The Fluffiest Pancakes You’ll Ever Eat

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Pancakes are one of the most iconic . breakfasts and so many recipes claim to . have the best so we spent several weeks . and tried out a few techniques and we . found what it actually takes to make the . best fluffiest buttermilk pancakes ever. the right amount of flour is crucial to . achieving a fluffy pancake and so many . recipes vary in terms of how much they . call for so we experimented to find the . exact proportion needed for the perfect. pancake so if you use too little flour . in this case two cups you end up with a . pancake that tastes really great but . it's really flat too much flour creed's . a deceivingly thick pancake sure it . looks great but it lacks flavor and its . really just too dense i mean it kind of . tastes like eating you know like baked . flour no one wants it we found the sweet . spot it's two and a half cups of flour . your pancakes will be light fluffy and . delicious. protip make sure you measure the flour . correctly by spooning it into the . measuring cup and then leveling it with . a straight edge if you scoop the flour . directly with the cup or just pack it . right in whatever you make is gonna be . way too dense. now flower isn't the only thing that . affects how pillowy your pancakes are . chopped they're fluff factor you're . gonna need a leavener leaveners are. those ingredients that allow food to . rise when cooking or baking these are . things like yeast baking powder and . baking soda if you use only baking soda . your pancakes will rise but taste to . sophie if you use just baking powder . which is a mixture of baking soda and . cream of tartar it'll taste like . aluminum foil we use a mixture of both . because when they work together you'll . get the perfect amount of lift from the . combination of baking soda along with . the right amount of tang from the cream . of tartar and the baking powder so now . that we've got all that settled let's . prep our dry ingredients this is pretty . straightforward at the sugar salt baking . powder and baking soda to the flour and . whisk to combine now there's nothing . more classic than using buttermilk for . your pancakes that's it if you find . yourself in a pinch you can actually . make your own it's pretty simple just . add a few tablespoons of lemon juice or . vinegar to whole milk and let it stand . for five to ten minutes once you see the . milk start to curdle you can use it just . like buttermilk yeah up close it looks a . little weird we also did an experiment . to see if he's in buttermilk powder . would enhance the fluffiness of our . pancakes and actually . the texture but the buttermilk flavor . was completely lost now we're gonna move . on to our wet ingredients add the . buttermilk melted butter and egg yolks . and again whisk together yeah it's a lot . of butter but you're making pancakes you . want them to be buttery and flavorful . and delicious make it life better with . butter okay this seems simple but this . is actually a make-or-break moment . you're gonna add the buttermilk mixture . to the dry ingredients and gently mix it . until just combined i really want to . emphasize to not over mix your batter . that will result in dense flat pancakes . you also want to use a rubber spatula . instead of a whisk that'll help you just . gently fold the ingredients together now . eggs are the final super important part . of guaranteeing that you'll achieve . picture-perfect fluffy pancakes i cannot . stress this enough they're also the most . debated we found that adding a whole egg . all at once doesn't actually result in . any fluffiness you should add the egg . whites separate from the egg yolk . because on its own the egg white has . different properties than if you were to . add the whole egg all at once the most . popular method is to add the egg yolk to . the batter then beat the separated white . into soft peaks before folding it in . this does work but we actually found . that you can save yourself some time by . adding the separated unbe neg white on . its own to get a pancake that's just as . fluffy i mean who really wants to break . out the hand mixer at 7:00 a. m. am i right now we're gonna add the . unwept egg white on its own and again . fold it until just combined you don't . want to see any of that snotty egg then . you also don't want it to be too mixed . in this may look under mixed but some. lumps and small pockets of flour . actually what you want the batter to . look like at this point let the batter . rest for 15 to 30 minutes so all the . ingredients can really get to know each . other well it may not seem super . important the pan you use can radically . impact how your pancakes look you can . absolutely use a nonstick pan if you . want it's smooth surface will guarantee . that your pancakes are flat and uniform . however when we prefer a cast iron the . rough surface of the cast iron will give . your pancakes these glorious craggy. pockets perfect for soaking up all that . butter and syrup you're gonna put on top . set your pan over medium heat with a . tablespoon of butter yes more butter you . can use oil if you want to but it'll . make your pancakes taste more like a . doughnut . than a pancake which is fine if you know . that's your thing once the butter melts . and starts to bubble turn the heat down . to medium-low to ensure that everything . cooks evenly we found that a hefty third . cup of batter gives us the ideal size . pancakes but you can make them as bigger . as small as you want this is also the . time for you to customize your pancakes . with blueberries chocolate chips. whatever you want i'm a berry type of . girl myself but you can go crazy so . after a few minutes you're gonna start . to see these bubbles pop up on the . surface. that's your green light to flip your . pancake don't be discouraged if your . first pancake doesn't look great it . usually takes a few tries i mean and no . one has to know it's a snack just for . you you don't need to let the pancake . cook for too long on the side since it . did most of the cooking before you . flipped it just a minute or two to get . that golden-brown bottom that's pretty . much it. we like ours with more butter shocker. it's tasty and lots of maple syrup and . there you have it you've got yourself . the perfect stack of fluffy buttermilk. pancakes sure they aren't the most . complicated thing to make and don't take . that long but if you really want to . upgrade your weekend skip the box mix . take the extra time to follow these . steps we've taught you and we can . guarantee that there'll be some of the . best pancakes you've ever had we mean it . we can't stop making them these are the . pancakes where people came running in . the office i think i made over 400 . pancakes 500 maybe someone shook my hand . after saying thank you for bringing . these into our life . 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