10 Hilarious Thrift Store Items!

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Caption: Not about chop though oh cleaner stop . there right see confidence confidence is . key the lesson is have confidence in . yourself as a person because you don't . suck as much as you think you do what's . going on guys i am matthias and today . i'm looking at ten strange thrift store . items that samithy hello picked out from . thrift stores . she's from battle universe so go check . out that channel right there but before . you do that sam came up to me and she . was like hey listen this job is way too . hard i can't keep picking out all these . items for you she's like what if i . didn't have to do it and what if the . viewers did it so if you have thrift . shops near you if you want to find some . crazy products and send them our way for . us to review please do so instructions . down in the description below if you're . interested in sending us some goofy . thrift store items that i and sam can . make fun of let's look at these thrift . store items and i'm gonna rate them take . it or break it whether they're good or . bad before we get into the first product . you know what to do it's not something i . do though is it thing they do they need . to click that bell icon videos because i . come back within the first 30 minutes . and when i comment back wanna be there . hey you want to be there whoa let's do . this dude great great day so far huh . [music]. try me oh no is it dead . i have to reach inside buttocks . this batteries what is it just like a a . dancing singing frog am i missing an on . button here frog sing quick sim get into . the heimlich oh my word it takes so many . batteries dude this frog is juiced up . try it with a little aggression try it . with some aggression oh wait does that . copyright . [applause]. no the song just finished this is head . so hard uh he's supposed to be like . talking and singing you know how creepy . is that i still face only a mother could . love. [music]. i want nothing more to do with this sam . get it away from me but why is it . missing a tag you didn't wanted me to . know how much you paid for a huh is this . cashmere did it cost you 150 million. dollars no don't answer that . oh no you're trying to hipster eyes me . it's your grandpa same thing i hate that . it kind of matches i hate that i hate. that it works so good where my god what . does this just dress up time for you now . you're just a young hip teacher how's it . going to be like d-minus you can't . you're not good at dressing man okay i . just that's fine now i'm just hipster . matthias here. i wasn't hipster my thighs before okay i . was into the cool things at the time . that they were cool not before that . before they were cool in the correct . time nope that does not smell good that . smells like grandpa old man sam which is . not me yet not there yet give me a . couple years maybe when i hit 30 and . it'll smell like that it'd be a real . darkness situation. oh no okay infection be bogus . i see no handle making made easy $5. 99 . to make a bunch of candles whoa whoa . they just give you chunks of wax look at . that and then a bunch of these and then . i think these are like the coloring bits . i have a really bad feeling about this . i'm gonna chip off some parts so the . trick to this is just you have to stab . it i don't think that's the trick to . this ten years later . okay let's make a candle all right so . we've melted that wax now we put some. some color in it all right all right all . right so here's here's this and now i'm . supposed to pour this in here patsey . tozzi am i right guys oh you just be . gentle gent. that seems like we actually did that . somewhat successfully yeah and then we . put that wick directly in the center now . here's the thing hey oh it's cuz the . wake is like melting that's why he's . having trouble stay to the end of the . video to see if we can even like this . buffy and if it turns into a real candle . because we got to wait now whoa why was . i trying to do that. hope you get out of here i thought . you're supposed to sing this song yeah . especially if you don't sing this is the . most lymph issue is that who is this . supposed to be for who can buy a fish . and put it on the wall but also still be . entertained by this you know cuz i feel . like this those jokes are like for like. young kids but what are they gonna do . with a wall hanging here for the hell of . it now he's going into puns watch the . tail. [music]. it was like why are you laughing come on . it's so stupid but because it's so . stupid it's making me laugh buddy oh oh . they're the green i'm actually really . curious about what's yeah what's in. there hey this bitch is real it's fake . hey this bank i just sure shorten the . sentence by words this is somewhat still. disturbing yeah even though it's just a . toy. what does enough anymore . go figure what the heck . i should make quality products you know. if i can't twist it off and break it and . then not still