The Simpsons – Funniest Moments: Stupid Ralph

Ah oh never eat turkey again march we . got any ham i hereby declare . thanksgiving dinner officially over. which means it's the start of christmas . season which means christmas it's chief . wiggum hi bart hey ralph i heard you . died. i got cloned it alright buddy what's the . hurry. [music]. that rap was stupid and bart's bringing . the boys and lisa's coming with zia for . once the whole family is going to be . here for the holidays . hey i got a b male 2 you have won a . valuable prize open now oh no . winners-only it's a virus you late . i see you are reading a children's book . yet your profile indicates you are a . mature adult is there an error shut up . mmm . bird how would you like some future sex . why do you say future this is now i . meant a week from tomorrow that's when . the new penis gets here how do i get . down our consciousness was a secret for . thousands of years then one pine tree . had to open his sappy mouth back in . position wow dad that's really . impressive yeah . after i stopped drinking this was a way . to stay close to my bottles . it's mashable for one lousy beer our oh . another grandchild how special careful . how you shut the door it upsets the . children oh sanjay how i wish that . runaway jerky wagon killed me instead of . you yep i'm sanna oh no i'll never die . can't we just send out a picture of the . pets dressed like reindeer we tried that . last year don't who cares what we look . we're gonna need the air marshal . [music]. now you've done it . hey honey paco come on ladies you're all . deputies now you're two weeks late on . the rent bart. not to mention that geography report . from 30 years ago don't worry i got some . buyers coming over to look at my good . kidney they grabbed a crap . i bagged me a fat little badger oh . please khan sir have pity all i hear is . chitter chitter this is a tough time of . year for someone who's allergic to holly . mistletoe the red part of candy canes i . can't believe we put a man on the sun . but we can't stop by sneezing yeah sure . hmm hi zia how did you do on your math . test . gee i'm fine mom thanks for asking i'm . going online everything looks great . maggie but until this baby comes i don't . want you to make a sound . ray sees our lady singer might i'm sorry . but recent research has shown that the . umbilical cord is also a vocal cord now . can you tell me who the father is . hmm we will not now if you don't mind . i'd like to watch a football match and . now patty and sun are here to help us . decorate with their new love box make me . a bloody mary dollface no soma even a . robot built only to love you cannot love . you i am leaving with your sisters can't . you droid . all right can i get a pillow for my head . [music]. suicide pills mohawk joe 20 year old . business week turkey and brie rod do you . have any dog food left oh could i have . the whole can. should we start an epidural no nurse you . know we found something much more . effective it's against the law . [music]. let's be much engine . laughter what a cashless society but i . do speak for the common man who does his. lousy job goes to church twice a year . and watches women's tennis cuz he likes. to hear him grunt i bet chuck the . cameraman and steve the sound guy know . where i'm coming from house of detention . well i'm on my way . i don't know this the homes . is it snowing down here no one of the . freezes is busted if those kids can . forgive that train wreck of a father and . maybe i can forgive you quit drinking . like a coward the one thing you were . good at hmm yeah lawn chair breaking. quick . tear loose and go marge love and peace . okay everyone smile while the pets take . our picture hmm funny how they evolved . and we didn't. [music]. [music]. with you. [music]. don't tread on p ah wait probably right . yeah sir you've been selected for a . pat-down hello can you focus on my . shoulders that's where i carry my stress . now if i fart that cuz i'm so relaxed . welcome back to gut check i have . something very very pro-american to . share with you come with me don't dust . to america i mean over here we'll need . to have a special agent check this out . ah you're clear no i have to change the . nipple true patriots breastfeed mm-hmm . who's hungry for elk hmm . my daughter's a vegetarian that's all . right she can munch on an antler antlers . ain't meat finally the only thing i wait . in lines this long for are slightly . better cell phones why do we even have . to go to this stupid wedding cousin . cathy invited us so our feelings . wouldn't be hurt and we're going so her . feelings won't be hurt i just don't . understand the world of grown-ups good . you can check my carry-on but you can't . check my spirit and why is there . moisture between the windows and don't . wake me up thailand just let . i regret nothing except this oh this is . the birth of homer simpson blowhard i'm . on the roll of my life give me a . scratcher give me another one . samos the winner you can check my . carry-on but you guys check my spirit . and why is there moisture between the . windows and don't wake me up to land . just blurt this is going so great i'm . already a halloween mask that's not you . they just painted shrek yellow it's . still a great honor high school . yearbooks i told you not to pack them . don't argue in front of the airport line . strangers are judging our marriage lisa . do you really need all these kurt . vonnegut novels a self reference each . other. marge do we really need all these . feminine products that's toothpaste i'm . still gonna make my flight right cause . if not you have to put me up in a . first-class hotel that's how it works . i raw fatso goes nutso and post a . youtube with the following keywords fat . stupid classic simpsons and just to be . safe baby rides kitten rides penguin . you're perfect sir there isn't enough . room yes the gravy boat movement is . spreading across the nation like a rumor . about some kid and someone's mom hooking. up at a high school speaking for lisa . and me we're not really 110 percent . behind you anymore then what percent . above 100 are you behind me um yeah only . 100 percent. hmm now they're all excellent choices so . simply pick the white male candidate you . prefer and will elect him i don't know . can we get chris christie to run we . don't think so oh yeah oh save me . obamacare arise homer simpson hmm mozart . i am james madison sir fourth president . of these united states whoo so we're . gonna be turning off the air but nothing . people are permitted to open and eat . their uncooked food oh what's the crazy . food indeed my friend. good new boots you faked it lisa could . you it wasn't just her homie it was all . of us. i did it just to mess with your mind . that's what a play within a play is for . your hosts wrangling on school days . oh the plain and simple facts eels i'd . love to raise your tattoos when my your . children gay fluffy ears okay . you got it mitch i think so sir is this . pretty close and so here's your penis. wow. my penis looks great yeah whose teacher . you're not the teacher fat-ass . that's mr. cartman now cow and you will . be wise not to interrupt my class unless . you want to be suspended . .
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