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Take a deep breath in.
We are doing this.
We begin by setting the tone with a gentle and foundational practice. It’s 24 minutes of solid set up for you to dip your toes in and lean into learning.
This series will offer strength and stability like no other if you remember you are here to learn and love yourself.
Not to work out.
But, expect to see transformation in your body! Oh yes, you will!
Welcome my friend, it’s Day 1.
Today’s theme is MOTIVE.
~ Share with us your motive down below! What is your reason for committing to TRUE?

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What's up everyone and welcome to true . your 30 day yoga journey i am your guide . adriene and today day one babies we're . gonna focus on motive so hop into. something comfy and let's get started. [music]. all right my friends let's begin in a . nice comfortable seat come on down to . the ground and slowly as you're ready. draw the hands together you guessed it . at the heart now take a minute to close. your eyes here which could feel a little . funky if this is your first time but . close your eyes sit up nice and tall and . begin to notice your breath . we'll be easing into our journey today . so you can relax your shoulders you can . give the thinking mind a break . and perhaps you accept the invitation . here to simply feel your way through. this ride . inhale in and exhale to bow the head to . the heart now pause here and gently . begin to deepen your breath and if you . like you can set a little intention or . consider your motive what brought you . here what's motivating you to . participate in true and at the very . least you're getting a nice stretch in . the back of your neck . and once you feel like you've explored . that question what's your motive or once . you've set a little intention for . yourself take the deepest breath you've . taken all day . maybe all year and as you exhale release . the hands to your knees tuck the chin . into the chest and then slowly lift it . up here we go big inhale squeeze the. shoulders up to the ears pause here . squeeze and lift squeeze and lift and . then exhale relax the shoulders down . super simple let's go again inhale . squeeze and lift sit up nice and tall . squeeze squeeze squeeze and then exhale . shoulders draw down one last time . squeeze and lift get in there then. exhale to release awesome we're gonna . send the fingertips forward spread the . fingertips you can even wiggle the . fingertips a little spirit fingers here . never hurt anyone so you're gonna plug . the shoulders in move nice and slow as. we take the right arm over the left and . we're gonna use the left hand to just . guide the right arm into a stretch here . so tendency is for the right shoulder to . come up see if you can draw the right . shoulder down and this is a shape many . of us have encountered before in our . lives maybe in a gym class or a simple . stretch post workout but what makes this . different is how you move again your . motive the feeling behind every movement . for me that's what makes yoga unique and . it's all about being true to how you . feel in the moment it's kind of like . picking out an outfit you want to be . true to how you're feeling that day now . i'll just put on the red dress and i . right slowly release and the fingertips . out can wiggle the fingers sit up nice . and tall and then left hand is gonna . cross over this time i'm just going to . come into a nice . again considering how you move and how . you exist in this movement we're just . like dropping right in and at the very . least again if you're if it's not quite . clicking it's okay just enjoy the . stretch it's time for yourself off your . phone away from your work tasks drop the . left shoulder down just actively engage . left shoulder drop it down take one more . breath and then slowly release . everything hands are gonna come now to . the side so fingertips are going to . reach out and then come to the sides . here and then we'll walk the fingertips . back just a bit loop the shoulders lift . the chest big inhale as you lift the . chin up towards the sky . pause here breathe just opening up. through the front body close your eyes . for a cycle of breath just notice how . you feel and then draw the navel in . release right arm goes over the left . again give yourself a big hug so if not . for love if that's not part of your . motive then why at least that's what i'm . inviting us to think about on this . journey so give yourself a big hug and . if you can close your eyes and see if . you can just really feel this embrace . start to deepen your breath and again at . the very least you're getting a nice . stretch in the upper back body and . slowly release fingertips come to your . side and welcome back maybe the pinkies . come a little bit closer this time as . you open up through the chest and the . armpit chest inhale lift legs are heavy. here heart lifts chin lifts if the knees . are coming up like this dude you are not . alone it took me forever to find this . space so except where you are today . you'd be kind and then one more breath . here everybody this big power poses . we're opening the heart opening the . lined up for this experience and then . slowly release draw the navel in and . this