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Going down no just just completed her how i arrived from prison to city that took me around 12 hours ago sorry and you had asked me and i'm gonna be that applicants today i were you i so welcome to this blog haven't looked yet so this is me beginning a new one you see i welcome to sydney to this chick she now officially live in simi valley harmless harmless into me but we're gonna find design better place to say she's good like really fucked right now actually i we just finished up at freshman oh that's nice i really liked that a lot yeah keep going oh yeah keep going to be a regular i'm program and now what because cardia stinks we're gonna go to the beach and water off in order that does it out 2015 number but does anyone know we're about to justin bieber does not please do share this computer as well what hair grow how does it's just a bambi encourage takeover oh oh my god i love you hey guys what is up so happy weekend it is the weekend so i'm just taking you guys along with me so i started looking yesterday when kandi about here obviously and you guys saw her but like knowing me i'm the most awkward blogger and i forget to blog and i'm just not very good at it so i didn't really capture much yesterday basically i'm just going to try and incorporate a lot of running things this weekend i've never actually successfully started a blog and don't feel like at least a few days i always say i'm and do weekly vlogs and like include heats of things that i do but then i end up just editing it and then it's enough footage for one from one day and then i just upload it so this time i'm going to try and edit my whole weekend and obviously it's gonna just be things i get up to my friends and lazing around currently just sitting in the cox'n about two days house i'm just going to chill by the pool with her or go to the beach either way it's a beautiful day today so i'm i'm just heading to have now i'm sorry holy it's so hot today and then you'll probably see nick sometimes week and tomorrow i'm getting my nails done with collier because they are tragically overgrown for me i like to keep them keep them really fresh alright someone this weekend as well i want to set up my ikea furniture i really want to help me because you know they're just better at that's like don't think girls can't do it and i can probably do it myself but i just feel like i just feel like we're taking a lot longer than just not not not the best that type of stuff so i'll check in with you guys and i'm at daisy's because i'm driving now it went from that drive so i made it to daisy's house how nice is a little khabari pool area perfect for someone going to be spending a lot of time here last week we had bbq drinks and a little little bit white girl wasted just a little bit on my day i'm like they're funny because you really anyone ever i don't think i was like yeah yeah so we're just gonna hang out hang around the pool today get a bit of a tan with sunscreen on look he just showed up in this suit yeah take her top off in coming in coming in doing things like you get out of there get out of there now now are you okay are you okay go too deep like you to say the shallow and thank you get out i just days now and about my way audio just got home from her how something so i'm gonna go say hello to her and then i think she's going out tonight so i'm going out to tortilla which is a japanese what's wrong with nick my guys are not driving with stroke all the way back from daisy's there is a rich called the spit bridge and it was critical to spit bridge every half-hour it goes up still go through and i love daisies trying to compliment sorry i wasn't leaving cardio home alone too long and about the bridge so i'm literally sitting cute but like i said tonight nick is taking me to a trashy are a japanese restaurant we've been meaning to go ages it's really nice little japanese restaurant and it's good kyse can spring urine probably class of months bring your own wine which would be nice so nice little date night with him i haven't talked to you guys in ages haven't blogged in awhile kind of gotten how to like everything i'm doing just picking up a camera like talking about it like showing you guys that haven't done in also getting back on the bandwagon but i'm yeah it straight like that we are going to put again pushing people watching you look i get that concert about it but i'm i'm gonna start like i really like ideally i'd love to do one block away and 1b do we go see somebody or something like that so i try to do a lot more but we'll see how i got it's like 25 degrees which is not 30 degrees for any excuse we're meeting right when you're embarrassed of log in public so you hold it down there that's a pretty good angle how you doing yeah so it's 21 degrees today can you believe it's freezing not really gross like you put to make one going to scar on but it's not really cutting it is it and what i was talking with you guys later on during today's hangout with holly so i'll update you and something important is happening but right now there's something happening really gotta walk of shame doing the walk of shame naughty girl not really that's just laura's house hello my friends what was that dog and b yeah you sleeping take away my bed really gross the dog settlement and i have to watch it guys i could have already failed at this log i just i just thought i was gonna have a really entertaining weekend and look the weather wasn't great and it's just i don't think he could turn out like i thought it was i also don't have that many friends so when my friends are busy i'm just like the foot would like to attempt to do the carpet so i'm going to attempt yeah no time for the idea draws together by myself what do you think what do we think yes i know people me remote welcome your kids because like the paintings behind me that's my major work from school i did are in your 12 these are close i emptied out of my wardrobe and i'm giving away i'm just gonna give them to people in need to be so i'm actually kind of just procrastinating right now because they probably want to put my cupboards together that works that's a human i that's an octopus i and that's abby's i basically my theory was that we all have to remember we all see we all have different eyes and we see the same thing in different ways basically did a lot of research on different eyeballs and how different creatures and things see and i created the paintings that i actually had the main component was the video that i created i showed the same thing so for example an object but how each different creature would say it the other video is mainly the main component but not even really remember like how i came up with that and what the idea behind it was but anyway well i've been through the whole box later everything out and it seems there's no instructions well who so couldn't find any instructions in the box i disabled it how handy getting there so we built the drawers and now we're into the show so i don't have all that much space in my room i've only ever really had room to fit my bed and i've always had underneath this thing so i switched it over to this side there is where i film excuse the mess but so now i have a little feature wall here to put some plants for my background and then i was just built these drawers and i have another set to come as well just but all my makeup away so that i can tidy everything up so so you were in the car again if it was helpful is gonna be again in the car actually watched my hairs all frizzy so i just like don't wear it out look really red in this lighting what on earth so today i'm is their jobs i'm thinking at poly first you want to get so much so we're going to get lunch and then they need to need to do my nails but then also need to go to the bank and it's going to tell strap i need to get new ssd hard i may need to get the american converter like the american plugged move because i need an australian plug for my new ring light so just going to be driving around doing lots of things today all my cameras flashing dead so i might not even be able to show you anything but nonetheless i'll show you guys what i got two and you can fix these for your nails finally thank gosh let's go so i just went to the two-dollar shop and bought a whole bunch of days right so that i can put them in my drawers and then we may i bought in incense not really is it's a diffuser i bought the quiet diffuser in sweet pea and judgment and i got the candle version well this is a test and then i got myself a little christmas tree like here just start watch this next bit if you get creeped out by like really weird things but basically in high school i had very very long hair and when i left i decided to put in a ponytail and cut it off and i just have a party i need to like throw it in the bin out but i'm because save the race the reason i kept it was i wanted to donate it to like a head like a you know there's those quatre research funds that you can donate your hair to you can actually like give your head to them to make extensions and weeks but i put my research it and you can't donate if you have died it you know so i couldn't get away time last time just like kept it somewhere and i just found it that's so gross anyway hopefully you're also watching days coming over because i forgot i have to do her makeup because it's her two-year anniversary with harrison going to have makeup and just going to choice up to something to wear and then i have to edit this blog and upload that night so you can get a date night ready suffered see separate okay so hold come over we finally finally finished at all we've established all the drawers and put all the makeup away so let me know if you guys want like a makeup collection and that's all the makeup and then i have another draw over here which this is my filming desk now with around i'm special and then these lipsticks and brushes and then this is sort of just my like everyday makeup so i can make my use on a daily basis and my lip and more lipstick i shadows and things like that so yeah let me know if you guys would like a not really a room to what i really have much much to my room but like a makeup collection of something what do you think look at the yeah so i'm just going to end this like here i hope you guys have enjoyed it and i will see you in the next one i do see you next time now that is a beautiful sight oh no it's raining
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