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I treated myself to a naughty little pre- xmas present… the gorgeous metallic pink Mariel bag from LK Bennet… so I decided to do an updated what’s in my bag! EXPAND this little box for more info, links etc xo

THE BAG! - LK Bennet Mariel Bag : http://bit.ly/2hIBlNP
YSL Card Holder: http://bit.ly/2gHoCgF
Balenciaga Card Wallet (similar): http://bit.ly/2gHugiD
Lancome Juicy Shaker: http://bit.ly/2gHl7qD
Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer: http://bit.ly/2gHpp17
Tarte Amazonian Clay Eye Liner: http://bit.ly/2hJ6OiZ
La Mer Lip Balm: http://bit.ly/2hJ8JDR
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Hey guys and welcome back so today i'm . doing a what's my bag video i thought i . haven't done one of these in a while i . wanted to do a very special christmas . festive limited edition or e-edition but . you know a fast version and i bought . myself a little christmas presence and i . thought i want to shoot you all is a . handbag and are obsessed that so i . thought why not do a little what's in my . bag. this is the bagging question . it is from lk bennett and it is this . beautiful kind of rose gold champagne. color and i feel like it's the . acceptable kind of pink you know . sometimes wear pink is a little bit too . much and rose gold is a little bit to . metallic feel like this is just on the . edge and i really really love it . i also really love the design of this . back because it's small but it still . fits quite a lot of stuff in it and it. has a really long strap so you can. actually adjust the struggle as well . it's really long and really skinny . i feel like this bag was what i kind of . wanted the wire cellblock go back to be . where it was my brother right blog over . there but blogger bag you can barely fit . anything and you can actually fit a lot. of stuffing i'm gonna show you what it . in my bag if you want to know where or . if you want to link to this i'm pulling . because it's very cute and when i was . buying it in the shop they were . literally sending out the world was like . you are so lucky together since the last . one. it's like hotcakes the girl next to . buying one for like their thing right . now so yeah it has two main sections and . they're both front one has to use it so . which are quite like it had its really . cute little diamond little bit and the. zip is normally easy-to-open by of stuff . this bag so cool because i've been . shopping today and the first thing i . have my keys. this is actually a combination of two . keys i have my home front door key clip . tall and this is on a key ring which is . from mulberry which i've had for nearly . 10 years . this is a miniature dachshund keyring . and i bought this way we were way before . getting piglet was even a question and i . did not know i would want a have a . minute an accident but i've always loved . them and now it started using it again . because obviously i have a little picnic . reminds me that so that is my front door . key from home and i also have my keys . from that we swear i am right now and i . have those on a anaheim arch . keyring which i've had for quite a long . time now i actually got this gift from . mike's mom and it's really cool because . it's some little dice with laughing on . the inside and you can basically like . twisted to make up your own words but . when you have it the correct way says . and your love bags luck and it has a . little gold tassel on the bottom and . super key and what i really like about . this is it has the normal like hearing . attached keys on but then it has the . clip so what you can do is clip it onto . your other keys for example so then i . just have one set of keys for everything . so there's my keys and then i actually . have two wallets in here . ok so my theory of guessing a cardholder . and therefore having a smaller is great . but actually i ended up having to . because i have one for my other stuff so . in this one this one's the wire sell . chevron card holder which i adore faith . i have my credit card to debit cards and . then my driving license and i've stuff . seats in the middle as well i love this . apartment is so useful in the best color . such a nice and beautiful kind of new . page pink and then i also have this . little one from balenciaga which i got . last christmas i haven't used it that . much until i got my y'rself part holder . and now i have this is like a secondary . wallet because if i have a bag was too . small to fit in it doesn't really matter . but i do quite like to take it around . with me because it has all of my store . cards in here as well as like stamps to . go through here i've got six hours left . let's first steps i mean first last and . actually there's only two left that . purple metallic couples having that . special anniversary ones as queen your . hair looks picture parents happy and . glorious gonna love it . i've got myspace and k card i've got . j. crew store card which was lined up . feel for today spent too much . pj crew of all vip treatment cartman's . environment which they gave me which . means i get free facials amazing about . llego card my way trans card to get free . coffee and that he's from rewards card . which doesn't get used often to be. honest but again i thought my watch in . heathrow about six months ago and i . accept this up you'll get like however . much money back so i didn't have never . used it going boys to cart 1ba got to be . a frequent flyer card and then i've got . about as our gift card we still have 40 . pounds and i haven't used have a harrods . card like have all the store cards and . boots card so that is what is my little . wallet and this one is slightly . different but it worked very well for . having lots of store cards and it's like . slightly open it was like a constitutive . side so you can fit it also connects . good for a receipt . well these bags do you have like a. little wallet section so if you do want . to put any cards and then they have . space 3 cards that's all i have in the . front section now they have a little pop . a bit from what i actually have receipts . in and a gift card for topical when i . took something back and then yeah just . like that little bit so you can put my . receipts all the letters whatever and . that and then in the back section where . it gets good and what i like about this . bag its smaller square but it's not . stick so actually has like constant . slides you can open it up and actually . get in there. where is a lot of bags like this kind of . shape they're like really stiff and hard . to get your hand in and you can't you . see what's in there this international . so let's see what is it . i actually have my portable charger . which comes everywhere with me . this one i don't know the ground because . it's just as kills on it because kids . games we went to each other but it has . five thousand two hundred million amps . or whatever that and aah thing is . basically charges your phone like three . or four times like my favorite one is . still fairly compact and then i have my . cable my phone i always run out disease . my way too much and then have my . blogging camera. this is actually quite chunky like. company that actually fits in here a . little bit of stuff because i'm doing . problems right now i might just a little . log filming my whats in my bag video . right now and this is gonna be actually . on the video it wasn't feeling so yeah . just thought i would update you that is . all for now the underground mr. cannot . follow your progress then go and check . it out see what i'm doing everyday don't . want to know that's fair enough because . i'm a bit weird and you can watch that . anyway and then i have some makeup in . here and what i got first of all got . along home juicy shaker and this is the . best color is called piece of cake is by . far the best color they make it was one . of the later editions so they started . off with like 25 colors and then they . added this which is the best color ever . and it tastes like cake and i put . someone now actually really nice love it . absolutely love it and i got that in . there that's like my fav and then i have . a concealable estee lauder double wear . liquid concealer in more light which . actually a little bit too light for me. right now but yes in that could be under . their eyes because it's been like and . then i have on the eyeliner i'm wearing . today which is the silk of the top silk . amazonian clay eyeliner which is really . good days on . that's what my today let's have a little . bottle because i had the worst dry skin . dry let's try scout dry hands . everything's just been so dry i have my . favorite lip balm this is like ott . overindulgent lip balm . it's the craft of them at one but it's . freaking amazing. i think the best thing in the world i . love it and it lasts forever because i . used like a tiny bit every time because . it's so precious like precious it goin . yeah that's it that's my lip balm and i . was it for my bag i hope you guys like . my little bag. merry christmas to myself a bit of an . also coaches but i'm slightly that i . hope you guys enjoyed this video make . sure you subscribe if you wanna see more . and if you're not already watching my . daily blog then head over to my blog . channel where i'm loving every single . day and i'll see you next time bye . [music]. .
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