time a left arm over the right is . to give yourself a big ol hug maybe . really inch the fingertips in there heyo . and then close your eyes if you can and . just try to feel this out feel this . embrace so when we take the time to . really feel this embrace we're sending a . certain signal to the brain and of . course it's different for everyone that . signal inhale. an exhale to release awesome hands are . gonna go forward once again and this . time we're gonna continue the journey . forward as we come all the way onto . hands and knees so moving forward nice . and slow so no segmented movement here . especially for those who have practiced . yoga before or a lot see if you can move . with a certain ease with intention with . your motive. let your movement reflect that the why . why are here so often we'll set an . intention and then it doesn't really . show up in the movement so that's what . we're looking at today spread the . fingertips walk the knees underneath the . hip points wrists right underneath the . shoulders then press away from your yoga . mat and check it out we're gonna play . with this a lot during this series so . see if you can drop your belly down just . kind of drop it and let it all hang . loose and then see what you can find . when i invite us all to take the front . body and draw it up to meet the back . body what happens navel draws up lower . ribs hugging we broaden through the . upper back body we press away from the . yoga mat stay here or curl the toes . under inhale in and exhale lift the . knees and let them hover so this is a . series for beautiful people and pets all . around the world so explore things that . feel good for you . and omit the things that don't lie with . your body take one more breath here you . might start to shake and tremble feel . the heat and then slowly lower the knees . we're gonna bring the two big toes. together knees go as wide as the yoga . mat and then listen carefully we're . gonna inhale drop the belly to look . forward little cow pose variation claw . through the fingertips and then exhale . cat pose variation round through the. spine . and then send it all all the way back . for a head to the earth beautiful cloth . through the fingertips inhale draw a . line with your nose forward up and back . drop the belly and then exhale round . through chin to chest and then all the . way back and now notice the tendency to . kind of rush through this totally but . we're going a little deeper here in this . series so see if you can really slow it . down and move with intention easing into . your practice easing into the year with . a mindfulness inhaling to come forward . and exhaling to round and send the hips . back now close your eyes or soften your . gaze and start to catch the sound of . your breath here as you move find a . little rhythm. find what feels good great do one more . and the next time your hips go back lift . the palms really press into the . fingertips and if you want you can sway . gently side to side start to amp up your . breath now know that your intention your . motive for the day lives inside you can . give the thinking mind a break and as we . begin to move the body just pay . attention to the feeling plant the palms . lift the hips up walk the knees back . underneath the hip points and here we go . with really conscious placement of the . hands upper arm bones rotate out we're . gonna curl the toes under and here we go . the celebratory first downward dog of . our journey i'm such a nerd we're gonna . peel the tail bone up towards the sky so . for everyone wherever you are in your . yoga journey think of peeling up to . downward dog here and then often people . think the heels have to touch the yoga . mat but they don't you can quote me on . that bend the knees lift the hip points . the hip creases up high and so often . we're really focused on getting those . heels down but oh my gosh we're . bypassing all this yummy stuff all this . stuff that is true for our body that . we're just ignoring because we're trying . to get to the shape so it's no problem . if you want those heels down but i'm . here as your friend to invite you to . look for more . to really align with whatever sensations . going on in your body today hopefully . you've amped up the breath of it to . support you in this pose when you're . ready inhale lift the right leg up high . no higher than the hip here just nice . and level turn all of your right toes . down and take a deep breath in . and then as you exhale shift forward . upper bodies in plank for just a hot. second and then we'll step the right . foot all the way up pivot on the back . foot take your time here there's no rush . it's not a race it's not a competition . find your footing and then slowly rise . up hands together at the heart . and a few that flush of energy money . can't buy that and that's good because . this series is free okay so we have . warrior one legs . what is warrior one but we're gonna . bring the palms together press into the . knife edge of that back foot engage your . left inner thigh and then same thing . guys instead of forcing the hips to . square towards the front and this is not . just for beginners this is really for . everyone we're starting this way on .
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