VLOG 14 l off roading, meet up prep, etc. l Olivia Jade

vlog 14! such a fun day off roading w a bunch of friends and then me stressing about my meet up hahah. I love u guys. thanks for watching :) x
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[music]. good morning everyone welcome back to . another vlog if you're new make sure to . hit that subscribe button i'm giving you . five seconds to smash it by well the . clock will be here see if you can beat . it woke up a little bit ago i've been . having a really lazy morning just lying . in bed literally doing nothing i'm gonna . shower right now and then i actually am . doing something kind of fun today i'm . going off-roading with a bunch of . friends um and i'll see what i'm in a . film i'll probably bring my camera maybe . get footage on my phone to know we'll . see i'm just gonna see what happens . yeah i want to wake up i want a shower . i'm gonna put a little makeup on show . you guys my outfit and then yeah i just . got out of the shower and i'm gonna put . some in this high body butter on it . literally smells like heaven . of course my bathroom is a mess so just . ignore this is what i'm wearing and yeah . let's do it. bye ready is a flashlight we're yeah . we're trying to make a movie ball guns . bobby for those of you don't know not . paying attention yeah we're gonna have . some fun carry on . before we go. [applause]. [music]. [music]. yeah. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. let me know you wouldn't we . [music]. like. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. this bobby's car stop . oh god. why does kyun have a stick oh they're . trying to dig around it oh boy . [music]. [laughter]. [music]. yeah stop stop stop stop stop stop your . big initiative bobby we're gonna have to . show up we're having it to save . your car. david's up there having fun still. probably he's lost yours do you feel it . like swerving a lot back there . [music]. [music]. one time i set up my telephone . [music]. home now it was actually a really really . fun day we uh we were off-roading for . like eight hours you know maybe less i . don't know it's crazy it's so much fun . and then we saw a horror movie will they . all like split up showered and then all . regrouped and saw a horror movie and now . it's 2:00 a. m. and i just got home . good morning everyone so it is 10:30 . it's monday morning it's been a few days . i think we i think the last time i was . vlogging with saturday . now it's monday and i will be uploading . this video tomorrow so i want to get a . lot of footage today and also i kind of . have a busy day in regards to planning . for texas if you guys don't already know . i'm having a meet-up in houston and. austin on the 15th and 16th of june . friday and saturday i'm gonna have all . the info down below and yeah if you live . in houston or austin make sure to check . it out i hope i see you guys there . or if you live near there i will. literally cry if you come to my meetup . i'm so nervous but really excited and i . ordered one outfit off of this website . called essence but it's not even been . shipped out yet and i'm kind of freaking. out because i kind of really need to. figure out what i'm wearing to my meetup . um and i don't know if it fits me i . don't know if it's gonna look good i. literally don't know anything so i think . i'm gonna go shopping today and try and . figure out an outfit for that alright so . i managed to get ready for the day um my . camera is still so freakin dusty from . off-roading . it's literally disgusting but we are . going to century city to hopefully pick . out an outfit for the meetups and i have . to get to in case my other one doesn't . come so i'm just hoping for the best . here but yeah that's the plan so far and . here's bella and she's not here me which . is a non blogging well oh my god look . how cute she is she's so freaking . awesome look how cute she . ugh alright let's go how dirty my camera . is from here i was not to say that looks . disgusting . please gods of zara help me find. something okay fellas helping me is that . my size yeah is that a few poles . i kind of have a purse like that from . rest you're so cute what's up how are . you sorry i'm a mess yeah okay no so . this is the first dress i just don't . think i like it . olivia what'd you get oh my god you're . so cool so i'm home now it's been a . little while if you hear noise my mac my . sister's putting an audition on tape but . i went to zara i didn't find anything . for my meet-up unfortunately but i will . show you guys what i got i just got one . thing and that's a cute little blouse . and this part kind of like stretches out . it's really really pretty. but i am kind of freaking out because . today is monday as i told i don't my . hair is too short to like go whatever . today's monday as you guys already know . and i leave for texas and literally what . three days i leave on thursday um like . two and a half days so i'm kind of . screwed i actually don't know what ike . what i'm gonna wear so i'm gonna have to . find something my closet or i don't even . know it's too late to find it today . crossing fingers hopefully i find . something and i don't know what my plan . is for the rest of the night but . obviously you guys will find out since . you're gonna be a part of it the night . is carrying on i just put on different. sneakers this is my outfit today i did . like two tones of denim then these shoes. now we're going to cpk and i'm gonna get . pizza and i really want it so i'm so . excited . [music]. [applause]. [applause]. [music]. i just got home from dinner and i think . i'm just gonna go to sleep now thank you . guys so much for watching i love you all . and i'll see you guys next time bye . [music]. .
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