show you what i'm horrible snapchat but i got like a peach candle a christmassy candle and another one current mobile was when i went to forever 21 and i got like ugly christmas what is look at it gingerbread bad love it so let me i'm put it on the bed so you can see the place how cute is this i definitely want to make like a holiday-themed here and i'm a hundred percent gonna be wearing that sweater in it all of you guys you have to look at you right now it's stunning that sky so beautiful like i'm seriously a loving being in the us during the festive time i really miss you know northern hemisphere christmases english christmas is to me like the last class what i grew up with in australia it's not that big of thing because everyone's more thought about some of them there about christmas and it's so nice to be here and like so much festive stuff the christmas music trees even that la is not cold for me i just feel like a kid again it's so like nostalgic and i love it love it now i'm going to start getting ready for tonight super excited and yes i will film some of me doing my makeup but i'm losing the natural light right now i might have to put my makeup on with artificial light which is like sucks so yes time to get ready [music] i am finally ready their future disasters when i was getting ready because you know my head just wasn't working well i'm ready now i'm going to have brittany's and i think it's going to take some photos like that reads my makeup the lighting in here is 0 but i 14 comic peachy makeup assist each pallet party my place it is from god our by six girl trying to fly between cream hails or black heel i like praying damn that booty toe dat booty toe we are about to head up soon to the toothpaste please i can't put my bomb in these cameras because especially if i were to land stretches your body out look at my head right now uh-huh seriously k right now my face in the middle camera looking slim it's looking good then i go to the outside oh every time your characters on funny but then otherwise i'm not very last one at the two facing all right areas i wasn't actually hilarious i was just drunk ok ok coming and i'm gonna like feeling you talking in my ear okay well we're heading off to the to fix because i think this is like the fourth time except this already we can't get any good photos lighting in here sucks that's pretty much it speak for yourself yeah all right however i'm hungry i commented on your video about event front of the bus bamboo for you know brittany and i had a drink at the bottom poor little bella is 19 i'm feeling fine of my wife will be feeling really good and you want to know what my mission tonight is my printing to everyone that's the first time i've been to an event in the u. s. australia's really friends i've actually like we're watching here and we have a ride yeah we are walking onto the beach coming here we go i got my dress blowing i'm embarrassing we are gonna go inside now like hmm we got the english girls ya never know [music] and human rights to have all of you here are friends and family means absolutely everything to me and you are our family we're doing this together to help piece suite page like you did i don't want to keep you waiting any longer than your suite beach jim beach with me that we work so are the popular turn the channel parent that's right over here laura bmi-1 oh ok thank you people how are you so happy to finally get ahold of you i know you've been so busy repeat after me main sweet peach as fast as we can and let's get a pallet in every one hand you're so cute i really appreciate you joining [music] we made it morally way you're really a parrot fish eye color you can talk [music] we're gonna get [music] you guys like one of those like me back today my very good dad haha a little warmer buddy [music] the books in the bugs page collection hey pam so i'm back at the hotel i spent in leggings snackies and a jump up because it's an often party here but i have a breakfast tomorrow at 9am with eric i don't know how to do that because i'm kinda like and i have a meeting tomorrow my agency and companies i've gotta sober out-jump anticipates on a white development it's a place like god i would kill to pick the back way the bates is but what is bella bella is here friendly we are driving over there and we really will be around la 11 fam reach you i thought people stop cackling but not here not here spreading dinah yeah and i have a breakfast behind hope that nine in the morning i'm not like i went into that dropped my body yeah from like [music] oh my god you're very funny da ti no vegan she's at the morning to you all look 7i am i went to bed 3 i've got up at six now i have a breakfast my third is killing me but i'm gonna get pancakes and the second is eric my god i hope let's look at this together so i have a sweet as a peach bag which is so so cute ok the grand reveal oh my god it's a beautiful looks like close up and dusky oh now this is so cool i don't have like any of this except the appellate here is what is in the box how amazing i still have my arm my god i still have my page title 14 months this is so cool like how wait to try these my goodness there's brush to feel a bit more than human being home last day now i act like i'm tonight i'm actually really excited about meeting eric is gonna go to mate other like super creative feel my heat look people and my voice is going i could feel it starting to go i know i'm not wearing black today i wearing maroon or as i said mr. alia mehran like a pet paper when i just like it's it's murder it's not maura you wouldn't say around five that's another story sorry yeah i'm packing up my stuff and getting my stuff ready for my flight on eggs on his way so i should we head down in a second it's been an amazing short trip with just had the best time is love full day and amazed i was like well last night was just incredible way i had no anxiety at all like at all and i feel to face inviting a bunch of australian inputs together so i kind of feel like i had friends there like it really helped me so much and i felt so comfortable and actually felt really confident which is so weird three and i was going to every single person is saying hi and it was such like a nice liberating feeling to not have like anxiety holding you back or anything like that it was incredible two-faced i love them to bits as you guys know to phase 2 like the company i love them so much and they are so so generous like they flew all of us girls over business class they give us a beautiful presence and they you know we stayed at this hotel because there and i just can't thank you enough there's such a generous company and quite overwhelming yeah i kind of feel like why do i deserve this and my god it was amazing the event was like playing i'm going to that was just like inside it was beautiful and it just smells like peaches and my god it was so good i'm so glad that i went today my can bring people together in my head so this is a red velvet pancakes to go play only got these are red velvet and gave basically it's just sugar no going back it's just sugar sugar per person for their next to mine i'll i'm just like hearing beautiful my wish australia and about christmas much too fast to my mother had told you guys before now i'm wasting my christian life lines over the grave again a distance meeting today and we actually and i have talked about the one of my shoes and i was like what is that smell this moment guys [music] so this is the end of my la trip and we've but mainly yeah i'm gonna blow you know about to get on a plane and fly for the next 16 hours my god yeah i think that's actually really refreshing yeah i hope you guys enjoyed my la blog and so much fun i haven't actually watched the footage from yesterday and you would have already seen it by now but i'm kind of skeptical should i mean brady was just saying like those drinks are strong yeah really like very strong not with the amazing i had so much fun have you guys got it and i'll talk to leave third eye
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