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The one where it’s DECEMBER! Welcome to my weekly Christmas Vlogs; 4 instalments of all the best bits of the past week, uploaded every Sunday at 9am. Catch up with more of my vlogs here -, and if you want my Mum’s Mince Pie recipe, it’s here -
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Hi everyone so today is that day yeah i think there's a the first december which means that this is the beginning at the first installment of my christmas weekly vlog series for blogs being plated 9 a. m. gmt every sunday with the last one going up on christmas day and then i'm also going to do a christmas-themed blog post to go each one with this video i've done a blog post on my mom's christmas mince pie recipe they are also have been testing them testing them all week that's robert after making and eating before week and they taste absolutely delicious so make sure that is linked somewhere down below be but yeah today's thursday i thought i'm going to flog thursday friday saturday this week and show you what we got to that stage pick up one market like are ridiculously early to go to the gym just like get out the way can't go this evening because this evening we're going to see a musical we're going to go see when i think it's in hope somewhere with our friends that evaluates really excited about and now it's time to sort this out because today i got a photo-taking day and butler on coming down and we're going to spend the day taking an absolute shedload photos which is always really fun and we're going to take some places outside it's freezing outside i'm definitely gonna be like throwing on my puffer jacket fits up best december let's do this [music] in town laurens hair this is the not very glamorous bit that you don't normally see i'm currently freezing the national it is a jumpsuit and taking out the pitcher [music] between shop pilot like more like everybody needs to be that you need to go crazy bag lady jumps 8 update maybe i should have taken prisoner of the [music] i'm just cooking up dinner you would have seen me chopping up some tortillas to make them into like naturally by chip it went a bit wrong mm how do you fancy some better than i didn't go to i actually went on amazon to pick up a feed bit we were missing i need like some coconut oil and stuff and then completely forgot that they were in often so that bit about we're having last night leftover chili i used the lima she's recipe is awesome i think i did the recipe x 3 so we'll let you gonna be chilly for like the next five days are you achieve things like we're off out because we're going on a date lord walder doubleday boot and we're going to see ren at a local iosh his peace out how to say it there's it yeah oh it was my bring anything back side only say yes sir and everyone's life oh there you go there you go getting the hang of it and we're gonna go we're gonna go see right in the old market it's called the old mark yeah it was just gonna wonder there is going to be freezing probably i think i just complaining all day that's called but it is really cold i do with food is war sometimes they're not that's why i'm taking later my love [music] wouldn't you think your friend really enjoyed reading your enjoy it yeah it was really get the crosstour incredible add another room had some good sex of his lungs on them with it ok i was up pretty early this morning because i hadn't gone through all the pictures that we took yesterday i like picked up my favorites but need editing i think there's like a thousand like a thousand pictures to go through i did that this morning and now at the gym very dark but i'm feeling right i've had to kind of get the gym in really early this week i just haven't had time to fit in at any other time so i've really been going at the crack of toured with everybody out i like to go more in me like afternoons and not too many people around but just got to bat out that call yesterday level up today ok i just got ready in 30 minutes that's the hair wash as well included actually proud of myself but i am looking a bit ruffled i think the word is but i'm off to london now because i'm gonna spend the day with carrie ann dream and lily if you haven't had a carry mean before like seriously get on their blogs right now that fashion lifestyle bloggers their incredible million i went on a pressure within recently and basically wanted to be there like best think so we're meeting up i'm going to have some lunch at the shape this is also a very fun way to spend a friday which means that tomorrow saturday is going to be spending my laptop but you'll see that anyway right authorization [music] [applause] created appears green he's got like in sort of crazy look at that wraps up with me and carrie [music] i've been evening on my laptop doing work a bit because then safe and around its analogs and not some reading magazine trafficking even want to know i think its nine o'clock group and i i think we're gonna watch and the ground torn out and maybe the danny dyer version version the daily diet episode oh do you think your experiments really funny and we like that daddy doesn't have had an extremely lazy morning had a lion felt incredible haven't lighting for very long time most likely story about mornings ok know that like the first time it's like ten o'clock yeah it is haha we start out so i hey we're hopping in town because my needs a haircut look at last the moms really get that and i think tomorrow we're gonna see the tree that you can then we haven't got enough for because we always end up you're facing one side of it at the site that we can see it in the back of it is just something going to get full as some more ingredients to make its place for her in this too much of a stretch and marketing still out the way back and i want a bit not with the ball boobs shopping these are from m&s and just like quite clear like translucent want to look cool white company had twenty percent off basically everything in there and these are actually like a miniature version of 10 already from a previous year so i got some of those and these forms are behind it like quite hardy bubbles to me and then these forums are behind this lightly at all a little freaky so i'm yeah i think it's fair to say that we're all sorted football [music] three spending our money and our laptop doing her thing and also cooking i mean how many even at 66 there's a lot of its type got some here now i wrapped them for my friends and had a little golden bow on part because i'm lame like that last mark he's walking along with huge box make up for my friends at me and but yeah we're gonna go see my friends and their boyfriends other heart and go to some persian food i'm very excited about been there before lady rich and last time the chicken was incredible play i think we have not again but again we're walking very quickly on our way home in the freezing cold that was a very good night with friends across the brook amazing dinner and then we went to a wine bar it's a class thing like that trendy want any wine bar then had a great day hey does anyone want a glass of wine you have anyone have a glass that's why rocky shocking and but that's the end this week's look because it's now saturday night i think it's quite late and a half eleven think it's almost 12 feet toward god made their last orders check us out and i really hope you enjoyed this video and i'll be another one next sunday next reach if you want to check out my latest video i will put it here or marks head it was my november favorites have also done wrong place to go with this video that is the mid piracy and also subscribe if you haven't already much appreciated the urn oh [music]
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