10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test – Part 18

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What's up everybody welcome back to more . about toy safety is number one priority. and today we're going to put to the test . ten more kitchen gadgets let's see what . i got today so we gotta keep it here you . have entire tv yes we have a knife right . here and then we're going to cut it oh . donate my stain i'm going to cut it like. this boom and then we're going to stick . this part into the tv and turned boom . nice that's beautiful and then we can . just dump it out in here . same thing like this put it in and john . i think it's only works with a very . light tv and it's really easy to . actually use wow the knife goes into . here and then when you need it you take . it out it's just a plastic knife and . then cut it keep it like this check this . out gamma and then put it in and turn . there you go and one more put it in and. turn boom wow look how well it peels it . awesome young tight well guys this. gadget works pretty good what do you . think emma you like it so the next . gadget we got your stove a slice of . awesome mushroom slicer we'll see how it . works we got here knives on this side . and adhere the copper just cover for you . we're going to put it like this and . slice it in boom and just keep slicing . wow that's a good idea . just keep going in and then once you're . done slicing them put this cour in and . close it down now you can take out all . your slash stop stop buddy so same thing . what we're going to do is put a whole. mushroom tool like this and you see it . doesn't go all the way just hold it like . that and put another one in and then . another one . this one was a little bit too big but . it's okay and then put a cobble back in. boom and now all your mushrooms comes . off and you got yourself sliced up . mushrooms i honestly had pretty big . doubts about this slicer but in annecy . works amazing and i can just put it to . the dishwasher and it says it to get . used again what do you think emma you . like this gadget or you like a piece of . paper better . i got your egg makeup but it's a really . really unique one look at that picture . let's see what it's all about . so first thing what we're going to do is . preheat it we're going to plug it in at . first you see that light is turned ahead . and once it's preheated the light will . turn green then we're going to put some . cooking spray in there so that way it's . going not going to stick and then we're . going to put two eggs inside there one . and two and then we wait to 6 to 8 . minutes and let's see what happens you . probably can hear it sizzling and it . looks like it's cooking on the inside. whoa what's happening look at all it . gets and then it falls down to the side . i'm gonna unplug it now whoa it keeps . going oh my gosh hopefully it doesn't . fall this is crazy okay stop that's . enough that's enough going now let's . take it out and see what this all about . go and put it on a stick and flip it . upside down wow look at that. i never ate an egg like this before you . know what this is definitely a weird way . to eat the next is just a callable oh . and if you want a runny egg all you have . to do is cook it for five minutes . but this gadget this is a great flip oh . maker first we're going to get drip lip . and stick it like this then we're going . to get grape leaf stuffing and put it in . here and then all we have to do is go . like this. whoa it spits out over here no way look . at that and we made a grape leaf . stuffing this is so satisfying let's . stir this again okay we got a grape leaf . put it in here get our stuffing honestly . most satisfying thing i ever done and. then we're just going to roll it like . this boom and the grape leaf spits out . that here. stuffed already amazing stylish again . this is so awesome i cannot believe how . easy that is once again put a grape leaf . right here get your stuff in whatever . you like whatever you want to stuff it . with go like that boom and a grape leaf . comes out right here ready to eat and . for this one i'm super excited because . it's a corndog makers hopefully it works . well we got here take hot dogs and then . we're going to cut them in half just . like that and this gadget comes with the . bamboo sticks like this you can also . purchase those really easily and then . we're going to just stick this hotdogs . into here like that then we're going to . put these corn dogs into here and then . i'm gonna point the door on it then all. we have to do is just close it all right . and let's see what happens to these . things whoa this one turned out the best . the most though that i put you see . that's beautiful so i just need to put a . little bit extra door and that will turn . out to be amazing . never thought in my life i will be able . to cook up a little bit on my field but . it's fine okay let's try this one more . time and see what happens . okay let's open it up boom this one's . looks much better but i think i used the . wrong kind of flour but look this one . looks good as well this side looks . perfect - awesome i can just put them . this way - you won't even see that they . are lil a bit on one side that's a . beautiful corn dogs don't you think and . for the next gadget this is . ketchup dispenser but it seems like a . gun whoa it's a lot bigger than i . thought . go down latch this part and then you can . take it out whoa this is cool this is . ketchup and mustard yeah wow very easy . to fill it up and looks like the way it . works you see this spot squishes okay . load the emma in close it right here is . a cup we're going to open it got my corn . dog and let's put some whoa this is . awesome. so you just keep pressing it like every . time you wanna personally keep pushing . on it beautiful now taste test this corn . dog delicious with this gadget we're . going to cook pancakes. casper a little bit of oil on it as you . can see it has to lay flat otherwise . it's going to go from the sides so we . got make it a little the flood before i . can pull it to this ones i don't like . thick pancakes i like skinny pancakes. and then this one right here maybe i put . a bit too much dough actually then we're . going to go out like that and flip it . over what actually turned out to be . pretty good this part comes off easily i . only thought all of them have filled a . lot but it's not a big deal you see it's . actually made right here for spillage . okay then we're going to take it out and . boom put it in a plate as you can see . how thick this pancakes definitely user . error you know what let me try this . again but with a lot less door looks . like a morning out of door and then we . can just flip it over. wow this one says so much better okay . i'm pretty sure it's done and as you can. see turn out to be pretty good pancakes . so like a lot for this gadget this is a . dishwashing machine gadget it's a little . clip set here that you can put it like . this this way and the last one like that . then i'm going to flip it over like this . and then we're going to click the . wineglasses . oh no each click so that way when . they've been washed they're not going to . keep each other and break and then we're. going to stick this part into the . dishwashing iraq then we can stick it . like this boom so that way when they . being washed and moved around they not . being heated in each other and they . going to stay safe but the cool gadget i . say it's pretty useful and for the next . gadget it's pretty unique i don't think . everybody needs one because you can just . use tongs or whatever . nevertheless they still have fun there's . the pictures that you had to use it this . is for your oven so let's say when you . need to pull one out and it's still hot . you can just go out there like that and . pull it out and if you need to push it . back in you can just push it like this . without burning yourself or if you have . this oven cooking tray and you want to . pull it out you can pull it out like . this and push it up pretty cool . or if you need to pull out one of this . cooking tastes you can do it like this . and push it back in you can do a pretty . cool gadget but i like my oven mints . instead. .
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