Watch sand fall through this mat—and never come back.
Land on a clean, sand-free mat that uses the same technology as military helicopter launch pads.
Secure a dirt-free surface for picnics, tailgates, camping, and beach trips. This mat’s patented dual-layered mesh works like quicksand, sifting sand through but also keeping it from coming back up.
Before setting out to improve your sunbathing experience, the Makers at CGear wanted to reduce the hazardous dust clouds that form during helicopter takeoff and landing.
Their military-grade design was then adapted for less high-profile activities. The sand-free mat has padding on top, making it comfortable to hang out on the beach or anywhere else. The utility version is for more like a tarp, with rings on it that you can stake into the ground. If you’ll be sitting on it, we suggest you put a towel or blanket on top to add some cushioning.
Whether you’re trying to enjoy a picnic on the beach or watch fireworks in the park, enjoy the outdoors without getting it all over yourself.
See here's matt's work like quick sent. letting sand sift through and keeping it. from coming back up so you can sit on a. clean surface at the beach park or. anywhere else. these mets look like something out of. science fiction but they have the same. real life technology used in landing. pads for military helicopters. helicopters trying to land in the desert. the rotors are going round and round the. sand is being blown everywhere. the pilot can't see where he's landing. potentially dust is getting in the. rotors. that is how the patented dual we've. technology for the sand free matt and. rugs was developed and it really worked. well. the military loved it fast forward to. now and that same technology is being. used for our sand free mats and rugs and. mats are made from two layers of. synthetic mesh that let any surface. particles fall right through. but what's even more amazing is that it. blocks the dirt and sand underneath from. coming back out the quicksand matt gives. you a clean surface to sunbathe picnic. or tailgate on. it's even padded so it's comfortable to. hang out on the utility mat has rings on. it that you can stake into the ground so. you would use it more like a tarp. if you're sitting on it we suggest you. put a towel or blanket on top to make it. a little more comfortable. so whether you're at the beach camping. or watching fireworks in the park. you'll be able to land on a sand and. dirt free surface. ok. .
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