10 Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier!

As many of you know that have watched our Amazing Websites series, I like to mix in useful sites along with the useless ones. Many of you have requested that I do a video with only useful websites. In this video, I will show you 10 cool useful websites that some of you geeks may already know along with some sites that wish you knew about earlier.
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Mailinator: https://www.mailinator.com/
PicMonkey: https://www.picmonkey.com/
Wide Screen Gaming Forum: http://www.wsgf.org/
CodeCademy: https://www.codecademy.com/
Keepa: https://keepa.com
AlternativeTo: http://alternativeto.net/
PrintFriendly: https://www.printfriendly.com/
IsThereAnyDeal: https://isthereanydeal.com/
TheNewBoston: https://thenewboston.com/index.php
Open Library: https://openlibrary.org/
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10 Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier | Useful Websites that Everyone Should Know | Interesting Websites You Should Know About | Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About
As many of you know that it watched our . amazing websites videos i like to mix in . useful sites along with the useless ones . many of you requested they do a video . with only useful websites in this video . i will show you ten useful websites that . some of you may already know along with . sites that you wish you knew about . earlier and we're getting started right . now number one male inator many of you . are familiar with ten-minute male milla . nadir is another solution to the spam . problems for annie for a temporary email . address so when signing up for a site . that requires an email address just use . this instead of your normal email it's . real simple you just enter in a prefix - . at malonate or calm this one i'll do . funky munky and then select go now . you'll see it's set up as funky munky at . male and nadir calm now go back to the . other site that's requiring an email . address from you and give them your new . mail a nader email now all emails from . that site will show up here all emails . get automatically deleted after several . hours number two picmonkey sometimes you . just want to quickly edit a photo. without having to learn a complicated . image editing program like photoshop . picmonkey makes it real simple . select edit a photo to select an image. from your computer select open and then . select computer you also have the . options for my hub and facebook and if . you have templates on here - there are a . ton of editing options here in the left . pane i'll do a quick demonstration with . the stock photo here . so to crop it let crops let the sides . when done hit apply change the exposure. go down to the brightness slider start . it a little bit highlights the boost . that to click apply then select colors . will change the saturation louver here . lower the temperature let apply . when you're done saving your image so . let's save and then save to my computer . to be able to save with pick mafia does . require a facebook account or you can . create your own account this is where . mail inator might come in handy for you . they do offer a premium version with . plans starting at 399 per month but the . free version will work well for most . they also have an ios and android app . number 3 widescreen gaming forum for . those of you with widescreen 4k or. multiple monitors this site can make. your gaming experience on pc even better . you can find your game from the game's . database listed in alphabetical order so . you can see if that game is supported . for your monitor and this site can also . offer fixes or workarounds to get your . game working perfectly on your gaming . monitor it also gets metals in various . categories based on the level of support . so for grand theft auto 5 is the gold. medal for widescreen support gold for . multi monitor if you're a pc gamer this . is the site you should bookmark for help . with your gaming monitor number 4 code . academy if you're just starting out . learning how to code code kadim ii is . great for learning the basic concepts . they offer several courses including . javascript python and even ruby to start . a course just select which one you want . to learn it will give you interactive. step-by-step instructions. number 5 keep up some of you may be . familiar with camel camel camel in some. ways keep is a lot more useful for price . tracking on amazon you can select deals . it will find you some of the biggest. discounts on amazon right now the search . function is also useful i'll do a . generic search here for camera i'll . select one of the cameras listed here . now you'll see a price history graph . which shows you the pricing over time it . shows the amazon price new use and . warehouse deals if you just want to see. the amazon prices just select new used . and warehouse field all that's left is . amazon you can see at its peak is it . selling for one 1995 and the lowest ever . sold for is $88 you can select track. product and you can move the slider to . your desired price we'll say once it . gets lower than $75 i want to receive a . notification and then down here . notification methods you can put in your . email address you can get a public tweet . on your twitter account or on facebook . and then click on start tracking number. six alternative to this site is . extremely useful when looking for . alternatives of software here's how it. works you put in the name of the program . i'll do photoshop there it is a list . i'll select it now listed below it'll . give a description of photoshop and it . can keep scrolling it'll give you some . popular alternatives to photoshop and it . says here this is a hundred and seventy . two alternatives listed here is jim gaat . krita paint. net and so on and so forth . so definitely check out this site for . alternatives to popular software you . just might find something better than . what you're currently using . number seven print friendly we've all . been on the website and have wanted to . print out an article or tutorial but . most of the time the ads and pictures . make the printout a mess this site makes . the pronounced more printer friendly. first you want to select a url that you . want to print out i'll select an article . from a popular local news site copy and . paste that url right here on print . brimley select print preview . as you can see that article looks a lot . cleaner now when you're ready to print . select print to send it to your printer . or you can create a pdf or email it so . check out this side if you want cleaner. printouts number eight is there any deal . if you're a pc gamer and want to get the . best price on games you should . definitely check out is there any deal . the home page will show you some bundle . specials along with some other deals on . games or you can do a search for the . game that you want let's all enter in . here grand theft auto and select grand . theft auto 5 and it looks like the best . deal right now is that dl gamer for 24 . dollars on steam is currently about 60 . bucks. so check out is there any deals to make . sure you get the best deal number 9 the . new boston the site was created by bucky . roberts and has thousands of videos and . tutorials and by full-time gig is a . computer programmer i referred back to . the site at least a hundred times when . learning a new coding language they have . tutorials on just about every computer . science topic best of all they're all . free they have since expanded to more . than just computer science tutorials . cronuts are all the rage right now so if . you select cooking you can learn how to. make cronuts if you are a programmer you . already know the site if you're just . starting out you need to bookmark this . site now number 10 open library here's . another great website from the folks at . the internet archive open library offers . more than 250,000 free ebooks that can . be borrowed in either pdf epub or online . form best of all it is all completely . legal so the next time you're looking . for a book to read check out open . library that concludes this list thanks . for watching all links are in the . description of this video give this . video a thumbs up if you got something . useful from it let me know in the . comments if you know of an amazingly . useful website that you think more . people should know about and if you . haven't done so already you sure . put the subscribe button for more from . our website series and other tech. related stuff from tech gumbo. .
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