10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets!

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Just be like you're carrying this thing . around and someone's like what's that . book that you're reading magic what's . going on guys i am matthias and today . we're looking at strange tech items that . may waste your money that is right i'm. joined by mike here today say what's up . mike he's picked out 10 tech items that . he thinks are either cool or not cool . useful or not useful tasteful or . wasteful and i'll be the deciding factor . if these products are tasteful or . wasteful because if they're wasteful i'm . going to distorted oh yeah that's right . rekt you heard me you don't get my . leftovers rekt work for it suck that . tanner alright let's begin . hypno cube 4 cube animated light . sculpture so it's just an array a . technical term on an array of leds 64 3 . colored rgb leds that can each display . 4096 colors i'm unimpressed already a . hue light can display millions of colors. that's right it's a fact actually i . don't know but i'm 100% positive it's . fact so it's kind of cool but it's also . kind of like why it's like oh did you . see do check out my hypno cube and your . friends like nice try you're not gonna . hypnotize me like no look at it just . start looking at and you're just like . i'm really hungry all the sudden let's . see if it actually hypnotizes me oh dang . that is big that's so big are you . laughing you want to say that's what she . said oh yeah thank you for purchasing . hypno cube hypno cube for cube there's. something so odd about that hypno cube . for cube the hypno cube is 4 cubes only . if you're asked where you got it gone . for you your circle you know i mean it's . hip to be a square i hate the plastic . like saran wrap it's like my mom. prepared it for lunches something she's . like all right i'm just gonna saran wrap . your light now so you can take to work . and impress all your friends . oh my gosh dude sealed for freshness oh . that's actually way cooler though yeah . let's just forget that wait but what if . this shocks - what if i want to we can . you're in the fire seat dude sucker here . we go. oh heck yeah dude don't you guys see how . beautiful it is if you guys can't see it . it means you have an iq lower than ten . i'm just kidding it's not turning on oh . there we go guys yeah it's doing like a . little dance it's like dancin should i . touch it oh that scared me about to . touch it it was like i couldn't dig that . a lot but how do i control it . oh you can't it's literally on and off . it's just a light show of its own well . that's actually kind of disappointing i . mean good thing it looks really cool $85 . though i'm gonna have to say it's . wasteful and you know what that means . mics below us right now he's gonna be . like what that'll do it . ding dude that's a lesson always wear . protective gear well that's real stupid . dude and i'm a trained professional whoa . look back up came back alive it sounded . like i said a oh mickey hey yo mickey . universal clip led zoom 60 times 100 . times pocket microscope magnifier for . cell phone what are you trying to . magnify here that someone's flash oh . it's a fingerprint well i wasn't wrong . --jeans i gotta look close at my genes i . got to it's just like a magnifying thing . for your phone currency detecting is. that you spell detecting pretty sure . it's not detecting biology i cannot wait . to detects biology department led . currency detecting i'm . sure i can tell what a dollar is without . this but maybe it means like current . like false currency detecting like fake . currency detecting not real big question . is will it work on my iphone there's . actually kind of intense you see it boom . locked and loaded so now what we want to . do is get real close to something what . do you got oh sweet oh biology oh oh the . grace which is the light i'm told oh uv . light oh you see that you actually have . to touch it to the leaf and now that . it's working i'm questioning why am i . doing this i i had to see that close to . the leaf i just i really had to you dude . there's like little animals on it oh . dude you see there's like dots those are . like aphids or something . actually i don't know maybe it's sap . could be sap guys all of you botanists . down in the comments below tell me what . you see in all of these plants there we . go there's some wood i can't believe i'm . showing you my wood on camera who's what . is this where'd you get this wood you . know it's like a hair in the wood it . sounds like a musical i could go see a . broadway a hair in the wood the hair in . the woods falls off your head do you see . it oh now we have currency but look we . can switch to uv but a bing bada boom . and i don't know what i'm doing it's . real this is real i don't need this . microscope to tell me that i can smell . the money from a mile away . oh all right get this yard work off of . my desk i'm gonna say that's tasteful i . think that's actually pretty cool no . destruction today moth band mom isn't . that like a euphemism for something have . you see my mom wearable smart toy orange . wearable toy the smart wearable toy that . weren't that twins the twins a child's . every movement into funtown don't buy . new toys okay just close the page out . download new creative experiences in . moth plays well with others to moth . bands can sync up to our moth apps i . just don't like the name. he's excited he looks like a little be a . dude like a little like old spy ad i see . y'all buying options and a card moth . band the wearable smart toy 30 plus . sounds featured on the fremont app new . sound updates made available weekly . sound amplified by your smart device ah . so there's no speaker on this device . let's check this puppy out oh it's like . a slap bracelet oh i need some practice . it's been a while what there we go . obviously it's not for a grown man . alright so we're just gonna like leave . that aside so i got the app here oh . congratulations you can now download the . new train sound oh sweet i love trains . drum well wait so does it just no stop . oh now i get the multiplayer thing . because you can be like you can connect. two of them together and literally be . playing the drums i'm a really great . drum player right now this is what this . is what it sounds like when a kid plays . drums and i have no idea what they're . doing it's a little off but that's also . because like you're not hitting real . things so you're probably not being i'm . probably not being accurate myself let . us go to magic . [music]. dude i want a star wars one laser it's . close . all right i think this is actually . pretty cool like calm down i think this . is excellent . all right man you're testing your limits . right now i just was about to say you're . pretty cool and i wasn't gonna destroy . you all right moving on i say take full . wooden folding book light magic fly usb . rechargeable book shaped light warm . white led desk lamp table what it's a . fake book that is a light that's oh oh . no the hiccups are back oh oh these are . real i'm not kidding how do you cure . hiccups down in the comments below . please i need it asap . environmentally friendly it just needs . usb rechargeable instead of batteries. you must be recharging what though it . has batteries in it guaranteed all it . needed a usb cable all it needed oh i'll . let me a usb cable i get that i get a . big time it can be folded right back on . itself same as me . led book lamp actually looks kind of . cool it looked good if any of you have . like one of those classic libraries in. your home because y'all pretentious and . brick is it a light or is it a light to . read in or is it like a light for your . books or is it a nightlight like that's . the big question. oh wow it's green i hate it that's cool . i like that i actually like that a lot . feels really cool to just be like you're . carrying this thing around and someone's . like that you're reading magic and then . just like their mind is like blown let's. do that let's go downstairs people our . magic book you ever seen a magic book . before let's see what people think . you ever seen a magic book before you . ever seen a magic book before no look . yeah what do you mean you're seeing . magic before uh yeah kind of wait wait . what i see magic before wait what kind . of magic now i'm curious like regular . like this whoa that's whoa never read it . it will kill you i say tasteful kingi . lightweight wearable portable. recreational water buoyancy aid device . oh oh . so you wear it and then you go oh in . case of an emergency of drowning or . something like that . oh co2 cartridge so that means it like . fills up on its own and you could reuse . it so what you like crunch it all back . into your little knapsack and then put a. co2 cartridge in there and you're just . like i'm gonna dart in this situation . boom and you just float to the top let's . watch a little video more than three . hundred seventy two thousand people can . be saved from drowning this year three . hundred and seventy two thousand people . die from drowning every year oh that's . so upsetting . what what hi i'm tom i love pilates hi . i'm matthias and i love pilates so let's . test it out add to cart . boom designed and assembled in. california hey mad props to that dude . made in the usa i dig it props to you . kenji my dude . wearable compass safety whistle - co2 . cartridges that's pretty cool - . including the co2 cartridges it's just a . matter of time before like xbox and like . the playstations stop including their . own power adapter you know . you don't play video games do you you're. fired am i right guys really yeah do you . want a floatation device for your . sadness are you that deep right now . alright so i'm adding the co2 cartridge . right now do i have to open this up . first no i don't know are you sure yeah . but it's not gonna do anything you're . tripping it's not gonna do anything . without th
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