$100 iPhone Passcode Challenge

This is the $100 iPhone 7 Plus Passcode Challenge!
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Here’s a fun challenge Apple iPhone challenge I want you to try! Basically, unlock any iPhone or Android phone with this passcode, film it with any phone and make sure there’s a timer in the shot! This is one of the World’s Longest Passcodes EVER! First people to send me the challenge video response on Twitter, will win $100! Make sure you read the description for all the giveaway rules!
1. Get 3 iPhones or any phones (Android, Samsung, Google, LG, etc)
2. Watch video to find out exact passcode I typed in
3. Film yourself trying to enter the long passcode in under 15 seconds
4. A timer must be in the video
5. Send your video to @techsmartt on Twitter
6. First 3 winners will win $100 gift cards and will be announced on Twitter!
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Caption: - hey what's up guys, keaton here. so i got this fun challenge for you guys. it's called the $ iphone passcode challenge. this thing's insane. basically as long as you master the passcode that i tried here, you're gonna win 100 bucks. who wants to get rich? so basically one of you guys sent me this challenge on twitter, it looks insane. here's what we're gonna do. (hip hop music) ? i am the one don't weigh a ton don't need a gun so yeah dude, thanks so much for sending me that video on twitter. this challenge is literally dedicated to you. and if you guys want more of these challenges, click that like button down there, go hard guys. if we hit 30,000 likes, i'll upload another challenge. so here are the rules. basically you're gonna need three phones. you're gonna need the passcode phone, another phone for a timer. it can be any phone, i don't care if it's an iphone, android, whatever. and then you need someone to actually film all this. so from there, i'm gonna type out this random passcode. you only have 15 seconds to enter it. and if you do, take a video of all of this, send it to me on twitter, make sure you're following. i'm just @techsmartt over there, and the first three people that do this right, and the fastest. i'm gonna announce the winners over there, keeping it all official so you guys know who actually won, are gonna get $100 via paypal, or gift card, whatever they want. so a lot of you guys are like, "yo dude, "what's the passcode, where is the challenge at?" well it's actually gonna be on my phone. you guys gotta follow my fingers, try to type it in. let me know in the comments. this is a secret comment on this video of what the passcode is, okay. i want to see if any of you guys can get it. i have it written down here just in case i forget and i can't get back into my phone. this is my personal phone, let's do this challenge. alright, are you guys ready? on your marks, get set, go! (hip hop music) ? i am the one the one ? you don't need a champion ? to get respect about the screens! oh my gosh guys, i did it, unlocked the phone! you can see, 14 seconds, can't even hold the phone! we got it, let me know in the comments what your time was. woo, i was thinking 10 seconds on this. i did it in 15! so i know you want to win $100, so let me just do a quick recap, and this is all gonna be in the description below. you just got to do the exact passcode that i did in under 15 seconds. once you think you got it, and you need to have my exact passcode, send it to me on twitter, i'm just @techsmartt, and the first three people to do it are gonna get $100 with a gift card, paypal, whatever you want. but yeah, this is a fun challenge. go down there, hit the like button 'cause i want to do some more. so yeah guys, that's pretty much it for this video. if you guys want more challenge videos like this, go down there, hit the like button, and if you guys are new on here, make sure you get subscribed. you can just click or tap this button over here. turn notifications on because these challenges happen super fast on twitter. make sure you're following me on twitter, i'm just @techsmartt. check out my last video over here, and yeah guys, challenges!

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