work hipster mathias is . upset it's getting warm in here sam but . i was got to touch this but then i look. on the bottom of it and it's just like . so dirty down there yeah you know it is . it's an ice cream maker you put ice . nayar oh . shaved ice here's what's a little. upsetting about this the fact that it's . so dirty you think i'm gonna eat some . ice that's coming out of that when it's . so grungy no i wouldn't . that's like almost upsetting busy i'm . just because in the movie i don't think . they ever removed his eyeballs from his . face. no yes yeah oh yeah no big deal yes . decapitating your family friend vine oh . yeah oh just poop some melt hold him . down hold hold it horsham down what's . the thing worsen oh okay i think we did . it. ready there's yellow now come johnny it . worked. is it good or bad it did the job or we . have set that it's coming out of his . internals is the idea that he's just . kind of pinging snow and the way his . hands are like that too . come on disney's weird like that . straight-up weird that bothers knows . that so do what must be done . and what the heck why is it so gross . look at that if there's hair in it it's . probably mine that's very real . okay eat it then oh no no that's like . mixed in with this sticky i can't get . over the layer of filth on top of it i . don't know what a shrinky dink is it's. like you color something on a little . piece i think it's like wax paper or . whatever and then you stick it in the . oven or it just comes with its own thing . and then it shrinks up and then you can . make them into like bracelets and do we . dare open it because what if the inside . looks like the outside okay partially . use paper here i'm thinking that we draw . something on this wax paper put it in . here like this and we spend three times . say shrinky dink dink. i am no . [music]. and now i put this in here oh and i do . that right we only have one page of an . instruction pamphlet it says please read . the entire booklet before using and we . only have one page well we have one page . and it's been partially digested oh look . look look we have a little insert right . there oh something's happening it's it's . crumpling and sprinkle it is look at . that look in there okay it's doing . something i don't think it's doing . anything correct the rough side was . facing up right is that good yeah yeah . yeah yeah sure that's what i did no i . don't think it's doing what it's . supposed to be doing oh this is great . dude i've never had so much fun yeah . guys i think it's shrinking into a dink . shrinky dink. all right legitimate i think it's dead . let's push it through and then i think . it drops it into fours mom that's for . you okay so here's the question should i . have probably cut it beforehand to the . correct yeah i should have yeah yeah . well you can i cut it afterwards but not . great cool man dinky shrinked a dink . shrinky dinks dink to shrink no shrinky . dinks shrink to dink. yeah shrinky dink dink i did it once . right you heard me yeah . oh star machine like the salmon star . machine with narrated cassette and . pointer oh yes just for classic grandpa . matthias i can give you like a little . presentation of some stars and like i . can be like four score and seven years. ago . this star was born. oh oh okay hold up hold up hold up you . can replace the tops and have different . stars who it is on . i couldn't tell it was on from my angle . you need a serious darkness situation . for this to work because it's not bright . enough it's so it's so not bright look . if we kill all the lights in the entire . place you could barely see what you . could barely see the stars on my hand . barely if you look at this real closely . you can actually see that this is an . arrow it's not a laser pointer oh my . gosh there is a cassette how do i use it . do we have a oh we got a cassette player . do you know ilana dude no seriously no i . mean like my dad had this truck i always . make this mistake i know i did it a . second try just so you guys know i did . it the second time okay ready photon . explorations stars constellations. distances or the ancient stories and . modern explanations for what's up there. why because you have a universe of . excitement waiting for you just get past . the flow but another experiment the . solarium against yourself the room that . you are projecting in should be dark or . dimly lit for best results wow one of. you there are three hundred twelve stars . shining on your wall see on any clear . night wow most popular one of you i bet . we just put like an led or like a phone . light in there yeah it worked right you . know i mean so it's like i say this is a . dope take it guys before we get on to . the next couple videos make sure you're . subscribed here by clicking that . subscribe button down below could be red . if it is that means you're not . subscribed do it . wow doesn't it feel good to be . subscribed all right now i don't even .

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