$100 Black Friday Shopping Challenge

I find the best tech deals with $100 on Black Friday 2016 and do a shopping haul!
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Black Friday 2016 was so lit this year! I had $100 to spend and I went to one store to find the BEST tech deals and I think we crushed it! I grabbed some stuff for my Playstation 4 (PS4)! I got a new printer which I’ll use the USB Kill Stick on! I got another iPhone fan like the $2 iPhone Destroyer one but this one is for a computer! This wasn’t a Black Friday Disaster and I didn’t die which is always GOOD! Enjoy my Black Friday Experience and Shopping Tech Haul!
What’s good!! A lot of you have been asking for more videos, so I’m going to be uploading daily for the rest of the year! Woo! So far I’ve been covering iPhone stuff (apps, chargers, cases, headphones, and actual phones), random tech you’ll never need, challenges, and pranks. I’m super down to do more kinds of videos – vlogs, comedy, whatever. What sort of other content have you been wanting to see? Hit me up on Twitter or comment below with your suggestion, and maybe it’ll become a normal part of my routine! Thanks Tfam!
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Caption: - hey what's up guys, keaton here. so we're at kmart right now. we're about to do the hundred dollar black friday tech challenge. we're balling out, it's actually thursday, no one told me black friday starts on a thursday. so we're gonna do this. got my hover board and my memes, let's do it. (upbeat music) how is that ten dollars? how is that ten dollars, are you serious? what else we got? oh, pepper spray, hells yeah! there we go i did the heel click. we're slipping and we're sliding. so keaton might have a girlfriend right now and she wants me to get her a nice movie and that's why we're really here for black friday. this is not the right movie. i'm not the baller girl, sorry baby. coloring book action, four dollars. caffeine water. how does this headset cause cancer? for thirty dollars, i wanna know. let's find some deals. keaton the deal hunter's here. oh i heard they got the hella deals around here. - [employee] sir! - not aloud to be back, oh, sorry, look at the parts, my bad. still getting the workout on. we have five minutes before we get thrown out or arrested. but i'm here for the deals, we're getting the deals fam. bless me with the deals. sweet ant, bless me with the deals. allegedly, there's a laptop under a hundred dollars. i'm with it, i'm with it. they're out of laptops okay. so we're blowing the budget and i really wanna keep it under a hundred. so what i'm thinking is, you got this lovely printer for $64. i ain't with it, i ain't with it. got one for $59, deals! we're over budget by so much. but you know what that means, let's keep shopping! i don't know, it doesn't have an apple logo on it, so like, i don't know what it is. the fan, they got the fan, for the phone. yes, yes we are trying. yes. why didn't we come here first? yeah! subscribe, drop a like on this video, love you fam, call me on twitter, at keaton. shakira. here comes the big moment. are we under $100, i think we are. so i got a hundred dollars and a smile. got me the lowest, that's the best we can get. hundred dollars and a smile. we're getting closer. we're getting closer. got bad news fam, we went over budget, $116, maybe the smile will bring it down a little bit. i'll take it out of next year's budget, i'm sorry guys. we did it, i made it, i survived, my survival pack, it helped! so guys we made it back, i didn't have to pepper spray anyone. i stayed safe, my survival pack, legit, it helps! so here's what we got. we got this printer, drop a like on this video, if we get 20,000 likes on this video, go hard tvam, i'll try out the usb kill stick. i legit think someone is shaking our car. okay, what else did we get? we got this beautiful, beautiful fuzzy poster which i will be coloring later. follow me at twitter, i'm just at techsmartt. i'll let you know how the coloring went. we got, this headset, i don't think it cause, it had a weird sign in there, it's for ps4. we're gonna try that out, i'm gonna get gaming. and then, the fan, you guys know i had to get the fan. so yeah guys, that's pretty much it for this video, big thanks to walmart for actually letting me film in there. and if you guys may see the video and you laugh at least at some point in this, go down there and hit the like button, get subscribed when you guys are on here. you can just click or tap this button, check out my last video over here and i got the deals!

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